April 3rd, 2023

Engagement Ring Buying Guide

engagement ring buying guide

Not so long ago, choosing an engagement ring was an easy affair where you just had to consider 2 things: emerald or princess cut & yellow or white gold? But time has changed and so has the number of options.

Shopping for an engagement ring is a life-changing experience and you certainly do not wish to get it wrong. Although you’re full of excitement, it’s perfectly normal to have a cloud of questions. That’s where The Luxury Hut comes in. Our guide will unfold all those unasked questions you may have when selecting ‘the ring’ for your partner.

We’ve done the research, spoken to the already-been-there individuals and curated the ultimate engagement ring guide for you. Without further ado, let’s get to the point.

Follow these 6 steps for buying the perfect engagement ring

1. Set A Budget

Although there is no definite rule about how much you should spend on an engagement ring, deciding on a budget you are comfortable with beforehand is essential. If you know your limits or have an idea of how much would you like to spend on the ring, it will aid you to trim down your options and enable you to choose a beautiful engagement ring that you can afford.

Indeed, engagement rings bear a symbolic value and last a lifetime. But, each couple is different. While some people spend more than three months’ salary on a diamond ring, others may spend less. What is more significant is that you consider a budget that you can put aside. After all, the diamond and the ring style you choose should not bankrupt you!

2. Choose An Engagement Ring Setting

The style of an engagement ring’s setting is as important as the diamond that will be placed on it. It will not only have the most significant impact on its overall look but also will reflect your partner’s personality and style. With lots of different ring setting styles to choose from, it can be difficult to ascertain what style is the best for your beloved.

Think about the accessories and the kinds of clothing she gravitates towards to get some idea of what type of ring she would prefer – modern, classic, glamorous, or a combination of those! Moreover, the ring style should also suit her finger’s shape.


  • Allows significant light to pass through a diamond, thereby increasing the fire and brilliance of the gemstone
  • Uplifts the diamond, making it more noticeable and prominent
  • Complements nearly all diamond cuts and shapes
  • Provides a timeless and classic look
  • Easy to maintain and clean.


  • Increases the overall brilliance because of the surrounding diamonds
  • Boost the appearance of the centre small-sized diamond
  • Holds and protects the centre diamond securely
  • Complements many diamond shapes, especially round, pear or emerald-cut
  • Can be crafted with a halo of coloured gemstones or metal.


  • Exhibits like a large diamond but in reality, smaller gemstones make up the surface area as well as the size
  • Presents a unique appearance with lots of texture and dimension
  • Can be designed to create a distinct shape
  • More affordable option than a large centre diamond
  • Usually complements small fingers or hands.

Three Stone

  • Enables to set more than one large diamond
  • Exhibits the most brilliance and sparkle
  • Boosts the appearance of the centre diamond when paired with side stones perfectly
  • Can achieve a greater surface area of gemstone in comparison to a solitaire setting
  • Can be personalised and contrasted with coloured metal.

3. Select a Diamond Shape

Diamonds are the centre stone of all engagement rings. When it comes to choosing a diamond, your priority should be selecting the right shape. A diamond’s shape has a significant impact on the appearance as well as the price of the gemstone.
While each diamond shape comes with a different level of brilliance, choosing the right shape of the diamond for her engagement ring will provide a unique character.

  • Round Brilliant

By far, the round brilliant is the most popular shape on the market today, representing nearly 75% of all diamonds sold. The circular shape helps in the proper reflection of light, thereby making it more alluring visually. A round diamond sparkles more than any other shape.

  • Princess

Invented in 1980, the princess cut is the second most popular diamond shape. Princess cut diamonds are very versatile, exceptionally brilliant and come in perfect square shapes. A princess-cut diamond looks dazzling in many ring styles.

  • Cushion

Known as pillow-cut, cushion-cut diamonds have large facets that increase their brilliance. This diamond cut is available in square and rectangular shapes with rounded corners and impeccable clarity. A cushion-cut diamond may be a good choice for a vintage-inspired engagement ring.

  • Oval

With a modern twist on the classic appearance, an oval shape diamond evicts almost the same radiance as a brilliant cut. But the added advantage is that its elongated shape creates an illusion of greater size, making a finger look thinner and longer.

