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November 30th, 2023

Christmas Gifting 2023: Huge Discounts on Luxury Watches & Fine Jewellery

As the festive bells ring and the season of giving love and, of course, ‘gifts’ approaches, it's time you opt for the extraordinary over the ordinary. When pondering what to gift your loved one, remember that a special person deserves a special gift and nothing less.

Picture this: a beautifully wrapped red box under the Christmas tree containing a piece of timeless wristpiece or fine jewellery. Witness the radiant smile on your loved one's face as they unwrap it. We believe nothing is quite as precious and priceless as that sheer joy.

Elevate your gift-giving experience this Christmas with The Luxury Hut. Whether you’re fulfilling your own wish list or busy shopping for your loved one, we have the most premium gift selection marked with the best discounts. Our curated selection features stunning diamond jewellery from major brands like Tiffany& Co, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and more.

You can also buy watches from some of the world’s most sought-after brands like Rolex, Omega, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Chopard and others. With discounts of up to 60%, you can give them their dream watch for less. Let us know if there’s any other watch you’d like to include in your Christmas shopping. With our watch-sourcing service, you can source any luxury watch hassle-free.

Wondering where to start? We’ve compiled the list for you. 

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A great watch doesn’t just display the time. Check for the latest trends in watches for a spectacular pick.

1. Rolex Submariner ‘Hulk’

The Rolex Submariner Hulk, with the reference nu7:24 PM 11/29/20237:24 PM 11/29/2023mber 116610LV, is a distinctive and iconic timepiece in the Rolex lineup. The "Hulk" nickname is derived from its vibrant green dial and matching green ceramic bezel insert.

Featuring a versatile size, the watch has become a sought-after collector's item due to its distinctive colour scheme and Rolex's reputation for producing robust and reliable timepieces. Whether worn as a tool watch for diving or as a statement piece for everyday wear, the Submariner Hulk is one of the most ‘in-trend’ Rolex pieces to gift this Christmas. 

2. ‘Rare’ Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Spoil them with a gift that is as rare as your love for them. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 18ct Rose Gold 36mm with the Ref: 14790OR best suits the occasion. Made from 18ct rose gold, this 36mm timepiece strikes a fantastic balance between a classic size and the modern trend for slightly larger watches, making it suitable for all wrists.

It is instantly recognisable for its octagonal bezel, integrated bracelet, and distinctive "Grande Tapisserie" dial pattern. The rose gold applied hour markers, and hands provide a luxurious contrast. To date, less than five of these watches have appeared on the open market, making them an incredibly coveted pick among watch collectors and fanatics.

3. Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Moonphase 

Next on the list is a highly prestigious and intricately crafted Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Moonphase timepiece with Ref. 5039J-014, coming from the brand’s Grand Complications collection. The watch case is made from 18ct yellow gold, giving it a rich and timeless aesthetic. With a diameter of 35mm, it maintains a classic and elegant size, suitable for those who appreciate traditional proportions.

The silver dial of the Patek Philippe 5039J-014 features a perpetual calendar, showcasing the day, date, month, and moon phase. The moon phase display adds a poetic touch to the dial, tracking the lunar cycle with exquisite precision. This luxurious yellow-gold construction is a highly coveted collector’s item.

christmas sale on watches

4. Panerai Luminor Submersible 2500 ‘Ghost’ Limited Edition

Released as a limited edition of only 250 pieces, the Panerai Luminor Submersible 2500 'Ghost' Limited Edition Ref. PAM00285 is a distinctive and robust diving watch often referred to as the 'Ghost' due to its striking black colour scheme. With a large 47 mm steel case, the watch has a bold and masculine presence on the wrist.

The case is equipped with the iconic crown protection device, a hallmark of the Luminor collection, ensuring water resistance and adding a rugged aesthetic. The ‘Ghost’ holds appeal for collectors seeking a unique and exclusive timepiece within the Panerai lineup.

5. Cartier Santos De Cartier Steel & ADLC

The Santos de Cartier is a classic in the world of luxury watches, and the Cartier Santos de Cartier Steel & ADLC Ref. WSSA0039 is a modern iteration of the iconic collection. This particular model features a 39.8mm stainless steel case, offering a contemporary and versatile size suitable for a variety of wrists. The ADLC coating to the steel enhances the watch's durability and provides a sleek, black appearance, giving it a sporty and modern aesthetic.

