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luxury Watch Servicing

Professional watchmakers repair both mechanical & quartz watches to the highest standards.


Professional Services

Expert Watch Servicing in London

Discover unrivalled expertise and exceptional watch servicing in London at our premier Hatton Garden store. At The Luxury Hut, we offer a comprehensive range of expert watch repair services to ensure your timepiece functions in impeccable condition and looks new. Our team of professional and highly skilled watchmakers utilise their deep understanding of the intricate watch mechanisms, allowing us to provide end-to-end watch repairs, servicing and maintenance for vintage and modern watches alike.

Whether it’s a complex movement or a delicate Swiss masterpiece, trust us to handle your cherished piece with the utmost care. We can tackle any mechanical problem using classic techniques and advanced equipment while ensuring a fast turn-around time. Your satisfaction is paramount in our service and hence, we offer a 12-month's warranty on services. With us, you can expect honest pricing and a repair standard that is second to none. Book an appointment or call us to talk to our watch repair specialist.


full watch servicing London

Our Full watch Servicing Includes:

luxury watch servicing

A luxury timepiece is made of several intricate parts, each of which must function properly and optimally to ensure smooth performance. At The Luxury Hut, we give a complete overhaul to your timepiece by disassembling the parts and movement, lubricating them and meticulously reassembling the watch. This intricate process ensures your watch functions at its best.

  • Detach the bracelet from the watch case and open the case.
  • Remove & reset the stem and crown, and check the winding mechanism
  • Inspect the dial, hand movement, calendar and automatic work (if fitted)
  • Check and adjust the escapement as necessary
  • Complete disassembly and assessment of the movement and parts
  • Replace the worn components & clean all parts using automated cleaning equipment
  • Reassemble the watch & make fine adjustments as per the brand requirements
  • Lubricate the watch mechanism using fine greases and oils
  • Refit the dial parts, clean the bracelet & case
  • Final check the timekeeping and adjust if required

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How We Service Your Watch

  • Dismantle The Case & Movement:

    The watch is carefully disassembled by our skilled technicians using delicate tools and precision techniques to avoid damaging them. We detach the bracelet and watch case and remove the bezel, seals, crown and other parts. This is followed by the complete disassembly of the movement.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning:

    The dismantled watch parts are then subjected to ultrasonic cleaning wherein they’re given specialised baths using state-of-the-art cleaning machines to remove any dirt, dust or old lubricants.

  • Inspect & Test All Parts:

    We meticulously examine the working of all watch parts, including the hands, dial, rotor, calendar functions, etc, and make adjustments where necessary. Recheck the escapement & adjust if required.

  • Repair the parts:

    If the bracelet, dial or any other part of your watch has dents, scratches or any other major repair need, we’ll do it right away using advanced machines & formulated solutions. We use only 100% genuine components to replace worn-out watch parts.

  • Lubrication:

    We use advanced lubricants to oil each watch part with utmost care & usually use 3-4 fine oils and greases. This helps to minimise friction and ensure smooth movement. We’re dedicated to restoring luxury watches to their best appearance & function.

  • Assemble the Movement:

    We assemble the movement back together correctly with extreme care to ensure the watch functions correctly. Once the movement is assembled, we regulate it as per the manufacturer’s tolerance.

  • Reassemble Parts:

    Great care is taken when refitting the dial, hands and other watch components as each part must fit perfectly with one other. It is done while adhering to the brand specifications.

  • Water-Resistance & Pressure Test:

    The watch is immersed completely in the water and the air pressure is released slowly. If bubbles come out, it means air has seeped into the watch prior to immersion and the water resistance needs to be fixed. We have various pressure testing equipment to thoroughly test your watch over a period of time.

  • Polish

    A final polish is given to the watch case, bracelet and other visible areas to restore shine and lustre. We put equal emphasis on your watch’s aesthetic appearance as much as we do its performance standard.

  • Final Check:

    During the final check, we conduct rigorous checks of your watch including the aesthetic appearance, power reserve, timing check, bracelet & clasp functioning, etc to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. A minimum of 12-month warranty is given on our service.

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Premium Watch Repair Services

Polishing & Refurbishment

Bring back your watch to showroom condition using our expert watch polishing service. We will carefully disassemble the parts using brand specifications and remove scratches with our specialist polish, leaving it looking brand new!

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Bracelet Repair

Our expert craftsmen will repair and restore bracelets and straps of all styles and materials. From resizing and restringing to clasp repairs, we remove & refit all pins and tubes to ensure your bracelet returns to its original glory, ready to be worn and admired.

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Watch Restoration

From dial refinishing and case polishing to movement servicing, we employ the highest level of expertise and craftsmanship to breathe new life into your treasured timepiece. Whether it is a vintage or antique watch, our horological experts will return it to showroom standard.

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