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Rolex Watch Valuation

Find out your Rolex worth by filling in our simple Rolex watch valuation form online and get a FREE quote! Please provide as many details as possible to get an accurate watch assessment.

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How Watch Valuation Process Works?

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Expert Rolex Valuation in London

Are you curious to find out your Rolex worth? Or Are you wondering ‘How much is my Rolex worth?’ Unlike brand-new timepieces, determining the value of a pre-owned Rolex involves complexities due to factors like the model, material, condition, age, rarity, etc. Trust The Luxury Hut with your Rolex watch valuation as we bring our decades of experience in evaluating luxury watches to offer a seamless and precise valuation service. Our expert horologists boast years of hands-on experience evaluating all sorts of pre-owned Rolex watches, like finding out Rolex Daytona value or Rolex Submariner value.

Having your Rolex valued by us is quite easy and straightforward. All you have to do is fill in the form with as many details as possible about your Rolex piece and our skilled appraisers will provide an instant Rolex valuation. You can also drop in at our Hatton Garden store in London with your Rolex watch to get it appraised on the spot. Please carry along the original paperwork of your watch (if any) as it might add to your Rolex’s overall worth.

Simple & Secure

Our fully insured home collection service guarantees the security of your watch.

Fast Payment

Receive your payment instantly after the watch evaluation is complete.


40+ years of combined experience & a prominent Hatton Garden store ensure our trustworthiness.

Rolex Watch Valuation Online

If you plan to sell your Rolex watch sometime soon, you must know how much your Rolex is worth to get a fair deal. It’s not always important to visit manufacturers in person to get your watch valued. Our convenient, easy and instant online Rolex valuation service provides a straightforward way to discover your watch’s accurate worth easily and quickly. With just a few clicks, you can access a precise Rolex valuation that saves you time and provides a quick insight into your Rolex’s market value.

Rolex watch valuation is simple & efficient with us. Simply fill in our easy online form providing maximum details about your watch to get an instant Rolex valuation. It is quick, safe and very effective. Whether it’s a modern or vintage Rolex valuation, we’ll consider every aspect of your timepiece to give an accurate quote. Enquire now for your FREE Rolex quote.

What are the various types of appraisals for Rolex Valuation?

When determining a Rolex watch valuation, there are essentially two types of appraisals giving away two different values. And the one you choose depends on your purpose for the valuation.

  • Sales Valuation

It’s important that you realise your watch’s worth to secure a fair deal. The value of any typical Rolex watch depends on numerous factors, such as its model, condition, age, rarity and market demand, which, at the end of the day, decide how much you get in hand. While different valuers use different methods to find the valuation of Rolex, you can calculate the Rolex valuation on your own. Fill in The Luxury Hut’s online Rolex valuation form and get an instant quote.

  • Insurance Valuation

During situations when your watch is lost or stolen, insurance companies seek an insurance valuation of your watch, which is based on the ‘Replacement Cost Value’. For new Rolex watches, this is essentially the current market price. If you need to find out your Rolex valuation for this purpose, you must learn more about watch insurance.

How Do You Value My Rolex?

There are several factors involved in a Rolex valuation process. Our expert Rolex appraisers conduct comprehensive assessments of your watch to ensure you get the best Rolex resale value. Here are the factors that contribute to the overall worth of your timepiece:

  • Serial & Model Number: Some Rolex models are more coveted than others. Therefore, the specific Rolex model number plays a significant role in valuation. We also determine the Rolex value by serial number. You can find both the model and serial number located near the six o’clock mark of most Rolex watches.
  • Material: Materials such as platinum cost the most followed by gold (yellow, white or rose) and then stainless steel. Additionally, if your Rolex has diamonds or other precious gemstones, it will contribute to a higher value.
  • Condition: Rolex watches in excellent and well-maintained condition will command a higher price compared to those with visible scratches or damage.
  • Age: If your watch is a vintage Rolex model, then the price can swell up. Older Rolex models have historical significance and are often sought-after by collectors, increasing their value.
  • Rarity or Special Edition: A watch that was produced in limited numbers or comes with any special history will demand a higher price as collectors may be willing to pay more for it.
  • Box & Papers: The original box, papers, service records or any other relevant documents can enhance the value of your Rolex as it attests to its ownership. However, if you have misplaced them, we still guarantee to offer you the most competitive offer.
  • Market Demand: The market demand for your watch also regulates the price. Popular models with high demand may attract a higher value due to increased popularity among buyers.

