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Suite 45, 88-90 Hatton Garden,
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Sell My Rolex Air King

Sell your Rolex Air King watch in London. Please complete the form for an Instant free quote or call us for immediate help. As one of the most trusted watch buyers, The Luxury Hut buys all models of a pre-owned Rolex Air King.

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Sell Your Rolex Air King

If you are looking for “How to sell my Rolex Air King” to raise instant cash, get in touch with one of the trusted London watch buyers, The Luxury Hut. We provide our customers with a secure and quick service to sell Rolex Air King Watches with confidence.

We buy all models of Rolex Air King, be it is in stainless steel, full gold or steel and gold with different dial colours and bezels, of both men and women.

Whether you sell a Rolex Air King online or via appointment, The Luxury Hut will make the process easier and straightforward for you. For those who are wondering:

“Where can I sell my Rolex Air King for cash?” or, “What is the best place to sell used Rolex Air King in London?” the one answer should be– at The Luxury Hut.

Begin the process by merely filling up our online form and receive a free valuation for your used Rolex Air King. Here at The Luxury Hut, we purchase only authenticated and genuine watches.

Our experts may assess all essential aspects to ensure your watch’s authenticity before making an offer.







How to Sell a Rolex Air King for the Best Price?

The Rolex Air King was made to pay homage to the British fighter pilots during World War II. Featuring a dial that was regarded to be quite big back in those days, this underrated watch enabled fighter pilots to read the time effortless in any condition.

With its unique design, the Rolex Air King is known to be a perfect entry-level Rolex model and still enjoys immense popularity today.

Over the years, Rolex has updated the features and movement of the Air King and introduced models in a variety of luxury materials as well as metals.

As with any Rolex timepiece, the Rolex Air King watch also retains its value over the years. But before you dive into selling a Rolex Air King for cash, make sure that you have the original box and papers.

  • Papers may include your timepiece’s warranty card, receipt, manual as well as servicing documents (if any).
  • While the box and papers may help you to obtain the highest possible value of your pre-owned Rolex Air King, it also ensures the buyer of your timepiece’s authenticity.
  • Moreover, keeping a luxury watch in its box may prevent it from damages that can have a direct impact on its resale value.

Nevertheless, you can indeed be able to sell your Rolex Air King without them. The condition of your pre-owned Rolex watch may also significantly influence its value.

  • If you are looking to sell your Rolex Air King or sell your old Rolex Air King watch for cash, make sure to ascertain about its wear and tear.
  • Sometimes, a Rolex watch that has not been worn and kept safely for many years can worth a lot as it is necessarily an old watch in mint condition.

The key to selling success of a second hand luxury watch is to understand its actual value completely. And to accomplish this, fill up our online form and receive an appraisal from our team of evaluators.

How much can I get after selling Rolex Air King?

While you may choose to sell a Rolex Air King to raise some quick cash that is quite a popular choice, others may sell it for investing in a new model. Whatever your reason is, sell your luxury watch to us at The Luxury Hut.

Not only do our in-house watch specialists have decades of experience and knowledge in dealing with second hand luxury watches, but we also pride ourselves in rendering a convenient and secure way to sell old Rolex Air King for cash.

Although the price of an old Rolex Air King model may vary dramatically from one dealer to another, The Luxury Hut always provide customers with the most competitive and fairest market price for their pre-owned luxury watch.

Complete our online form to know the actual value of your Rolex Air King or call one of our experts for instant appraisal over the phone.

What is the best way to Sell your Rolex Air King in London?

The Luxury Hut is the best place to ‘sell Rolex Air King watch in London’ easily and straightforwardly.

  • Fill up our online form – Provide all of the known details of your luxury watch including the photos. (The more information you can give us when selling your pre-owned watch, the better)
  • Receive your quote in less than no time
  • Send your Rolex watch or arrange an appointment to bring it in at our Hatton Garden office for a more accurate assessment
  • Get paid in cash or via your preferred method of payment.

Sell Your Rolex Air King to The Luxury Hut Now

If you are searching online ‘best place to sell Rolex Air King’ or “How can I sell my Rolex Air King near me”, you will find many online watch buyers; however, look no further than The Luxury Hut. We have been trading in the second hand luxury watch industry for many years.

Our process of selling is fast, secure and confidential. You can safely sell your Rolex watch online to us, or visit our brick and mortar office at Hatton Garden, London (by appointment) with your luxury watch.

Whether you want to sell the Rolex Air King 14000 or the Rolex Air King 5500, we will offer you a free valuation with no obligation.

Simply provide us with information about your second hand Rolex Air King as much as you can; so that we can be more accurate on the quote you obtain.

We will take into account the relevant factors like the age, condition, box and papers and others when determining the final value for your used Rolex Air King watch.

If you want to know more about our selling process or get expert advice on selling a Rolex Air King for instant cash, call us on 02072425411 or email at [email protected] or fill up our online form for a professional valuation at no cost to you.



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