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June 28th, 2019

A Comprehensive Guide to Rolex Serial Numbers

rolex serial number checking

Rolex is indeed one of the most popular and esteemed Swiss luxury wristwatch manufacturers in the world. A Rolex watch is a symbol of prestige, class, wealth and, of course, flawless style. However, the brand’s immense popularity and success also paved the way for counterfeit dealers who began appearing in the market from the 1960s. Today, fake Rolex watches are becoming increasingly advanced, and they are in high demand.

There are indeed many ways or tricks to distinguish between a real and fake Rolex watch. However, Rolex serial number is always a significant way to authenticate your luxury timepiece. Now, you may wonder, ‘Do all Rolex watches have a serial number?’ The answer is:

Every Rolex watch comes with a unique serial number that depicts what year the timepiece was made. Moreover, the serial numbers are also a great way to ascertain the actual value of your Rolex watch. And, eventually, it will enable you to sell your Rolex with confidence and no hassle.

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Thus, let’s today find out what these serial numbers indicate and check a Rolex serial number. And also, know how the Rolex serial number check can help to verify your Rolex’s authenticity.

How to find a Rolex serial number?

All Rolex watches are engraved with a serial number that serves as a personal identification number. The serial number can help you to find out the approximate age of a Rolex watch. However, for those who are wondering ‘how do I check a Rolex serial number?’ it is important to note:

You can find the serial number in different places, depending on the year or age of the Rolex watch. The brand engraved the serial number between the lugs at the 6 o’clock side behind the bracelet on older Rolexes. Thus, you would require removing your bracelet from the watch case for finding out the serial number. However, it is typically a 4-8 digit number.

Well, Rolex began engraving the serial numbers on the inner bezel (called rehaut). It is present under the crystal at the 6 o’clock position from 2005 onwards. Thus, you do not have to remove the bracelet to identify the serial numbers in modern Rolex references.

While Rolex started to engrave the number only on the rehaut in 2008, all Rolex models featured their serial numbers in the same place from 2010. This means modern Rolexes do not have the serial numbers etched between the lugs at 6 o’clock. The number is on the inner rehaut.

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However, a more straightforward way to check the Rolex serial number is to look at the Rolex authentication certificate. Or, if you retain the original paperwork, you will find the serial number there.

The New Serial Number System Introduced in 2010

In 2010, Rolex stopped following any consecutive numbering order, introducing a new number system for its precious watches. Today, the brand provides its timepieces with a unique and random identifying number and letter. Earlier, it was pretty easy to determine a watch’s age or production year using Rolex serial numbers databases. However, it is no longer possible as the serial numbers are mixed and random.

The most significant reason for introducing the new number system is making it more difficult for counterfeit watchmakers. It is indeed hard to laser carve the numbers with similar perfection as the way Rolex does.

Why does Rolex use Serial Numbers?

Rolex provides its watches with a unique serial number to make it easier to spot fake Rolex watches. The serial number is indeed a significant way to determine if a Rolex is real or fake, thereby helping to authenticate a Rolex watch. Rolex started achieving massive success and popularity over the years. And this paved the way for counterfeit Rolexes in the watch industry, especially in the 1960s.

However, the brand’s first step for battling this problem was offering a unique set of serial numbers to every watch. Interestingly, the serial numbers make it difficult for fake dealers to pull their forgeries off as the real deal. Moreover, the numbers are also known to bear detailed information about each watch.

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The serial number typically delineates the watch’s year of production, where it was created and also, the craftsperson making it. Moreover, the numbers are unique to every Rolex timepiece. This means two Rolex watches will not ever possess the same serial numbers.

The new unique randomised serial number system, the Rolex authentication certificate and paperwork have made it much harder for fake Rolex watchmakers to design replicas similar to the original ones. Regardless, it is always a good idea to check the serial number of the Rolex watch you are looking to buy or sell. Follow it by Rolex serial number check or ‘verify the authenticity of Rolex serial numbers’ using the brand’s serial number chart.

However, for those looking for “where can I sell my Rolex”, try to find out the serial number of your watch beforehand. This will help you establish the value you are likely to obtain from professional Rolex watch buyers in London like, at The Luxury Hut.

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