July 12th, 2023

Is Cartier Watch A Good Investment And Which Models Hold Value?

Cartier Watch Valuation

Swiss watches, as we know rule the watch market. However, the elegance and sophistication of French timepieces are hard to ignore. We’re talking about Cartier, the brand that has had an indomitable presence in the watch realm since its inception in 1847.

Among the many popular luxury watch brands, Cartier stands as an icon of timeless style and legacy, attracting the attention of not only the watch connoisseurs but also the Royals. However, over the years the brand has gained popularity within the watch community not only for their beauty but also for their investment potential.

While we already know incredible the Cartier watches look, many are yet to resolve their dilemma about whether or not Cartier is a good investment. In this blog, we’ll answer the question and also explain the various relevant details to help you make an informed decision.

Are Cartier watches a good investment?

The short answer is yes. Cartier is a premier luxury watch brand offering beautiful and timeless creations inspired by technical innovation and artistic designs. The watch styles and quality not just stand but pass the test of time impressively. Any Cartier watch you buy today, whether a pre-owned Cartier or a new timepiece, will gain value over the years only to become more desirable. But ‘why’!

Don’t worry, we’ll tell you exactly why Cartier watches hold value or even appreciates over time.

Why do Cartier watches hold value?

Cartier entails a rich heritage spanning over 170 years and the timepieces have consistently maintained a strong market presence with their iconic designs, technical excellence and innovation. But the reason why a particular Cartier will hold value, say in the coming five or ten years depends on a wide range of factors.

5 factors that determine whether a Cartier watch will hold or increase in value are:

1. Design

Cartier is renowned for its iconic watch designs, such as the Tank, Santos and Ballon Bleu. Each Cartier watch design is valued differently based on its popularity at a given time. Therefore, when planning to buy a Cartier watch, pick a style that you’re confident will remain in-demand many years later.

2. Materials & Craftsmanship

The quality and type of materials used; along with the level of craftsmanship in a Cartier watch contribute to its long-term value. A Cartier made of precious metals like gold, platinum or other gemstones, combined with meticulous craftsmanship will enhance the worth of your timepiece.

This is why vintage Cartier watches crafted from gold hold more value than the newer models made of stainless steel.

3. Rarity

Limited production runs and exclusive Cartier watch editions tend to hold their value better than the others. Collectors and investors look out for these timepieces so they can invest now and sell Cartier later once the demand drives up.

4. Condition

If you have a Cartier that you wish to sell, the watch's valuation will greatly depend on its condition. A well-maintained timepiece with minimal wear and tear, original packaging and complete documentation will fetch higher prices in the market.

5. Reputation & Lineage

Some specific Cartier models have a stronger reputation due to their association with celebrities, powerful leaders and the Royals. While any Cartier watch may hold value, the one with a significant reputation and lineage is likely to fetch a higher price.

What are the best Cartier watches for investment?

Did you really think we’d not answer this for you? If you’re seriously considering investing in Cartier, this is perhaps the most important question of all. Because whether or not a Cartier watch will retain its value or appreciate over time comes down to the specific model.

Cartier has a myriad of well-established models, each well-known for being extravagant and robust, with collectors keen to invest in the pieces. To make it easy for you, here we have made a selection of the top Cartier models that stand out with their value retention potential.

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Top 5 Cartier investment models:

1. Cartier Tank

The Tank is the most iconic Cartier creation of all time. Released in 1917 by Louis Cartier, the Tank draws its inspiration from the design of the French Tanks used in World War I. The case resembles the top view of the Renault Tanks used on the Western Front.

Cartier Tank Americaine

Fans are particularly drawn to the classic Tank timepieces in steel or gold featuring the signature rectangular case and classic dial design. Cartier offers a vast selection of Tank styles with various complications, straps and metals.

Our Pick:

Tank Louis Cartier, Ref. WGTA0011:

If you want a nice, clean-looking Tank for your everyday wear, the Ref. WGTA0011 is surely a great pick. The watch embodies the signature characteristic of a Tank featuring the no-fuss dial with Roman numeral hour markers and elegantly carved blued steel hands. The 33.7mm watch has an 18ct rose gold case and fits comfortably around the wrist with a classic brown leather strap.

Tank Americaine, Ref. W2609156:

If you prefer larger timepieces, the Cartier Tank Ref. W2609156 in 18ct rose gold definitely belongs in your collection. This 41.5mm watch with a silver flinque dial showcasing Roman numerals & sword-shaped blued steel hands is a must-have timepiece.

