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Give your watch the tender, love and care it deserves. Take advantage of the expert servicing The Luxury Hut offers. With a team of highly trained watch specialist, we guarantee a fast, professional and reliable service.

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Watch Servicing

Complete Servicing

Mechanical watches are made up of hundreds of tiny parts, many of which are in constant motion. As a result they are subject to wear and tear. All Luxury Swiss Watches should be serviced every three to five years.

All our work is guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months.

Watch Servicing & Restoration

Repairs & Restoration

Each and every watch has a different story, our expert watchmakers are trained to look after watches of any age, irrespective of brand or type. Our skilled watchmakers are able to repair all faults, including movement.

All our work is guaranteed for a minimum of 12 Months.

Watch Polishing

Case Polishing & Valeting

Give your watch a new look and feel thanks to our Polishing and Valeting service. All brands and models are undertaken.

Your watch will be refurbished by experts, who will thoroughly clean your timepiece, removing minor scratches, giving your watch a brand new look.

Dial Restoration

Dial Restoration

Restoring your dial will completely change the way you see your watch.

Dials are constructed of numerous different materials. Taking an old, worn or damaged dial, our specialists strips, rebuilds and hand paints the dial, taking it extremely close to its original condition when new.

Watch Engraving


Add a personal touch to your watch or make that gift perfect by adding engraving. We are able to add messages, drawings and more.

We are also able to remove and amend pre-existing engraving.

Changing Watch Battery

Battery Change

A battery can run out at any time, so if your watch is battery-powered, we advise that you replace it every 12 months to two years.

Our watchmakers will replace your battery and reseal your watch.

Replace Rolex Glass

Change Watch Glass

If your watch glass is broken or chipped, our in-house watch specialist are able to replace it.

We specialise in replacing chipped or broken Rolex glass with genuine Rolex Sapphire glass.

Change Rolex Bracelet

Strap Replacement

Give your timepiece a facelift by updating your watch bracelet or strap.

At The Luxury Hut, we stock a wide range of styles and colours for all watches.

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