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Sell your watch to one of the most trusted watch buyers in London at The Luxury Hut for the best possible price. We buy all kinds of luxury watches for competitive prices in the pre-owned market. Fill in our online form for an instant free quote or call us to sell watches. Get contact-free home collection.


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    Want to sell your watch? – Get an instant cash?

    Are you looking for the best place to sell your watch in London? The Luxury Hut offers a quick, secure and straight forward way to sell watches at the highest possible price. Get the best possible value of your watch within a minute.

    Fill in our online form for a free valuation. Or, call us on 0207 242 9160 to book an appointment and visit our office in Hatton Garden, London.

    We understand the real value of the watches manufactured by prestigious brands like Rolex, Omega, Cartier and many more. Thus, you can rest assured to obtain the best possible price when selling your watch to us.

    Sell your watch at The Luxury Hut and get paid INSTANTLY in cash or via your preferred method of payment.




    Where to sell used watches in London?

    Finding out the answer to “Where to sell watches?” and “Which is the best place to sell my watch in London?” is easy.

    At The Luxury Hut, we aim to offer the best price for any luxury pre-owned watches that customers want to sell us.

    Our expert evaluators have decades of experience and knowledge of the luxury watch industry. We continuously keep track of the changing market condition and prices.

    Thus, we are confident to offer you an accurate valuation and eventually, a competitive price for your watch.

    Moreover, The Luxury Hut provides a quick, secure and straightforward way to sell a watch online or via appointment.

    Regardless of which way you choose to sell a watch, we will make the process hassle-free for you.

    However, if you are wondering how much your watch is worth, fill in our simple form now and get an instant price quote.

    How to sell a luxury watch online?

    With trustworthy watch buyers at The Luxury Hut, selling your watch will be simpler and more straightforward. Our process may take as little as two hours to complete, from obtaining a quote to getting paid.

    Sell your watch online to us in London or from anywhere in the UK without any hassle.

    • Fill in the form

    Mention your watch’s condition, brand, age, box and papers (if any) and other aspects that may add value. However, attach high-resolution photos.

    • Receive a free valuation

    The more information you can provide us with your used watch, more comfortable it will be for us to determine its accurate value.

    • Send us your watch

    If you are happy with the quote, we will offer you contact-free collection and a pre-paid shipping label to send us your watch.

    Or, book an appointment to complete the transaction in person.

    • Get paid 

    Our watch specialists will inspect your watch precisely and make you a final offer by phone or email. Accept it, and we will pay you INSTANTLY.

    Our secure and reliable online platform will make the process convenient for you.

    Why Sell Your Watch To The Luxury Hut?

    We have over 40 years of combined experience in buying luxury watches of elite brands at a fair and competitive price in the second-hand market.

    Get a free valuation

    Contact-free Collection

    Instant Payment

    Sell watches for cash in person

    With an office at the heart of London Hatton Garden, we offer a quick and hassle-free way to sell watches for competitive prices.

    • Call us on 0207 242 9160 and arrange an appointment.
    • Visit our office at 88-90 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8PN, UK with your watch and all necessary items.

    We will assess everything in detail and confirm its authenticity. You will get your final offer on the spot. Accept it and get paid immediately.

    Here at The Luxury Hut, we work exclusively with high-end luxury watches and know the pre-owned market inside out.

    Thus, you are likely to obtain the best price of your watch because we know how much it is worth.

    How do I find out how much is my watch worth?

    When you decide to sell a second hand watch for cash, you may wonder:

    How much is my watch worth?

    The value of a luxury watch is determined based on many essential factors. However, an accurate final price can be achieved only through a broad and rigorous understanding of the second hand luxury watch market.

    The Luxury Hut has a highly professional team of evaluators who can determine an accurate price of any luxury watches sold to us. Rest assured we will provide you with the best quote and ultimately, the best possible price when you sell your watch to us in London. The factors include –

    Brand & Model

    Certain prestigious brands like Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Omega and others retain their value well with time in comparison to others. However, each watch model within a specific brand will have a different resale value.


