November 16th, 2021

Rolex Price Guide: Find the Price of Your Rolex

how much is a rolex watch

Rolex watches, as you know, are the most popular and globally recognized luxury watches. People perceive the brand Rolex is synonymous with luxurious and expensive. As a result, many do not even care to ask about the price. But the reality is quite different. Many of you wonder if or not there is anything like a low-priced Rolex?

Well, of course, there is. Rolex has represented itself as a symbol of success, class, and achievement from the very start. And neither of these comes cheap. So no doubt that owning a Rolex watch is a statement in itself. But unlike the most prevalent belief, Rolex watches can be affordable only if you know what to buy! So today, we have decided to guide you through the Top Rolex Price list so that you can pick the one that suits your taste and budget.

But before we reveal the list to you, let’s answer some of the most-asked questions.

How Much Is A Rolex?

The cost of a typical Rolex watch is anywhere between £4900 to £56500 MSRP. However, there are a couple of factors that affect the pricing of a Rolex.

4 Factors That Affect the Cost of a Rolex Are:

  1. New Movements
  2. Materials
  3. Collection Popularity
  4. Complications

The average price for most Rolex watches falls between £5300 to £9100 MSRP. Most of these variants are either two-tone or stainless steel watches.

Why Are Rolex Watches So Expensive?

While many see the Rolex watches as needlessly expensive, however, there are legit reasons for the same. And, why not! A lot of effort and hard work goes into making these flawless timepieces. The materials used are of premium quality, so it is only apparent to expect a higher price.

4 Key Reasons Why The Watch Pieces Are So Expensive Are:

1. Meticulously Made

Did you know that the Rolex watches are crafted entirely by hand by the most skilful watchmakers? The luxury watch brand demands the best out of everything and hence, keeps a tight check on the various materials and processes involved in watch production. In terms of materials, the brand uses only 18ct gold or 950 Platinum. So, if a company uses only the highest-quality elements, it will surely be expensive but worth it!

2. Intricate Design

Watch-making is a challenging profession that involves a lot of money. Rolex has multiple developments and research departments that are well-equipped with the latest professional facilities. These factors ensure that the brand comes up with the latest manufacturing technologies to secure its top spot in the competition.

It Lasts

A Rolex is bound to stand the test of time. Whether there is a change in temperature, humidity, movement or altitude, Rolex timepieces can withstand it all easily. The luxury watch brand is synonymous with pushing boundaries and exploring the best. Each timepiece goes through several layers of testing to ensure the best quality.

Hold Value

Many people buy Rolex watches for everyday use, but Rolex watches are excellent investment opportunities. Rolex’s collections maintain a consistent rapport and can be instantly recognized. Numerous watch collectors love the watch brand, and it retains its value over time.

How Do You Check The Authenticity Of A Rolex Watch?

A Rolex could be your dream watch. So, you certainly don’t want to end up spending on a fake one. Over the years, counterfeiters have become better at faking luxury watch brands. Therefore, it’s essential to check the authenticity of a Rolex before you purchase it.

6 Tricks to Guarantee the Authenticity of a Rolex Are:

1. Serial Number

An authentic Rolex watch will have a deeply engraved serial number. The stamp of the serial number is between the lugs at the 6 o’clock location. You have to remove the bracelet to find it. The fake ones will have sloppy engraving.

2. Crown Logo

An authentic Rolex watch shows different types of logos. For example, there is one at the top of the watch. A genuine Rolex has a precisely centered and slightly elevated crown logo. On the other hand, a fake watch mostly fails to include this.

3. Second Hand

The second is perhaps the most challenging thing to copy. It should move eight times in a second. In a fake Rolex, the second hand will have a shaky motion instead of a continuous one.

4. Weight

The fake ones use cheaper quality to manufacture the watch and hence, are much lighter than the genuine Rolex.

5. Price

Most of us tend to believe things that are too good to be true. Look out for the price if you find a Rolex that costs too low. Be aware and avoid any deals that are too alluring.

6. Attention To Details

Rolex pays a great deal of attention to every minute detail. A few things to check are:

  • Misspellings
  • A correct aligned Cyclops
  • Perfect letters with no ink bleeding

If any of it seems incorrect, then it’s probably a fake one.

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Now, Coming To the Main Part: Top Rolex Price Guide

You’re in the mood to buy a Rolex. There are all sorts of Rolex watches in the market, and each of them is unique. Apart from the sentimental value, it is also essential to consider the monetary worth of the watch. So, for you to be able to buy a Rolex, it’s essential to know the various models and the price range.