Why Choose The Luxury Hut To Value Your Rolex?

We’ve been in the luxury watch business for over 40 years and are one of the most trusted names when it comes to luxury watch valuation. Our experts hold in-depth knowledge about used luxury watches, especially Rolex and will ensure no aspect is overlooked to provide you with an extremely accurate estimate.

When it comes to Rolex, we recognise that your watch holds sentimental value to you and conduct a meticulous assessment. You can find out your Rolex worth by simply filling in our easy online form and our experts will offer an instant quote. Or, schedule an appointment and bring your Rolex to us for a quick valuation. Whether it’s a modern, vintage or limited-edition model, trust us to receive an unrivalled Rolex valuation in London.

Maximising The Resale Value Of Your Rolex

Minor factors can notably influence the amount potential buyers are willing to offer for your pre-owned Rolex watch. Often, manufacturers offer to replace bracelets for Rolex watches. This is because worn Rolex bracelets get stretched over time due to regular wear and tear, leading many manufacturers to replace the bracelets. However, it is important to know that replacing the original bracelet of your Rolex with an aftermarket bracelet will adversely impact its worth and value in the secondary market, as it is considered non-authentic.

Moreover, factors like possessing the original box, warranty card, box and other accessories can significantly increase its value, especially for rare, vintage, discontinued and sport Rolex pieces. The paperwork lends credibility to your timepiece and allows buyers to pay more for such models.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find my Rolex Model Number?

The Rolex model number consists of four to six digits which are engraved on the side of the case between the lugs at the 12 o’clock position. You have to remove the bracelet to find it. The model number refers to the year the timepiece was manufactured, allowing you to better access its value.

Is it possible to find out the value of my Rolex watch online?

Yes. The Luxury Hut offers instant valuation for all Rolex watches, free of cost. Simply fill in our online form with as many details as possible about your Rolex and receive an accurate appraisal from our Rolex watch experts.

What is the resale value of my Rolex watch?

The best way to ascertain how much you will get for your Rolex watch is to get in touch with a professional. Our team at The Luxury Hut will check your watch’s model, condition, material, rarity, age, market value and original box & papers to determine its’ best value. If you’d like further guidance, please call us on 0207 242 9160 or visit us at our Hatton Garden showroom for a quick appraisal.

Which Rolex models increase in value?

Rolex is a highly coveted watch brand creating prestigious timepieces that stand the test of time. And, while all Rolex watches tend to hold value over time; some popular models like the Rolex GMT-Master and GMT-Master II tend to go up in value. Moreover, a Rolex with custom engraving will fetch a higher price due to rarity.

Are vintage Rolex watches more valuable?

Vintage watches were either produced in small quantities or had a short production time, making them rare and highly desirable by collectors. Additionally, many vintage watches were produced with special features, further adding to their desirability. So, clearly older or vintage Rolex models are worth more than the newer pieces.

Why are pre-owned Rolex watches costing more than new ones?

The main reason why secondhand Rolex watches are more expensive than the new counterparts is because Rolex’s top models are completely sold out at the retail outlets, thereby directing the crowd to the secondary market. Another reason is, since the demand for certain Rolex models long exceeds the availability, the pre-owned market is the place to buy the model you want. Moreover, many vintage and rare Rolex watches that are no longer in production or circulation enjoy high demand. As a result, the prices in the secondary market continue to surge.

Does a Rolex have value without papers?

Rolex is an incredible luxury watch brand that will always be sought-after by buyers, with or without the papers. However, retaining the original box, papers and other relevant paperwork of your Rolex will add to its overall worth.

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