    One of the essential factors that play a significant role in evaluating the value of your watch is its condition. Scratches, blemishes or any damage in any part of your timepiece can cause a considerable cutback in its resale value. However, a well-serviced watch in good condition will fetch you more than the one in poor condition.

    Original Box & Papers

    Retain the original box and papers of your watch. It may add a significant boost to the price you are expecting to procure when selling it to us in London. While they help in verifying the authenticity of a watch, the box and papers add value.


    Higher demand for a specific watch model always bestows a positive impact on the price you are likely to obtain when selling your watch. Here at The Luxury Hut, we continuously keep track of the changing market trends and prices. Thus, we can establish the real market value of a particular brand as well as the model.

    However, to know the value of your used watch – Fill in our online form and get a quote in next to no time.

    What is the Best Way to Sell a Watch?

    You can choose to sell your watch online or via appointment from anywhere in the UK.

    With a secure online platform and an office in Hatton Garden, London, The Luxury Hut ensures to make the process of selling watches online and via appointment smooth and convenient.

    The process is fast, transparent and safe. At The Luxury Hut, you can sell your watch to us in any of the three ways (as per your convenience):

    Complete our online form

    Provide us with the details of your watch as much as possible and get a free initial quote via phone or email. If you are happy with the quote, send your asset to us and we will contact you shortly to confirm our final offer after a detailed assessment of your luxury timepiece. Accept it and we will pay you via your preferred payment method.

    Make a call

    Call one of our team members on 0207 242 9160 and get an appraisal immediately over the phone or receive expert advice on selling your luxury watch. Our associates are always on hand to guide you through every step of our process.

    Visit our office

    Arrange an appointment to visit our premises at the heart of London Hatton Garden with your pre-owned watch. We will examine every aspect of your asset precisely and make you an offer right away. However, we will buy your luxury watch for the best price possible on the second hand market without any obligation.

    Sell your watch today at The Luxury Hut

    Expert watch buyers, at The Luxury Hut, specialise in buying all luxury pre-owned watches for competitive market prices, be it is of Rolex, Cartier or any other elite brands.

    While we constantly keep track of changing market prices, we always offer fair price quotes for any watches sold to us.

    People often search over the net, “where can I sell my watch for cash near me” or “how to sell watches in London”.

    There may be many places where you can sell your watch for cash. However, it is essential to choose a trustworthy one to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal.

    The Luxury Hut has over 40years of combined experience in the luxury watch industry.

    As one of the most trustworthy watch buyers in London, we ensure you will have a smooth experience when selling your watch to us, be it is online or via appointment.

    However, we buy only genuine and authenticated luxury watches. Our watch specialists assess every essential factor precisely like the brand, model, condition, age and others.

    Considering all these aspects, along with the current market price, we determine an accurate price and make a final offer.

    Our process of selling is simple, secure and transparent. Thus, sell your watch to us with full confidence and get paid instantly with no obligation and hassle.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Luxury Hut provides a quick, secure and straightforward way to sell watches in London both online and via appointment.

    • Fill up our online form
    • Receive a free valuation
    • Send your watch to us or book an appointment at our Hatton Garden premises in London for a final offer
    • Get Paid within Minutes.

    You can choose any of these two ways that are more suitable and required for you to sell your watch in London or from anywhere in the UK.

    Ideally, the more prestigious, exclusive and admired a watch brand is, the better its watches will keep hold of their value with time on the second hand market. A few luxury brands whose timepieces tend to retain their resale value pretty well are as follows:

    • Rolex
    • Patek Philippe
    • Vacheron Constantin
    • Omega
    • Cartier
    • Breitling.

    The value of a pre-owned watch is determined considering many factors, including the brand, model, condition and box and papers (if any). Thus, if you want to ascertain your watch's value and also, how much you can sell your watch for, simply fill up our watch valuation form.

    Trusted watch buyers at The Luxury Hut offer a quick and convenient way to sell watches online.

    From filling up the online form, sending your watch to getting paid, the entire process may take as little as two days to complete. To begin the process:

    Fill up our online form with details as much as possible and get your initial price quote by phone or email shortly.

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