March 8th, 2023

8 Things to Know Before You Buy an Engagement Ring

Buy An Engagement-ring

Planning to ‘pop the question’? Congratulations! You have found the love of your life. Now, the tough part is behind you – buying THE RING!

It is no secret that an engagement ring is a significant and indeed, an expensive purchase, and choosing that perfect ring is one of the most significant decisions for you to make.

But, it is not only about having a sizeable credit card limit but more than that – it calls for research, necessary know-how and maybe also, a trusted diamond advisor.

However, the process does not have to be necessarily overwhelming. Keep these few things of know-how in mind before buying the perfect engagement ring to convince your fiancée to say ‘YES’ right away.

1. Decide Your Budget

Before you start to peruse ring styles online or schedule an appointment with a trusted advisor in Hatton Garden, London you first have to decide how much you can realistically spend on the engagement ring. Although there is a ‘myth’ about spending three months’ salary on engagement rings, the fact is that you should always spend how much you are comfortable with on a ring.

Begin your engagement ring shopping extravaganza by learning the diamond’s 4Cs, making some comparisons and then, finding an engagement ring that suits your budget. Keep in mind:

You may be tempted to go extravagant, but your would-be wife would not certainly want to start her life together under a heap of credit debt.

2. Know Her Taste

While an engagement ring is likely to be worn forever, make sure that the ring you choose should make your partner’s heart sing. Thus, keep your taste aside during the process and find out your significant other’s unique choice.

What type of ring setting, gemstone or colour of metal does she like?

The best way is to ask her straight! But if you want to keep the element of surprise, try to ask one of her close friends (of course, choose the one who will not spill the beans) or her mother to get an idea of her preferences.

3. Know Your Partner’s Ring Size

When choosing a ring for your partner, keep in mind:

Every ring cannot be resized for fitting the wearer. The process of resizing a ring includes cutting out the metal like gold or platinum followed by either adding more metal or closing its gap. And, the rings with gemstones or engravings that cover the entire band as well as rings with tension settings cannot be resized easily.

If you do not know her accurate ring size yet, borrow one of her rings secretly and have it measured. Alternatively, if you are scared that it will be missed, put that ring on a piece of paper and trace around the band with a marker. You can then match the measurement with a professional sizing tool.

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4. Know Her Metal Choice

The metal you choose for her engagement ring band will affect its entire look. Whether you go for the traditional gold band or the versatile platinum for a modern look, the decision is a personal one (and it may also depend significantly on your decided budget).

Harder and more ductile, platinum has been the most popular and indeed, an expensive choice engagement ring choice for many years.

However, you can pick a gold band if your beloved prefers a classic and traditional look. Or, if your partner is fashion-forward, you may want to consider the trendier rose gold.

5. A Perfect Setting Can Make All The Difference

Diamonds are held in place in engagement rings by a ‘setting’. While it spotlights the brilliance of a diamond, a setting also protects the gemstone from damage. Different ring settings like bezel, prong, channel, pave, and tension provide varying degrees of protection.

However, knowing these names is not more important than ascertaining the ring style that both you and your beloved are after.

6. Know the diamond’s 4Cs

When it comes to diamonds, evaluating the gemstone’s quality considering the Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat is essential. These four universal and trusted standards were formed by the Gemological Institute of America in 1953 to determine the quality of any diamond.

In brief, the four Cs are:

  • Cut – The cut quality determines how well a diamond reflects its light.
  • Colour – The colour grades ‘D to Z’ illustrates the lack of colour in a diamond.
  • Clarity – It refers to the number of inclusions and blemishes in a diamond.
  • Carat – the Carat weight evaluates the apparent size of a diamond.

Once you understand the meaning of these attributes, it is essential for you to determine what the most significant ‘C’ is for you. While some individuals may boast about a diamond’s carat, the most important of the four attributes is the cut that will determine how much the diamond will sparkle.

The best solution is to compare between many diamonds precisely and weigh aspects like size against clarity and colour.

7. Difference between diamond shapes, and cut quality

Before you begin shopping for your beloved’s engagement ring, it is prime-requisite for you to apprehend the difference between a diamond’s shape and cut-quality. While the shape of a diamond describes the physical appearance of the gemstone, the cut quality describes how well the facets of a diamond interact with the light.

The diamonds that are cut in similar shape may vary in girdle thickness, table size, symmetry and polish and, these differences eventually have an impact on a diamond’s appearance as well as its cut quality.

8. Side stones can offer the maximum sparkle

One of the best ways to make her engagement ring sparkle more is by considering diamond side stones that also provide a sophisticated look. Side stones are a striking way to embellish an engagement ring.

The popular choices are ‘pave’, or channel set diamonds along the ring’s shank, and diamond baguettes on both sides of the centre stone.

If you want diamond side stones to complement your ring’s centre stone, choose the ones that are graded close to the centre diamond in clarity, colour and cut (if possible).

While there are a wide variety of cuts, designs and settings that can be of high-quality and also, of high values, it is always essential to acquire some knowledge before making a decision and, seek advice for the experts.


Now that you know who you’re spending your life with, you’ll want to find the best engagement ring to seal the love. Engagement ring shopping can indeed be confusing and especially if you’re new to this, you might require a little help. That’s where The Luxury Hut comes in. Our well researched tips will help you find the perfect ring for the event. However, if you need help, our jewellery specialists would be delighted to assist you! Get in touch by calling us on 0207 242 9160.

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