The black dial of the WSSA0039 is adorned with bold Roman numerals, blued steel hands, and a date window at the 6 o'clock position. This distinctive look appeals to individuals who appreciate a blend of classic aesthetics and contemporary features in a luxury timepiece.

6. Rolex Lady Datejust

The Rolex Lady Datejust Ref. 279171 is a stunning bi-metal model with 28mm steel and rose gold case and a chocolate dial explicitly designed for women. The Chocolate Dial serves as a rich and distinctive backdrop to the gold-toned Roman numerals and hands, providing a sophisticated and legible display.

The versatile 28mm size and the warm allure of the chocolate dial make this Rolex Lady Datejust a versatile and elegant accessory suitable for various occasions.

7. Breguet Reine De Naples

The Breguet Reine de Naples Ref. 8918BA in 18ct Yellow Gold is a captivating and luxurious timepiece from Breguet's esteemed Reine de Naples collection. This collection is a tribute to the world’s first wristwatch crafted by Abraham-Louis Breguet for the Queen of Naples, Caroline Murat. The watch features an elegant 18ct yellow gold case, measuring 36.5mm x 28.45mm, with a distinctive oval shape characterising the Reine de Naples line.

One of the standout features of this particular model is the Mother of Pearl (MOP) dial, which adds a touch of femininity and elegance. The dial is adorned with the signature Breguet numerals and blued steel hands, enhancing readability and maintaining a classic aesthetic.


Luxurious and practical - Shop quality timepieces at a more affordable price.

1. Rolex Lady Datejust Ref. 279383RBR

rolex lady datejust

The Rolex Lady Datejust Ref. 279383RBR is an elegant and refined timepiece known for its timeless design and versatile appeal. The 28mm case is crafted of steel and rose gold, and the white dial features classic Roman numerals with a date display at 3 o’clock. This sophisticated timepiece is a suitable accessory for various occasions.

Original Price: £10,500 | SALE Price: £9000

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2. Cartier Ballon Bleu Ref. 3284

Cartier Ballon Bleu

The Cartier Ballon Bleu Ref. 3284, featuring a 36mm steel case and an afterset diamond dial, is a luxurious and visually striking timepiece, embodying a blend of elegance and contemporary design. The dial features Cartier's iconic sword-shaped blue hands and Roman numeral hour markers, maintaining a classic and timeless look.

Original Price: £12,000 | SALE Price: £7000

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3. Rolex Submariner Date Ref. 116610LN

Rolex Submariner Date

The Submariner Date Ref. 116610LN is an iconic Rolex model and a quintessential diver's watch featuring a 40mm stainless steel case, a unidirectional rotatable black ceramic bezel and a black dial with luminescent hour markers and Mercedes hands. Its versatile design allows it to transition seamlessly from underwater exploration to formal occasions.

Original Price: £12,000 | SALE Price: £9650

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4. Chopard Ladies Ref. 137184

Chopard Ladies watch

The Chopard Ladies 18ct white gold Ref. 137184 is an exquisite and luxurious timepiece for women. 282 diamonds are dazzling on the bezel, and the white textured dial flaunts 3/6/9/12 Arabic numerals and black hands. The combination of premium material and meticulous design make this Chopard timepiece a statement piece of jewellery.

Original Price: £15,000 | SALE Price: £5500

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5. Arnold & Son HMS Lady Limited Edition 033/100 Ref. 1PMMP.W01A 

Arnold & Son watch

The Arnold & Son HMS Lady 34mm Rose Gold Diamond Bezel Limited Edition 033/100 Ref: 1PMMP.W01A is a graceful expression of elegance and sophistication, representing modern watchmaking in a traditional exterior. Rose gold adds warmth, while the diamond bezel enhances the watch’s overall luxurious appeal.

Original Price: £13,600 | SALE Price: £5000

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6. Vintage Rolex Submariner Ref. 5513

Vintage Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner Ref: 5513 is a classic vintage model with a gilt stardust dial. The gilt dial is easily noticed by the golden print of the letters. The Stardust effect resembles a starry night and is quite intriguing. This vintage version of the no-date Submariner is highly sought-after by collectors.

Original Price: £17,000 | SALE Price: 14,000

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7. Chopard Happy Sport Ref. 8937

Chopard Happy Sport

The Chopard Happy Sport collection is known for its distinctive design, blending sporty elegance and luxury. The inclusion of 7 floating diamonds is a signature element, creating a dynamic and playful effect. It has a 30mm steel oval case with an afterset diamond dial featuring Roman numerals, a date display at 6 o’clock and blue sword-shaped hands.