Let’s check out each of them!

Price Of Rolex Watches, Model-Wise:

How Much Is A Rolex Submariner Worth?

The Rolex Submariner watches are available in two-tone, stainless steel, and precious metals. The collection has held its value over the years. The price of a typical Submariner ranges from £6100 to £27900.

The most popular Rolex Submariner models are 126610LN and 124060, with an MSRP of £6900 to £6200. Depending on the reference, a Rolex Submariner can be worth up to 100% in the pre-owned market.

How Much Is A Rolex Datejust Worth?

Perhaps a Rolex Datejust is the most iconic watch from the luxury watch brand, and it is also the most versatile one. The cost of a Datejust varies widely because of both women’s and men’s references. Different sizes, materials, and dial options are available for a Datejust, which creates a vast range in cost.

The cost of Rolex Datejust ranges £5000 to £11000.

How Much Is A Rolex GMT Master II Worth?

The cost of the Rolex GMT MASTER II collection depends on the materials used to construct the watch. The watches come in two-tone and stainless steel options. The cost of a typical GMT MASTER II ranges from £7400 to £31000.

The most popular watches from the collection are the Batman and the Pepsi, which can be worth up to 100%+ MSRP.

How Much Is A Rolex Oyster Perpetual Worth?

With the introduction of the fresh new dial colours, the demand for the Rolex Oyster Perpetual sky-rocketed instantly. There was a significant shift in both its pricing and popularity. For the first time in 2021, the Oyster Perpetual watches are worth more when pre-owned than new.

Depending on the size of the model, the cost ranges somewhere £3900 to £4500.

How Much Is A Rolex Daytona Worth?

The Rolex Daytona is one of the most prestigious and sought-after watches. Since the collection is available in limited quantities, the cost of the Daytona watches is worth up to 200% in the pre-owned market for the stainless steel models.

The cost of a Rolex Daytona ranges from £9800 to £56500.

How Much Is A Rolex Sea-Dweller Worth?

The Rolex Sea-Dweller is a robust and sturdy Submariner model. The depth capacity of Sea Dwellers goes up to an impressive 3900 meters. With the boost in performance comes a hike in price as well. The Rolex Sea Dwellers range from £8900 to £12500.

How Much Is A Rolex Sky-Dweller Worth?

In the past few years, Rolex has introduced a stainless steel reference to the Sky-Dweller collection that makes the watches easier to obtain in terms of cost. If you are purchasing two-tone, stainless steel or other precious metal references, then the price of a Rolex Sky-Dweller ranges from £11200 to £37500.

The Sky-Dweller stainless steel reference became so popular that the watch piece sells over MSRP in the pre-owned market.

How Much Is A Rolex Explorer Worth?

Are you thinking of buying the most popular tool watch? The Rolex Explorer and Explorer II make for the best choices. The collection features a GMT complication and a no-date reference.

The GMT costs £6300, and the no-date costs £5000.

How Much Is A Rolex Day-Date (President) Worth?

Arguably, the Rolex Day-Date President is one of the most prominent and precious luxury watches. The cost of the Rolex Day-Date starts at £27600 for the solid yellow gold references and goes up to £45200 for the platinum references.

How Much Is A Rolex Yacht-Master Worth?

The Yacht-Master prices widely vary in terms of cost. The beginner prices for the Yacht-Master Collection starts at £8500 and can go up to £36300. Regarding the pricing of the watches within the Rolex Yacht-Master collection, the case material is the most important determining factor.

How Much Is A Rolex Milgauss Worth?

The Milgauss is the smallest collection of Rolex. It is a watch that you either love to the core or dislike the hardest; there is absolutely nothing in between. The Rolex Milgauss costs £6300 MSRP.

How Much Is The Cheapest Rolex?

Are you looking for a Rolex watch that is luxurious and yet pocket-friendly? The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ref. 276200 for women that costs £3900 is the cheapest Rolex watch. For men, the most affordable model is the Oyster Perpetual with Ref. 126000, which costs £4300.


It is indeed a feeling of great joy for a person to own a Rolex watch. A Rolex timepiece holds its original value, which positively contributes to the technological advancement of the luxury brand. The choice of a Rolex watch dramatically depends on your taste and personality. There is always a model for everyone.

Once you invest in a Rolex watch, you can pass it on to the next generation and so on. Therefore, the financial investment you make is worth it. This is a wise investment with great value.

Please Note: We do not guarantee the exactness of any of the information in this resource. The price of a Rolex watch may vary owing to the market demand.

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