December 14th, 2021

Why Must You Trade Your Watch With The Luxury Hut?

trade your watch with the luxury hut

For a watch collector, the value of their watch collection is something inexpressible in mere words. But with greater experience and refinement, the taste gradually shifts to either something more expensive or some other low-priced yet aesthetic models. For instance, you might want to get a cool-looking watch suitable for everyday wear. But your closet is loaded with boutique watch brands. So, how do you get that?

No, we are not even suggesting selling your most valuable luxury watch. But there’s an alternative and a satisfying one, for that matter! You can part exchange or trade your luxury watch. Trading watches is a lucrative option for those watch collectors who wish to exchange their current watch for a desired new or old watch. And hence, at The Luxury Hut, we empower them to maximise the enjoyment of owning a new model while acting with the legit facts in hand.

We understand that the ‘watch trade’ concept is new to many, and hence, we have decided to put all the details forward to help you make a well-informed decision.

Let’s start with the basics!

What is a part exchange?

Simply put, Part Exchange allows you to trade your watch against another pre-owned luxury watch from our stock. The process combines buying and selling your watch in one, quick step.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your collection or want to flip the existing luxury watch for any other model, at The Luxury Hut, we strive to offer the best trade while offering you to choose from our extensive watch collection.

As a collector, when you ask questions like ‘Should I trade my watch’ and ‘How to Part exchange’, there are 2 core things you must keep in mind. They are:

  • Value

When you choose to part exchange, it all boils down to one thing: you must hold a durable asset with substantial value after trading your luxury watch. Each luxury watch piece at The Luxury Hut comes with our Certificate of Authenticity along with 12 months of warranty.

  • Flexibility

As well-regarded watch traders in London, we at The Luxury Hut offer our traders an easy, quick, and hassle-free way of trading. With us, you can trade your watch with no obligation.

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Is part exchange a good idea?

If you fascinate refreshing your exotic watch collection once in a while, then yes! A Part Exchange is what you must do. The bridge between selling & buying is indefinite, and in some cases, the watch you want so dearly can even go out of stock by the time you sell your current watch. But with part exchange, this won’t be a problem.

Furthermore, you might want to trade your watch to get some quick cash. The pathway from selling a watch to cash-in-hand passes through various strict filters. If you require immediate cash, we, the experts at The Luxury Hut, can quickly help you trade your current watch for a low-priced pre-owned luxury watch from our collection and pay you the remaining amount. Sounds easy, right?

How to part exchange your old watch for a new model?

Part-exchange with us and receive an INSTANT FREE QUOTE! If you’re wondering ‘what is the value of my luxury watch’, clarify your watch’s age, brand, model, and condition, and we will offer you an accurate price quote.

Steps To Follow:

  • Fill in the Online Form to get a FREE Part Exchange quote
  • Send us your watch (We offer Contact Free Home Collection and a Pre-Paid Shipping Label)
  • Accept the final trade offer
  • New Watch Shipped!

Part Exchange is Easier with The Luxury Hut

Apart from offering a vast selection of pre-owned timepieces from top brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, and others, we expertly assess your watch and offer you a competitive valuation for the watch you wish to trade. Our process is simple & straightforward.

We present to you all the right reasons to trade your luxury timepiece.

5 Reasons to Trade your Watch with us:

1. No Obligation Free Quote

Whether you want to part exchange or are just curious to find out the value of your watch, we don’t judge. Fill in our online form to get an instant free watch quote.

2. Contact Free Home Collection

We will offer you a Contact Free Home Collection along with a pre-paid shipping label to send us your watch. It’s easy and hassle-free!

Alternatively, you can also call us on 0207 242 9160 and book an appointment at our Hatton Garden Office in London.

3. Diverse Options

At The Luxury Hut, you can explore a diverse collection of luxury watches to part exchange your luxury watch with. You can trade your luxury watch with any watch from our extensive pre-owned collection.

4. Expertise

We come with 40 years of combined experience and do an honest assessment of your timepiece. Our expert valuators will arrange a convenient way for you to conclude the trade such that you are happy & satisfied with the final deal.

5. Quick

No unnecessary wait. Once you send us your watch, we will start the evaluation process immediately. We will ship the new watch immediately if you’re happy with our final part-exchange offer!

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