Original Price: £7000 | SALE Price: £5000

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christmas sale on jewellery

The best Christmas present is often something that is rooted in emotion. Whether you’re purchasing a gift for your loved one, a cherished friend or any family member, a piece of exquisite jewellery can create memories that last a lifetime and beyond. A carefully selected piece of diamond pendant or a pair of dazzling earrings is not just a present but a symbol of your love and thoughtfulness. 

Spread joy this Christmas by gifting fine jewellery that elevates the holiday glamour. 

Popular Jewellery Gifting Ideas for Christmas

1. Cartier White Gold ‘Love’ Bangle

Cartier Bangle

The Cartier 18ct White Gold Love Bangle epitomises elegance and sophistication. Crafted from exquisite 18ct white gold, this iconic piece of jewellery seamlessly combines luxury and timeless design. The bangle features the distinctive screw motifs associated with the Love collection, symbolising enduring commitment and unity. Its sleek and minimalist aesthetic effortlessly complements any ensemble, adding a touch of refinement to casual and formal looks.

Original Price: £4200 | SALE Price: £4000

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2. Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Heart Ring 

Van Cleef & Arpels Ring

Crafted from precious 18ct yellow gold, this Van Clef & Arpels ring features a delicate heart-shaped design, symbolising love and affection. The subtle yet brilliant sparkle is brought to life by 0.20 carats of diamonds set into the heart motif, adding a touch of glamour to its timeless charm. This piece not only captures the eye with its beauty but also carries a sentimental value, making it a perfect symbol of love and devotion.

Original Price: £2000 | SALE Price: £1500

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3. Emerald & Diamond Necklace

Diamond Necklace

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the necklace features vibrant 68ct emeralds, radiating rich green hues that symbolise renewal and prosperity. The emeralds are artfully complemented by the dazzling brilliance of 12.20ct of diamonds, set in a sophisticated arrangement to enhance the overall allure. This 14ct gold necklace is a statement of refined taste and sophistication, making it an exceptional accessory for special occasions where its beauty can truly shine.

Original Price: £ 15,000 | SALE Price: £10,000

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4. Cultured Pearl Diamond & Sapphire Necklace

Pearl Diamond Necklace

The Stunning Cultured Pearl Diamond and Sapphire Necklace is a masterpiece of grace and sophistication. Adorned with three uniform rows of cultured Akoya pearls knotted to a white clasp, this lustrous necklace has a captivating rectangular cushion-cut sapphire at the centre flanked by 2 pear-shaped diamonds on either side. The arrangement of these precious gemstones showcases meticulous craftsmanship, creating a harmonious and versatile composition.

Original Price: £10,000 | SALE Price: £7000

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5. Clash De Cartier Flexible Bracelet 

Cartier Flexible Bracelet

The beauty of the Clash de Cartier 18ct Rose Gold Flexible Medium Bracelet lies in its bold yet refined design. This 18ct rose gold bracelet, characterised by pyramid studs, adds a touch of edginess to its overall sophistication. The warm tones of rose gold enhance the bracelet's versatility, making it a statement piece suitable for various occasions.

Original Price: £7200 | SALE Price: £6750

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6. Tiffany & Co Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring

Tiffany Ring

The beauty of a simple yet elegant diamond solitaire ring is truly breathtaking. Crafted from the finest platinum, this ring exudes a sense of enduring elegance and embraces a classic and sophisticated design that allows the diamond to take centre stage. This Tiffany & Co statement solitaire engagement ring is perfect for those wanting to propose love to the special lady in their life. It is not just a ring but a timeless declaration of love.

Original Price: £12,000 | SALE Price: £10,500

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The best gifts are the ones that make your loved ones beam with joy. Whether it is a statement timepiece or a beautiful piece of jewellery, you must explore, discover, and gift pieces that go beyond the material and become symbols of love and appreciation.  

At The Luxury Hut, enjoy up to 60% Christmas discounts on all luxury watches and avail of special offers on fine jewellery. All items come with a 12-month guarantee and free shipping!

Finding the perfect present is a breeze with us. Browse online or schedule a store visit to purchase delightful Christmas gifts based on your preferences. Happy Shopping!

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