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The Luxury Hut London Pawnbrokers provides loans against your fine jewellery, diamonds, luxury watches, gold, silver, designer handbags, antiques.

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Get a quote within 20 minutes and get paid instantly. Simply bring your assets to our Hatton Garden Office or use our free pre-paid Postage Envelope.



London Pawnbrokers brings you immediate loan facility for jewellery items without any credit checks. You just need to visit our office at Hatton Garden or contact one of our expert evaluators.

Need a loan against a diamond ring or Rolex? Contact The Luxury Hut London Pawnbrokers right now. You will get an immediate loan against any luxury items like diamonds, gold jewellery, and luxury watches.


The Luxury Hut- London pawnbrokers


If you want to get instant cash for your precious jewellery as well as your valuable goods, rely on trusted, long-established high street Hatton Garden pawnbrokers like us.


We will assess your items immediately and will offer immediate cash loans based on the most competitive market value of your items.


The Luxury Hut, one of the trusted names as London pawnbrokers can offer you three times more money. Nothing can be better than this!


Make a call to our team of The Luxury Hut on 0207 242 5411 to evaluate your valuable items instantly over the phone. We will consider the current market price and provide you an instant cash loan.


If you accept the loan offer of pawnbrokers London, we will pay you right at the moment either in cash or through any payment method as per your preference.


We don’t charge any additional charges or monthly payments till the completion of a loan term. The Luxury Hut Pawnbrokers render you the scope to pay the loan at any point of time in our London office as per your preference during the loan term. You simply have to pay off the amount of loan along with the splendid interest due.




You won’t have to pay any early retrieval fees or early exit charges in case of redemption of the loan prior to the completion of the loan term. Moreover, The Luxury Hut Pawnbrokers UK charges interest only for the loan period. This means, you just have to pay interest of one month if the money is borrowed for a month. Similarly, for two months, you would need to pay interest of two months.


Are you looking for loans for gold near me? It is quite simple to get a gold loan in London from Pawnbrokers London. You can rest assured your item pawned with us is secured within the contractual period. Although there is no credit check, customers would have to provide valid ID proof for every agreement to make a deal with The Luxury Hut.


Please complete the form for an Instant Free Quote or call us for immediate help. The Luxury Hut pawnbroker is one of the most trusted names in the pawnbroking trade and part of The National Pawnbrokers Association.


If you are looking for the best place to pawn your diamond ring or want to find the value of your Pre-Owned Rolex watch, turn to the experts at The Luxury Hut pawnbrokers for a hassle-free no obligation pawnbroking quote.


Unlike other pawnbrokers near me, here at The Luxury Hut London, we can lend you up to three times more on your jewellery and your pre-owned luxury watch.


We can pay you cash within one hour. We are watch and jewellery market specialists, which makes our valuators more in tune with the ever-changing market value.


And with over 40 years combined experience in the jewellery and the pawnbroking trade, you can rest assured that you will get the best price for your goods.


So search online for “Pawnbrokers in London” or “London pawnbrokers”. If you want to get highest value from your Pre-Owned Watch, or your jewellery item, please call the Luxury Hut pawnbrokers London or please complete the form above for an Instant Free Quote.


To get an instant loan on your items today call The Luxury Hut Pawnbrokers in London on 0207 242 5411


From the heart of London’s Hatton Garden, The Luxury Hut Pawnbrokers has over 40 years’ experience brokering luxury assets. We offer professional, discreet pawnbroking and instant asset-based loans for fine art, jewellery, luxury watches, and diamonds and other gemstones and antiques. As the leading pawnbrokers London, we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent, high-quality service.

Pawn Your Rolex

Want to pawn a Rolex? The leading pawnbrokers London is right here to make the process easy and fast for you. Experience valuators, at The Luxury Hut will evaluate your Rolex and pay instant loan against it.


Arranging to pawn your Rolex The Luxury Hut provides a convenient and quick method to raise cash without selling your Rolex watch. We will lend on all Rolex models, at any condition including Rolex Submariner, Rolex Daytona, Rolex Datejust, Rolex Sea-Dweller and more!


Pawnbrokers London offers the best price to the customers interested to pawn their Rolex. We assure to keep your Rolex securely within the contract time. You are free to contact The Luxury Hut in London on 0207 242 5411 to get free appraisal on your Rolex.


At The Luxury Hut Pawnbrokers, we offer better prices than if you Pawn your luxury watch on the high street or to another online pawnbroker.

Why Choose Us

Quite simply, you won’t get a better price for your Omega Rolex Cartier Breitling or any other luxury watch if you pawn it with your local pawnbrokers near me. Here at The Luxury Hut Pawnbrokers London, we deal almost exclusively with Owners who are looking to get some cash quickly, without selling their asset. So if you try to pawn, sell or trade your Swiss watch in a pawn shop London, you will almost certainly be offered a much lower-than-market-value price.