Tank Solo 40.85, Ref. W5200026:

An ideal dress watch in rose gold and steel, this Cartier Tank Solo embraces it all. With a modest design and accurate timekeeping, this Cartier Tank Solo 40.85, Ref. W5200026 oozes a vintage flair that’s almost impossible to ignore. Apart from the obvious Tank characteristics, like Roman numerals and blued steel hands, there’s a useful date window on the silver opaline dial at 6 o’clock.

2. Santos de Cartier

Another iconic Cartier creation is the Cartier Santos, representing the brand’s leap into the world of aviation. In 1904, Louis-Francois Cartier created the Santos de Cartier for his dear friend and Brazilian pilot, Alberto Santos-Dumont as he needed a highly accurate wristwatch while flying. This helped him combat the inconvenience of leaving his controls to check the time mid-flight.

Santos De Cartier

The watch is easily distinguishable with its square case, geometric dial; signature exposed bezel screws and curved horns, making it highly collectable among collectors. Ever since its release, Cartier has offered many dynamic iterations, with the large Santos de Cartier version in steel and white dial being the most popular.

Our Pick:

Cartier Santos Dumont, Ref. CRWGSA0053:

The Santos-Dumont needs no introduction, offering elegant and comfortable wear. The Ref. WSSA0032 is one of the most popular Santos-Dumont Cartier creations showcasing a 46.6mm square steel case with a bezel featuring 8 delicate screws. The classic dial has elongated Roman numerals, square register and blue hands and on the right of the dial is a gorgeous crown with blue cabochon.

Cartier Santos Galbee, Ref. W20012C4:

This two-tone Cartier Santos Galbee timepiece flaunts a striking design. It has a 34.8mm steel case, a bezel crafted from 18ct rose gold and a matt silver dial featuring Roman numerals and steel-blued sword-shaped hands. The distinctive design of this timepiece will surely cater to your taste.

Cartier Santos Ronde Louis XL, Ref. WR007001:

Cartier definitely knows how to design a watch and the Ronde Ref. WR007001 is one of its clear examples. Crafted from rose gold, this 42mm watch makes a statement on the wrist. It has two inner round tracks filled with different rounded guilloche patterns. However, the main highlight is the bezel with brilliant round-cut diamonds.

3. Ballon Bleu de Cartier

The Ballon Bleu de Cartier is a beautiful Cartier creation that debuted in 2007. The selling point of this collection is its circular design featuring a circle within a circle in a stainless steel case. Its popularity is not just limited to the collectors but A-listed celebrities who are known to favour the watch’s round sculptural shape.

Ballon Bleu De Cartier

The Ballon Bleu de Cartier is a popular dress watch with a modern design and is loved by men and women alike for its unique shape. It has a stunning blue sapphire cabochon on the crown that particularly stands out to enhance the appeal.

Our Pick:

Ballon Bleu Ref. W6920079:

This is a sportier version of the Ballon Bleu featuring a 44mm stainless steel case. The round case nestles a black dial with Roman numeral hour markers, sword-shaped rhodiumised metal bands and a date window at 9 o’clock. The watch is popular for its masculine elegance.

Ballon Bleu Ref. W69009Z3:

A stunning two-tone Ballon Bleu design crafted from 18ct yellow gold mixed with steel. It has a simple and elegant silver guilloche opaline dial with Roman numerals, blued-steel sword-shaped hands and a calendar aperture at 3 o’clock. This 42.1mm watch sits comfortably on the wrist with a gold and steel bracelet.

Ballon Bleu, Ref. W69012Z4:

This Ballon Bleu is a more recent creation by the brand introduced in 2007 and has already sketched its name as one of the best-selling pieces. The Ref. W69012Z4 embraces the typical Ballon Bleu characteristics like the Roman numerals, elegant sword-shaped hands and the classic guilloche sapphire dial. The watch is fit for both men and women, and one can wear it on all occasions.

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4. Pasha de Cartier

The Pasha de Cartier combines a strong design with a hint of retro elegance. It is bold yet aesthetic and immediately distinguishes itself with a round case, large bevel and unique screw-down crown cover. This collection is a refreshing divergent from Cartier’s usual Roman numeral hour markers and embraces a more modern vibe, adding to its popularity.

Pasha De Cartier

The Sultan of Marrakech called Pasha approached Louis Cartier to create a bespoke timepiece. Soon enough the brand came out with its first water-resistant timepiece, the Pasha de Cartier. Ever since its release, the watch has remained a fan favourite for its elegant design and shall continue to be so in the coming days.

