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December 21st, 2021

Is Rolex Watch The Ultimate Luxurious Watch Brand?

Luxurious Watch Brand

No matter how attached or distant you are with the world of luxury watches, one name that you must be familiar with is a ‘Rolex’ Watch. A brand that is respected valued, and admired globally. Sometimes, we wonder how just making watches makes a brand so renowned and famous globally? But then Rolex is a world of its own, isn’t it? But why is it so? The answer to which varies from person to person. It holds an emotional value for some, and for others, it is an asset.

Well, if you’re someone who already owns a piece of this beauty, you must be aware of how valuable the luxury watch brand is. Not just in retail but also in the pre-owned market where Rolex watches enjoy high demand. This means if ever in life you need financial help, selling a Rolex to some reputed watch buyers will probably sort it out!

Rolex is commonly considered the ‘Best’ amongst the other Swiss watch manufacturers, but why? We have the same curiosity. As it seems, there are some full proof answers to back the statement. Let’s find out what!

6 Reasons that make Rolex a ‘Rolex’

1. Quality

Rolex is primarily known for its premium quality extending over the many years of its continuation. And, we have found a secret! Instead of trying and doing things they aren’t sure about, Rolex concentrates on what it does the best. A success mantra, if you say.

2. Has It All!

Another reason that significantly contributes to Rolex’s famed stature is how the brand, since the very beginning, has introduced various innovative features, making the watches suitable for everyday wear. Each piece of Rolex houses all the essentials, starting with the first water-resistant watch followed by the automatic winding mechanism and chronometer test.

3. Stand Out Design

The better the design, the better the watch can be used as everyday wear. Agree? A typical Rolex is round in shape, contributing to its water resistance. The Cyclops date magnifier helps the wearer to read the date quickly. Similarly, the dial design, case, bezel, and other design modifications keep the wearer's comfort in mind.

4. No Shortcut

Reports have it that Rolex takes a year to make a single piece of Rolex. As surprising as that sounds, it is true. Rolex manufactures approximately a million watches a year, with no shortcuts in the process. The luxury watch brand is the epitome of efficiency and quality and is focused entirely on producing the very best. Hence, the hype!

5. Value

As you know, the value of a car drops by half when you buy it. This is even applicable for lesser-known watches, but not Rolex-the Holy Grail of Watches. Rolex always enjoys a high demand in the watch market, irrespective of its production year. The older is the model; the better is the price. This is an attractive point if you’re looking to sell your Rolex watches. When and how you choose to sell a Rolex, rest assured to get a lump-sum amount in hand.

6. Limited Count

An item is most desirable when there is a shortage or, what you say, an artificial shortage in the market. Rolex manufactures as many models as it expects to sell, and the result is long, never-ending wait-lists. So, you can only imagine the craze in the market. A Daytona is one such piece of desire.

Over time, the watch giant has consistently lived up to its rich history and millions of fans’ expectations by combining innovative technicality with recognisable designs. Assuming that you’re as delighted as us to discover the most iconic models produced by Rolex, we have charted out the top names below.

A Quick Rundown to Rolex’s Most Notable Models

  • Divers: Submariner
  • Pilots: GMT-Master II
  • Scientists: Milgauss
  • Racers: Daytona
  • Mountaineers: Explorer
  • Regular Wear: Day-Date & Datejust

Are you wondering whether it is all just an extended scam? Honestly, the market has all kinds of people. But believe us when we say Rolex is quite basically the best luxury watch brand ever! Collectively speaking, the brand stands out in every aspect. Anyone who has ever owned a Rolex will tell you how sturdy and reliable the watches are. The reason is straightforward: Rolex holds excellent value!


Rolex, as a watch brand, reflects luxury and class. In today’s date, it has become a currency in itself. For instance, if you own a Submariner or a Daytona, be confident that the value of your watch will only appreciate over the years.

Also, you might have an affinity for other brands and choose not to invest in a Rolex. But with time, all collectors have realised why Rolex as a brand is so loved and celebrated worldwide. The choice is yours!

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