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Why is Rolex so expensive?

Rolex is one of the luxury watch brands that have worldwide recognition. Indeed, a Rolex watch represents the ultimate luxury, elegance, functionality and precision.

No wonder, some believe Rolex timepieces are exclusively for individuals from a particular class. But, have you ever wondered why a Rolex watch demand such a higher price tag?

Here are some of the possible reasons:

  • The 904L stainless steel

The 904L steel is much stronger, more durable and shinier than the usual 316L steel. This steel is not only expensive but also difficult to make.

Rolex is ideally the only watch brand to utilise 904L stainless steel.

  • Hand-assembled Movements

Although the brand makes use of robots for production, watch movements are typically hand-assembled. Each watch is meticulously checked and examined by humans before it is sent for chronometer certification to COSC.

  • In-house Gemmologists

The manufacturer has a huge team of gemmologists to ensure everything is made at perfection. These experts purchase, test, assemble and set diamonds and other precious gems onto many luxurious models.

  • In-house Gold Production

Rolex is known to be the only watch-manufacturer that produces its gold. The brand typically refines the 24ct gold into 18ct white, yellow and Everose Gold to craft its watches.

  • Research Laboratories & Facilities

Rolex has a spectacular Internal Research and Development department. They have highly-trained researchers and scientists in their labs and facilities who work on manufacturing processes of Rolex watches.

Moreover, the exclusive research facilities of Rolex also consist of a stress test room where specialists test the watch cases, bracelets and movements.

Manufacturing a Rolex watch is not an easy feat. Rolex takes virtually one year to make one watch to ensure it meets the highest standards. All the above things pretty explain why a Rolex watch is expensive.

However, Rolex watches retain high resale value. If you sell your Rolex watch, you are likely to obtain the best possible price, especially if it is in good condition.

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