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How it Works

Get a quick cash loan against your valuable item by following a few simple steps.

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Fill in our online form to get an instant FREE quote, or call one of our expert evaluators now.

Accept Offer

We offer the highest cash loan based on current market value; accept it & sign the pledge receipt.

Receive Money

We’ll pay you immediately via your preferred payment with no hidden charges upon acceptance.


We Lend Against Various Luxury Assets

loan against watch

luxury watches

Fast & Secure loan against high-end luxury watches, such as Rolex, Cartier, Omega, etc.

loan against jewellery


Instant cash loan against jewellery, such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.

loan against gold


Get an instant loan against any gold item, such as coins, bars, jewellery, etc.

Online Pawnbroking Service

Why choose us

Get INSTANT Cash Loans against all luxury items without any hidden charges or credit checks.

Borrow quick funds against your valuables for a maximum tenure of 7 months. Make a single payment at the end of the loan term. As trusted pawnbrokers online, we pride ourselves on being fully transparent with our process and pricing.

Your items are locked securely in our vaults & returned in the exact same condition as it was when you gave.


Our quick & efficient online loan process allows us to make an immediate payment.


As a highly regarded London pawnbroker, we offer the most competitive loan rate.


Our experience, expertise and trustworthiness set us apart in the pawnbroking industry.


Our loan service is secure & discreet with no hidden charges or credit checks.


Book an Appointment

If you would prefer an in-store valuation with same day payment, book an appointment with one of The Luxury Hut experts.

Our Reliable Pawnbroking Loan Calculator

Our pawnbroking loan calculator will tell you the cost you must pay when redeeming your item from us. Simply fill in the details, and the calculator will tell you how much you have to pay after 7 months.

Please remember the value is based on the details provided by you. We won’t know how much we can lend unless you show us your item.

However, if you know how much you need to loan from us, our loan calculator will tell you the cost you’ve to pay when you redeem your item. Talk to us for more details.

The maximum loan duration is up to 7 months. Redeem your loan anytime in between without penalty. Just pay what you owe on the given date.

get valuation

loan amount monthly interest rates APR %(annual percentage rate)
£300 – £4999 6.0% 101.22%
£5,000 – £20,000 5.0% 79.6%

loan Calculator

Online Pawn Shop

Trustworthy Online Pawn Shop In London

Free Home Pick-Up

Get A Fully Insured Free Home Pick-Up Service To Send Us Your Valuable Item.

Secure Storage

We Keep All Pawned Items In Our Highly Secure Vaults During The Loan Tenure.

Handle With Care

We Will Carefully Handle Your Luxury Item & Return It To You In The Same Condition.

How much cash can you borrow against your item?

At The Luxury Hut, our loans typically range from £5000-£20,000, subject to your item’s appraisal. Our expert evaluators continually keep up with the changing market trends. Thus, rest assured to receive the highest possible loan against your asset.

Key points to remember when you pawn with us:

  • Pay Interest only for the loan months
  • Pay the interest when you redeem your item
  • Redeem at any time within the loan period by repaying the loan amount with interest due
  • No early retrieval fee or hidden charges

How much will a Pawnbroking loan cost with us?

We have various tiers of interest rates depending on the loan duration and the amount you borrow. Interest rates are charged monthly for a maximum period of up to 7 months, and you make a single payment after the completion of the loan tenure.

Easy-To-Understand Example:

  • Loan £12000
  • Total interest for one month £600
  • Total repayment £12600
  • Monthly interest 5.0%
  • APR 79.6%

Areas we cover in the UK


See Our Customer


Frequently Asked Questions

What does The Luxury Hut lend against?

At The Luxury Hut, you can borrow against your luxury watch, gold and jewellery. Some watch brands we regularly lend against include Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, etc. If you’ve diamond or gold jewellery, we’ll be happy to lend against them as well.

Call 0207 242 9160 & speak to our experts for further details.

What happens if the loan is not repaid?

If you’re unable to repay your pawnbroking loan, The Luxury Hut will sell your item(s) to recover the outstanding amount. If the sale amount generated is more than the amount under the loan, the money will be repaid to you.

When do I get my item(s) back?

Once you repay the loan amount and the due interest, you will get your item back from us. We give loans for a maximum of seven months, and you can redeem your item(s) at any point during the loan period without any early retrieval fees.


Can I make early or partial repayments?

You can make a single payment at the end of the loan tenure while paying interest only for the months you have taken the loan for. However, you can also redeem your item(s) early by paying back the whole loan amount and the interest due without any additional cost or charges.

What is the interest rate on a pawnbroking loan?
  • Loans from £5000 - £20,000 have an APR of 79.6%.
  • Loans from £300 - £4999 have an APR of 101.22%.
For example, if you take a loan of £500 against a necklace and redeem it after 1 month, this is how it works:
  • Loan £500
  • Total interest for one month £30
  • Total repayment £530.00
  • Monthly interest 6%
  • APR 101.22%
On the other hand, if you take a loan of £6000 against a Rolex watch and redeem it after 3 months, this is what you have to pay:
  • Loan £6000
  • Total interest for three months £900
  • Total repayment £6900
  • Monthly interest 5.0%
  • APR 79.6%
How does a pawnbroking loan work?

It is known as a pawnbroking loan when you pawn your valuables and give them as security to us. We will safely & securely keep your item(s) in our vault and charge a monthly interest rate on the amount you borrow.

You can redeem your item(s) when you pay off the loan amount and the due interest.

Can I Pawn My Jewellery And Watches Online?

Yes! The Luxury Hut offers an easy and secure way to pawn your item(s) both online and in-store. If you want to transact from the comfort of your home, simply fill in our online form and send us your item using our free home collection service.

Alternatively, you’re always welcome to visit us at our Hatton Garden store with your item. Call 0207 242 9160 to book an appointment today.

What Happens If I Decide Not To Proceed With The Loan?

If you aren’t satisfied with our loan offer and do not wish to proceed with the process, we will safely return your item to you free of charge. No obligation at all!


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