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May 3rd, 2023

10 Best Selling Diamond Engagement Rings

Best Selling Diamond Engagement Rings

Planning to get engaged? Congratulations! So, have you picked out an engagement ring or wondering where to start from?

Keeping aside the fact that an engagement ring reflects your partner’s love and commitment towards you, it showcases your distinct personality too. Therefore, it could be a classic solitaire or a gorgeous halo set upon a platinum band or something quirkier like a princess or cushion cut! There is an enormous variety of stunning ring styles. Moreover, it is also essential to consider the diamond’s cut, clarity, colour and carat. Sounds overwhelming, isn’t it? Don’t worry, we have got you.

Here we have listed the 10 best-selling engagement ring styles to help you pick the perfect one. However, you can also make a bespoke engagement ring that proclaims your love story the best.

10 best Engagement ring styles to consider buying

1. Low Set Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This solitaire diamond ring emanates simple elegance as well as style. Beautifully designed, the ring comes with a round brilliant-cut diamond for maximum brilliance. There may be no better way to avow your love to someone than with a single, sophisticated solitaire.

2. Solitaire Six-Prong Diamond Engagement Ring

Sometimes, the simplest things can be the most stunning. This diamond solitaire ring comes with a narrow, understated band design and a round diamond in the centre that offers brilliant sparkle. The six prongs in this classic ring cradle the gemstone securely in place.

Indeed, you cannot go wrong with this classic beauty!

3. French-Set Halo Engagement Ring

Are you looking for the maximum sparkle? Consider a halo diamond ring like this sophisticated stunner with a traditional round-cut diamond in the centre. Unlike the diamonds cradled in place with prongs, these French-set diamonds are closely set together with bare sides.

This enables more light to enter every diamond. The lustre of a pave halo also depends on the way a jeweller sets the diamonds, producing a remarkable brilliance.

The beauty of the centre diamond and the unusual setting may make your partner swoon.

4. Double Halo Engagement Ring

While the halo is the predominant engagement ring trend right now, this ring style features everything from a popular round diamond shape, diamond band and halo setting. An engagement ring featuring a round diamond is a highly popular choice as the cut can exhibit more brilliance than other diamond shapes.

This is a perfect ring for those who want unrivalled brilliance.

5. Emerald-Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Exquisite and elegant, the emerald-cut diamond has something utterly enchanting. This precious ring features a 0.50-carat diamond with an ‘H’ colour grade and ‘Si’ clarity. Eliciting Hollywood glamour, the delicacy of this emerald-cut diamond is accentuated by the intense sparkle of the smaller round halo diamonds along with the side stones.

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6. Modern Micropave Engagement Ring

Featuring a round centre diamond, this classic engagement ring exhibits rows of dazzling micropave diamonds that slide down the setting of the centre diamond. The term ‘pave’ refers to a series of small diamonds that are placed within the small grooves of metal, producing a ‘paved’ effect. And, micropave merely means a smooth surface of small diamonds.

The diamonds in this engagement ring are sheathed within a sleek surface without the prongs.

7. Tulip Cathedral Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This best-selling engagement ring features a round solitaire centre diamond that is cradled securely with eight prongs and a polished, tulip-inspired band. The setting enables an ample amount of light to enter the solitaire through the bottom and sides of the gemstone for maximum brilliance.

The overall effect is just stunning!

8. Oval-cut Halo Engagement Ring

Oval-cut diamonds are a popular choice due to their unique shape and also, for the fact that the shape offers an elongating effect on the fingers. With the same number of facets as a round diamond, an oval-cut diamond exhibits almost the same brilliance, making them a good alternative to the classic round cut.

This exquisite halo ring can be crafted with a dazzling pave halo around the centre diamond and a row of dazzling French-set diamonds on the band.

9. Vintage Tulip-Setting Diamond Engagement Ring

If your spouse-to-be loves tradition, a vintage-styled engagement ring may be a perfect choice. This ring comes with a Tulip-shaped setting to cradle the round centre diamond and petals of diamonds on the band. The unique appearance and the setting of this ring will certainly enchant your partner’s heart at a glance.

10. Princess-cut Micropave Engagement Ring

This is a stunning engagement ring for brides who adore the combination of tradition and renovation. Princess cut diamonds are the second most popular diamond shapes that bear a sleek modern shape and a classic lustre.

To put it simply, this is a ‘perfect’ engagement ring to mark the beginning of an eternal journey.


We understand how important it is for you to select the perfect engagement ring for your fiancée which you both shall cherish years down the line. There is no one ‘best’ style for everyone. It completely depends on your partner’s taste, preference, personality and lifestyle. If the design of your dreams is not mentioned in the list above, no problem! We’re here to turn your dreams into reality. Get in touch with The Luxury Hut experts and custom create your engagement ring.

We’ll be happy to make your special day even more special. Call us on 0207 242 9160 for a detailed discussion.

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