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August 23rd, 2023

What Are The Most Asked Questions While Selling A Rolex Watch?

Sell Rolex FAQ

If you’re considering selling your beloved Rolex watch, you’re likely to have a lot of enquiries. After all, it’s Rolex we’re talking about. Well, it is needless to say, how prestigious and worthwhile the brand is, which generates curiosity among buyers to purchase them. But parting ways with your beloved possession is never easy, naturally sparking questions.

To make the process easier and more insightful for you, below, we have listed and answered the most common questions that every Rolex seller must be eager to know.

Exploring the Common Queries When Selling a Rolex

Is It Hard To Sell A Rolex?

Absolutely not! Selling your Rolex is, in fact, an easy affair as the brand enjoys popularity worldwide. Rolex is a prestigious watch brand, and it is relatively easy to sell Rolex compared to other watch brands due to their popularity, demand and reputation. However, certain factors influence the ease of selling, like your watch’s condition, model, market trends, etc. So, the most important thing is to find a reputable Rolex buyer whom you can trust to get your deserved value.

The easiest and safest way to sell your Rolex is through a specialist Rolex buyer. With The Luxury Hut, you can be absolutely sure to receive the best price for your timepiece in a hassle-free way. You get your money the same day via your preferred method.

How Much Can You Get By Selling Your Rolex?

This is the first and most important question you’ll have when selling your beloved Rolex timepiece. If you rely on a professional to sell your Rolex watch, rest assured to get a handsome price based on your watch’s current condition, material, model, age, rarity and market demand. Rolex watches hold their value well, and a secondhand Rolex, whether new or vintage, will get a good amount. Moreover, if you’ve any of the popular Rolex models, you’ll be amazed at their resale value which will likely increase in worth in the secondary market.

While there are many places to sell, we can confidently give you the best price possible. This is because we work solely with pre-owned luxury watches, especially Rolex and know the industry inside out.

How to Find Out the Value of Your Rolex?

Valuation is a crucial element when selling your pre-owned Rolex. Several factors come into play with a secondhand watch, and each factor can potentially influence the final value of your Rolex. A professional appraiser will consider your watch’s model, serial number, condition, rarity, market demand, materials, etc. Vintage or limited edition Rolex watches can have a higher value.

Get an INSTANT Rolex valuation by filling in our easy online form. Provide maximum details to get an accurate value. It is a free and no-obligation quote!

Where Can You Find The Rolex Model/Serial Number?

Serial Number: Look on the case side between the lugs to find the serial number of your Rolex. The 4-8 digit serial number is engraved on every Rolex piece behind the bracelet at the 6 o’clock position.  

Model Number: Find your Rolex’s model number on the side of the watch at 12 o’clock (opposite to the Serial number). Remove the bracelet to find it. The model number usually comprises four, five or six digits, with the first two to four digits describing the watch type.

Can You Sell Rolex Without The Papers & Box?

Yes, you can sell your pre-owned Rolex without the original box and papers, but you may receive a slightly lesser value than you would expect when you present it with the paperwork. This is because the papers essentially attest to your Rolex’s authenticity and are more desirable by buyers and collectors alike. While the ideal situation is that you have the box, papers, receipt, booklets, warranty card and other accessories, you can always sell your Rolex without them.

We understand that the older a watch is, the higher the chances of misplacing the papers and box. Keeping that in mind, we aim to give you the highest possible amount for your timepiece, even without the box and papers.

Is It Important To Service Rolex Before Selling It?

Servicing your Rolex before selling it can be advantageous. A fully serviced Rolex will likely be in better overall condition as it undergoes professional cleaning, maintenance and necessary repairs, making it appealing to potential buyers. Rolex recommends servicing watches every 10 years, depending on the model and usage. If you’re unsure about servicing it, it is best to consult watch experts who can advise based on your specific situation.

Where Is The Best Place To Sell A Rolex In London?

Determining the best place to sell a Rolex watch in London depends on various factors, including your desired selling experience, the watch’s condition and your preference. Some options are auction houses, authorised Rolex dealers, pawn shops, online marketplaces, local good consignment shops, etc. No matter how you choose to sell, ensuring a smooth, safe and successful transaction is important.

You can, however, skip the hassle of going from shop to shop, waiting for appraisers to give you an offer and then comparing it with other places by relying on our expertise. We’re ready to buy any Rolex in any condition and offer a top-notch price. Get fast payments and expert valuations.

You can either sell online or in our secure Hatton Garden store. The process is very simple - fill in our online form to obtain a no-obligation instant quote. We will arrange a free home pick-up. You can also call 0207 242 9160 to book an appointment. Simple, fast & effective!


Selling your Rolex is a crucial decision, and the last thing you’d want to do is sell your watch to any random buyer. The process of selling your watch requires addressing a range of enquiries. Here, we have listed all those questions that will arm you with the right knowledge and give you insight into making the right decision.

Alternatively, consign Rolex with us and earn more profit than outright selling. Our watch consignment service aims to increase your chances of a successful sale while ensuring maximum profit.

So, are you ready to sell your Rolex? Get in touch with us online or call 0207 242 9160 to speak to our experts. Benefit from The Luxury Hut’s reputation as the industry's leading pre-owned Rolex watch buyer, ensuring you get the best price effortlessly and quickly.

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