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April 11th, 2024

Discontinued Rolex Models At Watches & Wonders 2024

It finally happened! The doors have opened to the 2024 Watches & Wonders, with brands revealing their watch releases. Amidst all the newness, Rolex quietly swept its top models off the shelf, including the ‘Le Mans’ Daytona. This is BIG! 

Rolex discontinuing watches every year has become a tradition that collectors and buyers eagerly await to witness. Here’s a quick look at the Rolex watches that will no longer be produced, as updated on 9th April 2024.

Discontinued Rolex Models 2024

1. Rolex Daytona ‘Le Mans’ Ref. 126529LN

Rolex rarely makes a special edition watch, so when it launched the Daytona ‘Le Mans’ in June 2023, it surprised almost everyone. The watch highlighted the 100th year of the 24 Hours of Le Mans (the famed enduring automotive race), and as destined, it became one of the most collectable and rare Rolex watches. After less than a year, Rolex dropped the stunning white gold Daytona ‘Le Mans’ Ref. 126529LN from its collection, making it the shortest production run of any Rolex..ever!

Discontinued Rolex Daytona

This Daytona in 18ct white gold commemorated the association with a black Cerachrom ceramic bezel featuring a special ‘100’ indication in red and a movement finely tuned for the race’s full-day duration. The reverse panda dial reflected the watch’s connection to the exotic dials of the '60s. In other words, the Daytona Ref. 126529LN was produced to celebrate this legendary race, but now, as we see, it has been discontinued.

It’s just a matter of time till the prices for this special Daytona in white gold will skyrocket on the grey market.

2. Rolex Datejust 36 With A Palm Dial & Fluted Dial, Ref. 126200 & Ref. 126233

Funky and eccentric dials make frequent appearances within the Rolex collection. When you think of a little unusual Rolex dial, you think of Emoji dials, Celebration Bubbles, Palms, and so on. Sadly, the next Rolex models that got axed out in 2024 are the ones with Palm motif dials and Fluted motif dials. These two beautiful laser-etched dial types were introduced to the Datejust 36 catalogue in 2021 and loyal fans have wanted them for quite some time.

Discontinued Rolex Datejust 36

Both Ref. 126200, with a palm dial, and Ref. 126233, with a fluted dial, showcased the brand’s premium skill in crafting unconventional designs and were discontinued only after three years of production. If you have your mind set on one of these, you better snap it up before it disappears.  

3. Entire Rolex Yacht-Master II Collection leaves the Catalogue

Launched in 2007, Rolex has neglected the Yacht-Master II lineup for a few years now, shifting its focus to the Yacht-Master I collection instead. A few years back, the Yacht-Master II received an upgrade, replacing the straight hands that came with the 2007 piece with the Rolex ‘Professional’ style handset.

Discontinued Rolex Yacht-Master II

As a matter of fact, most of us saw this coming. Even though it is extremely rare —the entire Yacht-Master II line has been dropped.

The watches came in a very large 44mm case with a functional dial layout. This nautical chronograph was developed specifically for yacht regattas and was the only chronograph with a mechanical memory. It featured a 1-10 minute countdown function that can synchronise on the fly. While the Rolex Yacht-Master II watch never became a smash hit like the other Rolex tool watches, it definitely etched its mark.

The models are available in various metals, including stainless steel, rose gold, and yellow gold. All are fitted with a stunning blue Cerachrom bezel, and a white gold model with a platinum bezel is also available. Will Rolex return with the Yacht-Master in the near future, or is the fun over?

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Rolex continues to stir excitement in the horological world with its unprecedented moves. As of now, the brand has discontinued the Le Mans Daytona, the motif Datejust dials and the entire Yacht-Master II collection. However, that doesn’t guarantee that the Swiss watchmaking giant will not remove more from its catalogue.

The world of luxury watches is buzzing with speculation and anticipation about what’s in store in 2024. If Rolex discontinues any other model in 2024, we’ll keep you posted!

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