The Luxury Hut Loans Watches

Raise the finance you need without having to part with your items. The Luxury Hut Pawnbrokers London offer competitive loans against luxury and designer pre-owned watches. Out of all pawn shops online store, we are the most trusted posh pawnbrokers that provide fast and secure pawn loan against luxury watches.

One would wonder how businesses were running in the ancient times! With the advent of money as the currency of trade and the introduction of banking systems as the source of capital for businesses not so many years ago, how were our forefathers surviving in business? It is when we open the books of history that we get to realize our ancestors had ways of getting resources to set up or expand their business enterprises. One of such was the use of pawnbrokers, a tradition that has stuck with us over the ages. It has undergone many changes making it fit into our current system of running things.

Who Are London Pawnbrokers?

One would quickly think this implies just an individual yet in the real sense it also covers a business enterprise.The sole purpose of the individual or the company is to provide loans for other people or businesses.The caveat is the individuals borrowing the money have to offer personal items of value as collateral.The agreement between the two parties includes the length of time during which the payment is payable and the amount of interest which accrues over a given period and also depends on the duration.They even agree on what happens when the loanee fails to pay within the set duration.The pawnbroker reserves the right to sell the item to redeem the money and also include the interest upon which they agree. The pawnbroker cannot report the loanee to the Customers credit report in case of default merely because they have an item of equal or more value to the amount of the loan which they can sell and reclaim their money.

How Did We Get Here?

Annals of history report that this business was in existence in Ancient Roman and Greek empires so much so that the current laws find their basis of Roman jurisprudence on the matter. Further East, the business was in China whose mode of running it remains the same despite it being 3000 years later. Franciscans had the tradition running with the aim of helping the poor despite the rules put by the then Roman Catholic church on no charging of interest. In England, the trade came with William the Conqueror. Edward III{1338}, King Henry V{1415}, King Henry VII with the Lombards, Queen Isabella of France all had a part in pawn brokerage. Barnaba Manassei in 1450 transformed the trade by removing the interest as a form of charity work and instead encouraged donations to the church.

Their Symbol

The pawnbrokers have a logo of three golden spheres in suspension over a bar. Its origin is traceable to the Medici family of Florence. The three spheres were initially in use by the Lombard merchants, the House of Lombard having been a banking community in Ancient London. The tradition also owes patronage to Saint Nicholas who is thought to have given a poor man’s three daughters bags of gold so that they satisfy their marriage customs.

The Process

1. Evaluation of collateral items


The transaction commences with the loan bringing the item to the pawnshop. The goods can range from household items to jewelry, gold, silver, metals, electronics, and musical instruments amongst many others. The pawnbroker then takes time to assess the things for any flaws. These include physical damage to the product which affects its value. In some cases like when dealing with gemstones, the shop might accept the good even when it has visible flaws as it is still of importance.


Another aspect of the assessment is how marketable the item is given the demand and supply in the local market. In any case, the article is overabundant in the market; the shop will only accept things of the highest quality. There is an assumption of stolen goods on the part of the broker such that they are not liable as the law protects them.


The pawnbrokers have much experience and use different modes of screening to avoid counterfeit products that are of low value. There are various methods of assessing the authenticity of the items brought in the pawnshop. Guidebooks which are also known as blue books, websites, catalogs, internet searches and personal experience come in handy in this endeavor.


Once the item has a value agreed upon by both parties, it can either be sold directly since the pawnbrokers are also second-hand dealers or taken as collateral for a loan. The next phase is the negotiation on the amount of credit on offer to the client.


Setting the amount of loan

It has several determining factors:

First is the resale value of the item, which most of the time is a range with the lowest figure representing the wholesale value in case the broker is unable to sell it at retail. The highest value is a representative of the retail price sometimes even more senior than the amount the loan used to purchase the item. The other factor in consideration is the marketability of the article which determines the probability of the object being sold in the retail or as a rejection given in wholesale. The determinant is the saturation of the item in the market.


Other factors include the overhead costs of the store and profit for the business. The expenses that the pawnbroker incurs as business operations go on are distributable amongst the customers that come to the shop. These include the rent for the store, electricity bills, yellow pages advertisements, costs incurred in payment of staff, in paying for insurance, setting up alarm systems, running the websites and even for items which are lost in confiscation by the police in cases where the shop receives stolen items. After considering all the costs, the broker calculates the probable profits as it is the sole purpose of the establishment of the business.


The items also have to have some significance to the one coming for the loan which increases the probability of the individual coming back for them as the loaning business depends in part on the interest on the loans. Given this, some customers give stories of personal attachment to the item in question, for instance, saying it is a generational gift from ancestors. Others come severally ensuring they pay their loans and interest on time. All this is in a bid to increase their trustworthiness to the broker which facilitates their being given the loan.


