August 24th, 2018

How to Verify the Authenticity of a Rolex watch?

rolex authentication tips

Rolex is a universally recognised brand committed to producing watches that represent the ultimate luxury, excellence and elegance. The leading Swiss manufacturer is known to make more than 2,000 watches each day. However, there is also a market that produces counterfeit Rolex watches varying dramatically in quality.

In short-term financial emergencies, you may decide to sell your Rolex watch to raise some fast cash right away. Whether it was gifted or bought from the second hand market, you may find it challenging to establish the authenticity of your Rolex watch before selling it in London or anywhere in the UK.

The counterfeit Rolex watches may be becoming increasingly advanced in recent years. However, some key things can help you to spot a fake Rolex or authenticate watches of Rolex. Take a look!

Serial Numbers

Rolex engraves the serial number of its watches deeply into its metal. This number is situated behind where the band joins the watch’s body on the 6 o’clock side. On the contrary, a fake Rolex timepiece usually has the serial number carved with acid.

A genuine Rolex watch will have its model number on the 12-hour side. However, counterfeiters do not often bother to change these numbers. Instead, they print the same digits on every replica. You can just remove the band of your watch by using a small paper clip or pushpin to see the model number.

However, the brand is reportedly known to have refined its methodology in this respect. They muddled the serial numbers in the new Rolex productions. And, only a professional Rolex dealer can help you to date them & verify the authenticity of the Rolex serial number.

Quality and weight

Rolex produces watches of utmost quality and accuracy. Interestingly, counterfeit watch makers have become increasingly proficient at designing high-quality fake timepieces.

  • A genuine Rolex comes with precise engraving, solid bracelet links and will also feel heavy.
  • The coronet marking at the 6 o’clock position is visible only by using a magnifying glass.
  • On the contrary, in counterfeits, you can see it clearly with the naked eye.

Moreover, a genuine Rolex timepiece will weigh heavier than its counterfeits because Rolex makes its watches with real metal and crystal. Your Rolex watch should feel substantial on your wrist and hand.

The watch case also plays an essential role in determining whether your Rolex is fake or real. The case back of your asset must be plain with no logo or engravings. Moreover, new Rolexes come with a hologram on their case, making it feasible to help in Rolex authentication.


Many Rolex watches feature a small window that shows the date and a small magnification lens or ‘Cyclops. The lens makes it effortless to read the date. However, it is a convex lens that the watchmaker sets right over the date aperture on the dial. Thus, you will feel a bump running your finger over it.

If the Cyclops over the date dial does not magnify the date, your Rolex is probably fake. An authentic Rolex magnification lens amplifies the date up to 2.5x, taking up virtually the entire date window.

The Tick

Another significant sign that can help you in Rolex authentication is the “Tick” sound. As with any Rolex, the second hand in your watch will move so smoothly that it will not make any ‘ticking’ noise.

Generally, the second hand motion in many watches may be jerky because they have quartz movements, not automatic. Thus, when the seconds hand shifts precipitously, it produces the ‘tick, tick’ sound.

  • Reversely, Rolex movements are mechanical and self-winding.
  • A Rolex movement is broken down into eight micro ticks per second, making it look like a ceaseless motion.
  • If you hear a slow ‘tick’ sound coming from your timepiece or see that the second hand jerking with every tick, your watch is possibly not genuine.

However, every Rolex model features a particular style of hands. Like for example, the Yacht-Master comes with a thicker minute hand. On the contrary, the hands of Rolex Daytona stretch a little bit longer, extending to the hash marks.

Today’s counterfeiters may be proficient enough to replicate the advanced movements of luxury watches like Rolex. However, they often use whatever components are available for saving money and hope that buyers may overlook such detail.

If you are a little bit conscious, keeping in mind the above-mentioned essential tricks and tips, you can easily spot a fake Rolex.

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Choose a professional Buyer to verify your Rolex’s Authenticity

You can spot some fake Rolexes easily by comparing them with another same watch. However, others may require trained eyes for checking their authenticity. Thus, it may be a good idea to take your luxury timepiece to potential Rolex watch buyers for Rolex authentication.

A professional watch dealer will verify your watch’s authenticity and also carry out an accurate valuation. And ultimately, they can provide you with the most competitive price in the market if your Rolex is genuine.

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