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November 29th, 2020

How to Verify the Authenticity of Bulgari Jewellery?

Bulgari Jewellery

Bulgari is a globally recognised and famous jewellery brand that captivated jewellery lovers with magnificent creations. Highly inspired by ancient Roman architecture, the brand is more beloved and treasured for its unique collections like Serpenti and B.Zero1.

However, the brand’s high popularity and acclamation have paved the way for counterfeit Bulgari jewellery pieces. So today we have come up with a guide on how to spot real Bulgari jewellery, thereby verifying its authenticity and preventing you from getting duped by counterfeiters.

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Spot Real Bulgari Jewellery – Know the Hallmarks

Bulgari designs its exclusive jewellery pieces offering many hallmarks that can help you in differentiating between fake and genuine ones. The best way to authenticate your branded jewellery and be in complete peace of mind is by taking it to luxury jewellery experts.

However, these tips can also help you to verify the authenticity of your Bulgari jewellery easily.


Every genuine jewellery piece from this brand will have engravings of Bulgari hallmark, name of the brand, the text “MADE IN ITALY” and the metal type.

Keep in mind that the brand uses the Latin alphabet when carving its hallmark.

  • Thus, the authentic hallmark is written as “BVLGARI” – the alphabet “V” replaces the “U”.
  • And counterfeiters often overlook the spelling.

However, authentic Bulgari rings have the stamp of its respective size engraved on the inside of the band.

On the contrary, fake pieces may have no numbers at all or a random number imprinted.

Furthermore, you will find real Bulgari jewellery boxes to feature the brand’s name stamped in gold.

  • The brand’s name is imprinted on the lid in the outer jewellery boxes.
  • On the other hand, the inner boxes come with stamping on both the top and inside the box.

Another fact to remember is that each engraving on genuine Bulgari pieces will be evenly spaced, clean and legible.


This renowned luxury jewellery brand uses only precious metals, including platinum, 18ct gold and silver for making their iconic jewellery items.

However, the brand is also known for its empathy for gemstones.

  • Thus, Bulgari uses high-quality diamonds, emeralds, rubies, turquoise and many other colourful gems to adorn its jewellery.
  • Abraded or cloudy gemstones would be significant red signals that the jewellery is a fake one.

Counterfeiters always use cheap materials to create imitation jewellery. So they will be lighter in weight in comparison to their authentic counterparts.


A fake Bulgari jewellery piece is likely to feature unfinished, uneven edges. A genuine B.Zero1 ring will expand and compress if you press it. But while fake ones are typically made of a solid piece of metal with carved grooves, you cannot compress or expand it.

Similarly, Bulgari designs Serpenti bracelets and rings using individual links that appear like scales. However, it makes the jewellery piece flexible and convenient to wear. But a fake Serpenti bracelet or ring is likely to be made with a solid metal piece.

Where to sell Bulgari jewellery?

If you are looking to sell Bulgari jewellery for the best price, get in touch with trusted luxury jewellery buyers at The Luxury Hut. We buy only genuine and authenticated Bulgari jewellery items.

Fill our online form and get a free valuation shortly. Or call on 0207 242 9160 to book an appointment at our office in Hatton Garden, London and sell your Bulgari jewellery in-person.

However, whether it is a Bulgari Sepenti bracelet or a B.Zero1 ring, you can rest assured that you will obtain the best possible price for it.

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