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Leading Pawnbrokers Essex

Get an instant cash loan offer without any credit checks by using the services of expert Pawnbrokers in Essex.


The Luxury Hut can make the process of lending cash simpler. As a well- established high street pawnbrokers, we are dedicated to offering the highest possible value for your luxury assets.


Want to get money immediately? Bring in your diamond ring, gold or luxury watch to The Luxury Hut. Our expert valuators will appraise your item accurately and provide you with the best possible cash loan for it. With us, you can rest assured you will experience a smooth and reliable pawnbroking service.


As one of the trusted names in this industry, we offer the maximum credit loan against any luxury items. Whether you want a loan to manage your short-term financial needs or make a new investment, The Luxury Hut pawnbrokers Essex will always be the right choice.


With more than 40 years experience, we have built up the trust of our valuable customers by offering a simple pawnbroking service. The experienced jewellery and watch valuation team at The Luxury Hut will provide you with the best quote and the fairest value for your item. We will consider the current market price for an item and other factors to determine an accurate estimated value.


We will offer you an instant loan with no credit checks. Accept our loan offer and we will give cash instantly. You can decide on the payment method.




Our Loan terms

You will not have to pay any monthly charges until the loan term ends. Our loan term is for up to seven months and all we ask for is a single payment at the end of the seven months. We charge interest only for the loan months you borrow for. If you borrow the cash for one month, you will pay the interest at the end of month one when you come to redeem your items and so on. You can also pay back the loan at any time within


the loan period, by paying off the loan amount along with its interest due. Bring a proof of ID and make a deal with us.



  • Our expert valuators will appraise your item


  • Get your loan offer on the spot


  • Accept it and walk away with cash immediately


  • No credit checks and hassle-free.


As the long-established, trustworthy pawnbrokers in Essex, we always provide a transparent and honest service. We don’t have any hidden charges or contract fee. We only ask for a proof of ID before issuing a loan. The Luxury Hut guarantees to keep your pawned item safe and secure within the contractual period.

Pawn your Gold

If you are looking to raise money by pawning your gold jewellery, just bring them to us. We will provide you with a cash loan on the spot at the highest value.


At The Luxury Hut, we work with utmost dedication when dealing with every loan against gold items. As experienced pawnbrokers in Essex, we believe in providing you the best service and pay top prices for your gold pieces.


The excellent appraisal skills of our in-house team set us apart in this industry. They will assess your item in detail and understand the real value. No matter whether your gold piece is tangled, broken or in the worst state, it is always worth something.


Our professionals can advise on every type of gold jewellery, from rings, earrings to other items. We, at The Luxury Hut, can help you in getting immediate access to the maximum value of your collection. Our assessments and appraisals are accurate, trustworthy as well as based on the current market value.


Your gold item will be kept secured within the loan period and returned to you after you repay the loan amount.

Pawn your Diamond Jewellery

With years of in-house experience in dealing with diamond jewellery, The Luxury Hut can provide you an accurate valuation every time you bring a diamond piece to us. Like any other reputed diamond specialists, we will note down the details like carat, colour, cut and clarity of your diamond. Considering each of these factors, we will determine the best possible value of your diamond jewellery.


Once we determine the value of your diamond item, we will offer you an instant loan. If you agree to our offered value and loan terms, you will get a secure loan contract without any credit checks. The Luxury Hut provides an entirely confidential and transparent service with no hidden fees.


You can pawn a diamond ring, engagement or wedding ring or pawn a diamond necklace. We guarantee to provide the maximum credit amount for any diamond item along with expert advise.


The Luxury Hut manages each loan transaction quickly and securely and guarantees to keep your pawned asset secure within the loan period.

Pawn a Luxury Watch

If you want to pawn your luxury watch and get an instant loan, turn to The Luxury Hut pawnbrokers Essex. We have the specialists of fine watches. They have extensive experience to appraise a luxury watch and determine its real value.


Bring your watch to The Luxury Hut and get an instant loan against it with no credit checks. Our in-house luxury watch specialists consider the current market value of a watch along with its model, manufacturer, age, condition, demand and availability to come up with an accurate valuation.


However, the original box, receipt, guarantee papers or servicing paper can help you to get the highest value for your watch from The Luxury Hut.


To get 100% secured and immediate cash loan, get in touch with us right now.

Pawn your Exquisite Jewellery

You can pawn your jewellery and get an instant cash loan if you trust the 40 years experienced pawnbrokers in Essex. With a longstanding presence in this industry, The Luxury Hut guarantees to pay the highest possible value for any exquisite jewellery pieces.


Our in-house professional team is happy to provide loans for all kinds of jewellery. It can be earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets as well as any gemstones. With us, you are assured to get immediate access to the best possible price for your jewellery piece.


The Luxury Hut offer professional advice and appraisal on vintage jewellery as well as gemstones, including diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald and others. Our experienced and certified experts can quickly determine the authenticity and value of gemstones.


We make every valuation accurate based on the true market value and other contributing factors. Our appraisers are always available to advise on your exquisite jewellery items.


So let’s start pawning…….


We have been trading as one of the most trusted pawnbrokers in Essex for years and have satisfied many customers who decided to opt for a loan against luxury items from us. We can offer you the best customer service and fairest amount of cash loan instantly.


We have 40 years’ experience in the watch and jewellery industry, and all of our experts are highly trained, knowledgeable and amongst the top in the industry.


With an established name and presence online, as well as a reassuring Hatton Garden, London office we offer you security and a peace of mind that you are dealing with a reliable and trustworthy company.

Competitive Prices &
Instant Payment

We offer competitive prices for any pre-owned watches and jewellery. Can pay in cash or other preferred methods of payment instantly for your convenience.

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