A comparison of the sale ability of the item and the amount on offer by the customer is also a factor at play. If the client offers a marketable product at a lower price than expected the broker will take it even if the surety of the customer return to reclaim it is not a guarantee. The essential factor for the pawnbroker at the end of the day is the profitability of the item in question.

2. Management of the inventory


It is a vital factor in the running of the pawnshop business. It is a determining factor of the number of clients who will visit the shop. Either extreme of inventory poses a danger to the existence and running of the business.


In instances where the business has too little inventory, for example, due to rapidity in the sale of items the shop might look empty and not interest potential customers. It might be the case when the broker mostly purchases jewellery and gold then resell it or smelts it quickly. Other items might be sold promptly to specialty shops as is the fact with musical instruments to the musical stores.


On the other hand, if the shop has an overwhelming inventory, it is bound to have many challenges such as:


a)  Instead of spending time selling and buying items, quality time will be used to sort the things, placing them on shelves or arranging them in the shop.


b)  The shop owner will also have to have to closely monitor the several items to prevent thieves from taking advantage of the crowded shop. It might even imply that more staff has to be in the store which is additional costs to the pawnbroker.


c)   If the pileup of items consists of poor quality and low-value elements, one may mistake the shop as a rummage or flea market!


d)   Small yet valuable items like cell phones and their accessories might require glass cabinets for display. It comes with the requirement of more staff to be opening the cabinets for customers who would like to inspect the goods.


e)   The pawnbroker may have to install security cameras and alarm systems to reduce the probability of theft


f)   Many items in the shop might be an indication of low business which directly affects the amount of money available for lending to probable clients.


Here are some features of the ideal inventory:


Has a moderate amount of products

The products are of high quality

There is a neat arrangement of goods in the shop such that they are easily visible to passersby.

Some stores reduce the bulk of items by selling to specialty shops

Our Services

Apart from indulging in the pawn business, some stores undertake other activities. These include purchase and sale of brand new items. The items depend on the needs of the neighborhood where the store is. The products include musical instruments, firearms, and items of self-protection such as pepper spray, stun guns, and household utility goods amongst others.


The trade of used items is also a standard feature. It runs according to the profitability of the products. It includes articles brought in as collateral for loans but is instead put on sale out rightly. Some shops offer layaway plans that are subject to conditions such as down payment or regular payments.


Some Pawnbrokers London uses the strategy of having few unique vintage high-value items to attract clients to the shops without the expectation of purchase of those particular products. Instead, once the customers come to the store, they are shown the other items of interest and even introduced to the pawn business.


Other auxiliary operations include payday loans, currency exchange services, fee-based check cashing and vehicle or house title loans.

Upscale pawnshops

These began to appear in the 20th Century with a new brand name; loan offices to distance themselves from the stigma accompanying the pawn shops. Other terms christened to these shops include upscale pawnshops or high-end pawnshops. These terms refer to the high-value merchandise that is exchanged for short-term loans. Thus, it is safe to say that these stores only deal with the high and mighty in society exemplified not only by the types of goods but also by their locations. Some are on uppermost floors of story buildings in busy towns and cities. Examples include Beverly Loan Company, Borro, New York Loan Company and Luxury Hut Pawnbrokers in London amongst others.

The Luxury Hut London Pawnbrokers

We are a pawn store in London which specializes in luxury goods such as gold, luxury watches, diamonds, designer handbags and even antiques. Pawnbrokers London offer instant cash for jewellery and the luxury goods. One significant advantage is that they don’t require credit checks. The only identification necessary is the identification card prior to entry into the contract. The Luxury Hut team is known for offering up to three times more cash loan for gold or other luxury items in comparison with other money lenders.


The client has the independent choice of the mode of transfer of the cash once the product undergoes the verification process. Payment by cash or any other method is acceptable in these shops. The method of evaluation takes a short time since the value of time as a resource is an emphasis in these establishments.


Payment of the loan is not necessary until the end of the loan term. Thus, there are no monthly payment expectations. There are no redemption fees or early exit fees in case one would like to redeem the loan before the expiration of the loan period. Charging of interest is only up to the duration of the loan; there is none afterwards.


The items of the contract remain the clients until the period of the loan elapses.


The trustworthiness of the store is also due to its membership in the National Pawnbrokers Association. The Luxury Hut is a household name amongst the pawnbroker’s community.


If one is looking for the instant cash loan on gold within one hour, the Luxury Hut Pawnbrokers London is the place of choice. All that is necessary is the luxury item for collateral, and a mode of identification and one will receive whatever they need within a brief period.


We have 40 years’ experience in the watch and jewellery industry, and all of our experts are highly trained, knowledgeable and amongst the top in the industry.


With an established name and presence online, as well as a reassuring Hatton Garden, London office we offer you security and a peace of mind that you are dealing with a reliable and trustworthy company.

Competitive Prices &
Instant Payment

We offer competitive prices for any pre-owned watches and jewellery. Can pay in cash or other preferred methods of payment instantly for your convenience.

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