  • Marquise

It is a perfect shape to increase carat weight by emphasising the diamond’s size. The long and narrow shape with pointed ends also creates an elongating effect, making a hand or finger appear more slender and extended.

  • Pear

Also known as teardrop, a pear-shaped diamond typically should have a ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ symmetry. With smooth curves and tapered points, pear-shaped diamonds illustrate a unique style.

  • Emerald

Distinguished by its large rectangular table and step-cut facets, the emerald shape is more transparent than other diamond shapes. The rectangular facets of an emerald-cut diamond showcase the diamond’s original clarity. It is also a perfect shape to consider for vintage-inspired engagement rings.

  • Asscher

An elegant, Art-deco-inspired shape, Asscher is distinguishable by its large square table and step-cut facets. Although similar to the emerald cut shape, the Asscher is more square-shaped rather than rectangular.

  • Heart

Heart-shaped diamonds have come synonymous with affection and love, making them a popular choice for engagement rings. It is one of the most popular diamond cuts that require great ability and skill to create.

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3. Choose the Right Metal

When picking out an engagement ring for your bride-to-be, one of the most significant factors to decide is the ring’s metal. The precious metal you choose may influence both the appearance and price of her engagement ring.

While white gold and platinum can offer a contemporary look, yellow gold may be more traditional. However, rose gold is also becoming a coveted metal, especially for vintage-inspired ring styles.

  • Platinum

The rarest and purest of all metals, platinum has a natural white sheen and is a hypoallergenic metal. It's stunning beauty and high durability make it the most luxurious choice of metal for engagement rings. Platinum needs little maintenance because it is resistant to corrosion and does not fade. The metal will look beautiful in vintage as well as modern engagement ring styles.

  • Yellow Gold

One of the most traditional and precious engagement ring metals around is yellow gold. For years, gold has been a perfect symbol of love and luxury. The rich golden hue does not tarnish, or rust and its beautiful lustre makes it a more affordable option than platinum for diamond engagement rings. Yellow gold is perfect for brides who like the classic jewellery look.

  • White Gold

White gold is one of the most popular contemporary choices of metal that show off a diamond brilliantly in engagement rings. Although it is more affordable than platinum, white gold needs more maintenance. The metal undoubtedly looks very classy, but it needs re-plating periodically for retaining its white lustre.

  • Rose Gold

Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper that has a bright blush-pink tone. While a higher percentage of copper is added to create the metal, rose gold is a durable choice that does not need added maintenance. If your beloved loves anything with a feminine touch, a trendy rose gold engagement ring may be an ideal choice.

4. Choose a Diamond

If you are set on a diamond engagement ring, it is a prime-requisite for you to know what attributes to look out for when choosing a good-quality diamond. Diamonds are universally classified according to the 4Cs – Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat.

If you can strike a balance between these features, it will ensure that you are getting the best quality diamond for her engagement ring.

  • Cut

A diamond’s cut directly influences the overall beauty of the gemstone. Although it is often confused with the shape, cut refers to a diamond’s ability to refract and reflect light. A well-cut diamond sparkles with light, offering excellent brilliance.

  • Clarity

The clarity refers to the presence (or absence) of natural inclusions or blemishes within a diamond. Each diamond may possess some level of imperfection. But, the key is to try finding out the one with fewer flaws as much as possible – this will eventually affect the appearance and value of the diamond.

  • Colour

The colour of a diamond is caused by the natural trace of nitrogenous elements that were present when the gemstone formed under the Earth’s crust. A colourless diamond enables more light to pass through it, thereby exhibiting more fire and brilliance.

  • Carat

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. It is visually the most apparent aspect when comparing diamonds.

5. Find the Right Ring size

Determining the size of your partner’s engagement ring is indeed pretty hard, especially if you are planning for a surprise proposal. But it is not impossible.

If you do not know her ring size, sneak a ring from her jewellery box and trace it on paper or take it straight to your local diamond consultant in Hatton Garden to have it sized.

Alternatively, you can try asking her best friend, sister or mother if they know her ring size. For more strategies, read now what to do if you do not know her ring size.


With so many factors to look into while selecting an engagement ring, it can indeed be hard to know which one to choose. At The Luxury Hut, we’d be happy to assist you on your journey. Whether you’re looking for something glamorous, timeless or exciting, our jewellery specialists can help you pick the ideal ring type.

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