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7 Most Expensive and Rare Patek Philippe Watches to Collect

June 20th, 2022

Luxury watches and especially Patek Philippe can never go light on the pocket. But how expensive can they get? We were equally curious as you are and decided to dig into the details. We went back through time to find the most expensive and rare Patek Philippe watches that helped the luxury brand make history!

Expensive and rare patek philippe watches

Patek made its debut in 1839 in Geneva and became known for its outstanding wristwatch caricature that delivers an amazing return on investment. You can sell luxury watches at an unimaginable value.

Simply put, Patek owners are well aware that they have one of the best timepieces in the world that stand out in heritage, craftsmanship, innovation, and design. The brand offers nine exclusive watch collections in the following ranges:

  • Complications
  • Grand Complications
  • Golden Ellipse
  • Calatrava
  • Aquanaut
  • Gondolo
  • Nautilus
  • Twenty~4
  • Pocket Watches

But which are the oh-so-expensive models that captivate everyone’s attention?

Patek Philippe defeats all other luxury watch brands in high-value auctions. Find out the models that secure the tag of achieving record-setting prices.

7 Most Expensive Patek Philippe Models

1. Patek Philippe Split-Second Chronograph

Making its debut in 1947, the Ref. 1563 Split-Second Chronograph is one of three references 1563 to exist. The watch is a chronograph with two sub-dials and has a waterproof screw-in case back like 1436. The only difference is the split-seconds chronograph mechanism that is most difficult to produce and assemble.

The luminous Breguet numerals and sword hands make this reference so unique. Another most astonishing feature is that the watch has the stamp of 1436 on the inside of the case back. The reason for this is still unknown in Patek’s documents.

We feel that the watch’s beautiful dial layout, balanced complication and timeless appeal, which is sportier, make the timepiece highly desirable.

2. Calatrava

The Calatrava Ref. 570 that came out in 1942 is an extraordinary Patek timepiece most popularly known as the ‘Calatravone’. The watch has a very well-preserved case of 37mm, offering a modern outlook. The real catch is that it is one of only two Ref. 570 models with a two-tone dial. Additionally, the railway track and the Breguet numerals enhance its appeal.

Even after being almost 80 years old, the watch looks great, and the dial nearly retains its original condition. Patek sold the Ref. 570 at a whopping price at the Geneva Watch Auction, which broke the world record for the reference and other stainless steel watches.

3. Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar

Over the centuries, Patek has manufactured a wide array of fantastic timepieces. The Ref. 1591 is yet another watch that encompasses various special characteristics. It was on the cover of Wrist Watches Catalog and Christie’s Geneva Pocket watches.

The Ref. 1591 flaunts a special blend of complex inner workings with stunning aesthetics that immediately makes it desirable. If that’s not enough to grab your attention, remember that Patek made only two of these amazing watches.

According to Patek’s reports, the brand sold the watch to an Indian Maharaja who took great pleasure in wearing the robust timepiece while playing polo. Today, you can glimpse this astonishing piece at the Patek Philippe Museum.

4. Grand Complication Patek Philippe

There are numerous things for which Patek enjoys its fame and popularity. One of them is the First-Ever Grand Complication watch, the brand’s first recorded grand complication. It was made in 1898 and sold in 1900 to one of the greatest business leaders, Mr Stephen S. Palmer.

Some of the most notable features of this pocket watch include the perpetual calendar, minute repeating, split-seconds chronograph, moon phase and petite sonnerie. It is one of the finest examples of Patek’s brilliant craftsmanship and is in the most stellar condition.

Also, the price at which the Grand Complication Patek was sold by Christie’s proves that someone literally cracked one hell of a deal!

5. Patek Philippe World Time Ref. 2523

So far, we have opened you to complicated Patek Philippe watches. However, this one stands out from the rest with its unique characteristics. The Ref. 2523 World Time watch came out in 1955 and received no flattering importance on making its debut. 2523 was quite an odd piece with the world-time disc system invented by Louis Cottier in 1931.

Over the years (or centuries), the world time Patek Ref. 2523 has become one of the most desirable timepieces popular amongst collectors. The dial shows a hand-painted map of North America that was again sold by Christie’s at an alarming price!

6. Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010

This is it! The most expensive watch ever sold at an auction is the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime with Ref. 6300A-010 at the Only Watch Auction in 2019. Patek Philippe created the watch specifically for charity purposes, and it is the first and the only Grandmaster Chime in stainless steel. Steel is a material that the luxury brand rarely uses.

The spectacular watch piece features 20 astounding complications. Apart from the striking stainless steel case, the Ref. 6300A-010 watch makes the heads turn with its golden opaline and ebony black dial. The dial has the words ‘The Only One’ written to live up to its hype.

7. Patek Philippe ‘Heures Universelles’

The Patek Ref. 1415 ‘Heures Universelles’ model in a 31mm platinum case is another wonder from 1946 that reflects the brand’s exquisite watchmaking skills. The stunning tool indicates 41 cities, regions, and countries. Louis Cottier introduced the unique ‘World Time’ mechanism in 1931, which Patek and other notable brands soon adopted.