Our Pick:

Pasha de Cartier, Ref. 0560:

A quality Cartier timepiece featuring a beautiful 38mm 18ct yellow gold case and an 18ct yellow gold uni-directional rotatable engraved bezel. The ivory dial has luminous blue hands, and day/date/24-hour/moonphase sub-dials adding to its full glory. From the case to the dial and gold bracelet, this watch is surely a very tasteful pick.

Pasha de Cartier, Ref. W31085M7:

Looking for a timeless look? The Pasha De Cartier Ref. W31085M7 featuring a steel case and a skeleton back will surely allure collectors and buyers alike. The elegant Cartier model features a 42mm steel case, a silver dial with Arabic 12, a date aperture between 4 & 5 o’clock, blue steel hands and 3 sub-dials featuring 60 seconds, 12-hour and 30-minute apertures at 6, 9 & 3 o’clock respectively.

Pasha de Cartier, Ref. 2730:

Embracing a style that will be loved and cherished forever is the Pasha de Cartier Ref. 2730. The luxurious timepiece comes with a 42mm round steel case and shows off a smooth steel bezel with a cabochon spinel crown set with a blue stone adding elegance to the piece. The white dial has Arabic 12/3/6/9 numerals with blue sword-shaped hands and the sapphire crystal makes it suitable for everyday wear.

5.Panthere de Cartier

Reminiscent of wild and elegant figures, the Panthere de Cartier is one of the most sought-after and popular creations by the legendary brand since its introduction in the early 1900s. The collection was launched by Cartier in 1983 and soon became a best-seller in women’s watches. The watches embody a sleek design with clean lines and shapes.

Panthere De Cartier

The square shape of the Panthere de Cartier has an asymmetrical design, making it easily recognisable. Cartier offers a range of variations and materials within this collection to cater to different tastes and preferences. For example, the watches are available in gold, steel and two-tone combinations, with some adorned with diamonds for luxurious appeal.

Our Pick:

Panthere de Cartier, Ref. WGPN0040:

This beautiful timepiece has one of the most distinctive Panthere de Cartier designs, representing timeless beauty. The watch has a 23mm 18ct rose gold case and a silver dial with Roman numerals and blued steel hands. The sleek 18ct rose gold bracelet gives the watch a compact outlook, making it a popular choice among women seeking a sophisticated timepiece.

Panthere de Cartier, Ref. WJPN0048:

The watch embodies the classic and sophisticated design of the Panthere collection with its square case, 18ct yellow gold construction and diamond accents. It has a 22mm 18ct yellow gold case set with brilliant-cut diamonds, a silver dial featuring Roman numerals and blued steel hands and a yellow gold bracelet that ensures a secure fit on the wrist. The diamonds elevate the aesthetic appeal of the timepiece, making it a desirable choice for collectors.

Panthere de Cartier, Ref. WJPN0035:

It’s not hard to fall in love with this particular reference, presenting an elegant and refined aesthetic like no other. The key attraction of this piece is the dial with graduated shades of brown and plum forming a diagonal in the centre. The watch has a small 22mm rose gold case and a bezel set with 37 brilliant-cut diamonds. The Maison’s understated luxury and signature aesthetic is well highlighted in this timepiece.

Do Vintage Cartier watches hold value?

Yes! In fact, vintage Cartier watches have a strong reputation for holding value in the secondary watch market. And, surprisingly, most of the vintage Cartier models that appreciate over time are for women. The vintage Cartier creations are mostly made of high-quality materials like gold and are instantly recognisable, making them highly popular among collectors.

However, certain factors that influence the value you get when you sell your vintage Cartier. They are:

  • Condition
  • Age
  • Rarity
  • Historical significance
  • Market Desirability

If you’re planning to invest in a vintage Cartier, it is best to seek professional opinions. 

3 most popular vintage Cartier timepieces you can consider for investment:

  • Cartier Tank Americaine, Ref. 2489
  • Cartier Pasha ‘C’, Ref. 2324
  • Cartier Tank Lady Mini, Ref. 828001


While we’ve discussed the monetary value of Cartier watches, there's another value that is worth more than anything – the watch’s value to you. A watch should never be seen as only an investment, but something that demonstrates your style while you wear it every day.

No matter which Cartier you pick from the above-curated list for investment, rest assured that it will remain a treasured investment for many years to come. From the timeless Tank to the modern Pasha and Panthere timepieces, the pieces are wearable masterpieces that will also fetch a lump sum value when you sell your Cartier watch.

Here at The Luxury Hut, we pride ourselves on our varied selection of men's and women's pre-owned Cartier watches available at great prices. Visit Our Shop to check out the full collection!

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