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Selling your Patek Philippe in London couldn’t be more simple, we aim to offer the best competitive price for all Patek Philippe watches. Fill in our online form to get a FREE INSTANT QUOTE.


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    Want to sell your Patek Philippe watch in London?

    If you are looking to sell a Patek Philippe, you’ve come to the right place. With over 40 years of combined experience in the pre-owned watch market, we represents ourselves as one of the leading watch dealers. We offer you a fast, easy and secure watch selling service with instant payment.

    We specialises in buying all second hand Patek Philippe watches, both online and via appointment. We work with expert evaluators who continually track the changing market trends and prices in the luxury watch industry. Thus, we can determine an accurate price of any Patek Philippe models that customers want to sell us. We also offer part exchange services so you can trade in your watch with us.

    Fill in our online form with details of your watch and get a free valuation shortly. Alternatively, call us on 0207 242 9160 and book an appointment to visit our office in Hatton Garden, London, to sell a Patek Philippe timepiece in person.

    How to sell Your Patek Philippe online?

    The Luxury Hut is one of the most trusted watch buyers in London, and we always aim to pay the best price possible for any used Patek Philippe watch sold to us.

    Selling a pre-owned Patek Philippe to us is pretty simple and hassle-free. However, our long-standing presence online assures our customers that they will get a genuine deal and peace of mind when selling their used Patek Philippe to us.

    • Fill in our online form

    When filling in our simple online form, provide all the details of your watch as much as possible. Mention its condition, model, age, box and papers (if any).

    Also, make sure that you attach good-quality photos of your timepiece, possibly taken from every angle.

    • Get a free price quote

    We will analyse all the details you provided and contact you shortly with your free quote via email or phone.

    • Send us your watch

    We will offer you a free home collection and pre-paid shipping label to send us your watch.

    Alternatively, call us on 0207 242 9160 to book an appointment.Visit our office at 88-90 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8PN, UK in person.

    • Get paid within minutes

    After collection, we will examine all aspects of your watch in detail and confirm our final offer.

    Accept it, and we will pay you immediately.

    We Buy All Models of Patek Philippe, Including:

    Whether you own a Calatrava, Nautilus, Aquanaut, Gondolo or Complication, our experts will ensure you get the fairest valuation possible. We are interested in buying any Patek Philippe model in any condition, including limited edition or popular variants.

    As one of the most known pre-owned watch dealers based in Hatton Garden, London, we always aim to pay the best price possible for any used Patek Philippe watch sold to us. Even if, you’ve misplaced your watch’s box & papers, our experts will give you the best price offer for it.

    However, remember that the value of a typical Patek Philippe watch will be higher if you have the original box & paperwork.

    • Patek Philippe Nautilus
    • Patek Philippe Aquanaut
    • Patek Philippe Calatrava
    • Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse
    • Patek Philippe Gondolo
    • Patek Philippe Complications
    • Patek Philippe Grand Complications
    • Patek Philippe Twenty~4

    Do not worry if you didn’t find your particular model in the list. Bring it to us & we’ll be happy to provide an accurate appraisal and the best possible price offer for your Watch.

    What Factors Determine The Worth Of Your Patek Philippe?

    Patek Philippe is one of the most prestigious watchmakers, considered as the archetype of Swiss watchmaking excellence with a higher resale price.

    However, the value of a Patek Philippe watch will depend on several factors, including –

    Original box & papers

    If you retain the original box and papers of your used Patek Philippe watch, they will add to your watch’s value. Eventually, you are likely to secure the best prices when selling it to The Luxury Hut.

    The box and paperwork verify a watch’s authenticity and thus, add value.


    The condition of a pre-owned watch plays a significant role when determining its accurate price. Any significant damages in your timepiece may cause a considerable cutback in its resale value.

    Thus, it is essential to retain the original watch box toprevent scratches, scuffs or any damages.

    Service your watch

    Service your watch regularly and keep all the service receipts. This may also help you obtain the best possible price of your timepiece when selling it to The Luxury Hut.


    If selling your beloved Patek Philippe is a stressful decision for you, we at The Luxury Hut aim to make the process simpler and easier with our straightforward assistance. We provide a speedy and secure service for you to sell your Patek Philippe watch. We buy all Patek Philippe watches, including modern and vintage models, for the best competitive price. You can either sell online or book an appointment to sell your timepiece.

    You need complete peace of mind while selling your Patek Philippe, and our experienced in-house team offers unrivalled expertise to help you easily sell your watch. We have over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, having valued numerous men’s and ladies’ Patek Philippe watches which help us to offer the best competitive price.

    We’re enthusiastic about all luxury watches and know the watch market inside and out. Our team at The Luxury Hut understands that all you need is transparency and honest advice while selling your watch and is keen to lend the best guidance throughout the watch selling process.

    So, whether you own a Calatrava, Nautilus, Aquanaut, Complication or any other style, rest assured that our experts will ensure the highest possible value when you sell your watch, subject to a thorough assessment.

    Wondering how to sell my Patek Philippe watch now? Start by filling in our easy online form and provide as much information as possible to get an accurate estimation. We do not mess with our words, so the amount we promise on the phone is what you receive on your hands.

    Alternatively, call us on 0207 242 9160 and book an appointment at our Hatton Garden office in London, and we will assist you throughout to give the amount you deserve for your Patek Philippe watch.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Patek Philippe is one of the leading Swiss watchmakers, recognised and revered for its exclusively designed and complicated watches. They retain excellent resale value with time, and some models also often increase in value.

    Moreover, Patek Philippe watches are popular and highly coveted all year round, new or pre-owned, serving as landmark gifts for special occasions like wedding, anniversary, graduation and retirement.

    Thus, you can choose to sell your Patek Philippe any time whenever it makes the most sense for you. However, while the demand is relatively higher during a particular time of the year, like Christmas or graduation time, you are likely to receive a better price if you sell your watch at this time.

    If you want to ascertain the value of your Patek Philippe watch, fill in our online form and get a free accurate quote shortly. Or call us on 0207 242 9160 for an instant appraisal over the phone.

    Several factors contribute to the hefty price tags of Patek Philippe watches. It includes the brand’s rich history of nearly 177years, expertise, scarcity, celebrity association, high-end finishing and superior quality.

    Patek Philippe maintains the value of traditional watchmaking art and, at the same time, invests significantly in the use of new components, technologies and production techniques. All these factors make Patek Philippe watches so expensive.

    The premium quality, incredible demand, and limited production make Patek Philippe ripe for counterfeiters. Thus, the market is unfortunately inhabited by several fake Patek Philippe watches that can easily deceive any average and eager watch buyers (continue reading)

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