The Ref. 1415HU features a three-part case with brushed finishing and has a hand-engraved bezel that revolves bearing the names of cities. You literally need to see it with your eyes to embrace its exclusivity.


This was our favourite list of the rarest and most costly Patek Philippe timepieces that we hope you found interesting and useful. These iconic watches are difficult to get your hands on but are definitely worth the value.

All the watches are unique creations by the watchmaker that sets the brand apart from others. Patek Philippe has soared to the top of the list of every investor’s watch list with their stunning designs.

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6 Watch Brands that You can Sell us for the Best Prices

March 5th, 2021

The Luxury Hut buys all luxury watches of leading brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Cartier and Omega, be it is vintage or contemporary. We determine accurate prices of any luxury watches sold to us, considering all significant factors like its brand, model, age, condition and current market price. Thus, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible price for your luxury timepiece from us. Here we have listed six watch brands that hold their value exceptionally well and that we at The Luxury Hut will buy for top prices.


When it comes to naming watch brands that retain their value well, Rolex tops the list. Backed by a rich history, Rolex epitomises the ultimate luxury, precision and status. With their ingenious creations and achievements over the years, the brand has set a standard in the luxury watch world, becoming the world’s most prestigious and coveted watchmakers.


Cartier is associated with prestige and royalty. Cartier watches represent the brand’s technical and innovative mastery that offers them a unique position within the luxury watch industry. The brand has always stayed at the forefront of Haute horology, thereby making them worthy of investment. Watches by Cartier hold their value well with the time that makes them highly desirable in the pre-owned market.


Jaeger-LeCoultre’s legacy in the art of manufacturing automatic movements dates back to 1833. The brand has even commissioned mechanical movements for other watch brands. From sports models to casual dress or classic watches, each example by Jaeger-LeCoultre represents the brand’s dedication to attaining utmost precision and durability.

Patek Philippe

With nearly 177 years of watchmaking legacy, this brand creates mechanical masterpieces using top-notch materials and movements that enable them to retain a fantastic resale value. A Patek Philippe watch symbolises power, class and exclusivity. A Patek model can fetch you a premium in the resale market, especially if it is in excellent working condition and retains all original paperwork.

Audemars Piguet

This highly prestigious watch brand is popular for the superior quality and uniqueness of its watches. The rich materials, techniques, design and complex functionalities make the brand stand out from the rest. Audemars Piguet takes a year to create, design and produce a timepiece. Considering these factors, it’s no surprise that AP watches retain excellent resale value.

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross has been famous among watch lovers for many years and still enjoys global desirability due to their constant innovation and evolution. As guaranteed by the brand, their timepieces are made by professionals for professionals. Each watch model is made using premium quality materials, durable movements and incorporating meticulous process.

top 6 watches to sell the luxury hut

New Watch Predictions 2020 From Four Popular Brands

February 14th, 2020

Like every year, people across the world are expecting the launch of new watches from industrial heavyweights like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and many others.

Moreover, the famous 102years old watch fair, Baselworld 2020 is about three months from now. The watch fair paves the way for watch industry icons to showcase their new products, and increase customer bases.

watch expectations 2020

In fact, watch aficionados have already begun to make Baselworld 2020 Rolex predictions.

Nonetheless, let’s today explore some new watch releases that luxury watch lovers might be expecting from four popular brands, including Rolex, and Patek Philippe.

Rolex Predictions 2020

Undoubtedly, the iconic Geneva-based Swiss manufacturer has offered many enchanting and adorable things that aren’t in production now.

However, we don’t expect to see many such things like “Gilt dials” coming back any time soon. But Rolex aficionados may love to see few things again.


First and foremost, a revamped Rolex Milgauss.

  • The current Milgauss model is indeed robust and highly appealing.
  • However, the model doesn’t feature many elements of its classic reference, Milgauss 1019.
  • Thus, Rolex lovers would ideally love to see a few components that made the Milgauss 1019 a legend.

Moreover, it would also be exciting to see some more exclusive Day-Date collection.

Interestingly, top Rolex rumours 2020 also include that Rolex Submariner may be equipped with a new movement. Let’s see!

Patek Philippe Predictions 2020

Watch lovers ideally yearn for another Patek Philippe Calatrava featuring a Breguet dial like the reference 5196P.

  • However, the simple desire is to see the new Calatrava in rose gold with a rose dial, or yellow gold with a yellow dial.
  • A platinum version may seem a little bit unnecessary.

However, it may be enthralling to see something a bit more accessible that encourages some classic design accent. What do you think?

Cartier Predictions 2020

So what would you expect from the iconic French jewellery company, Cartier?

Ideally, people may aspire to see something new from the upgraded Cintree collection.

  • Maybe, a few smaller size options that could bring back the brand’s history of having a size for all wrists.

However, for the revamped Santos Dumont collection, the dials may need a little bit of moderation (indeed, opinions may vary).

facts about cartier watches


  • According to some watch aficionados, the dial doesn’t seem to match the sharp contrasting elegance of the vintage references.

However, the pure expectation from Cartier is an all-new sturdy design that could call up the aspects that makes the brand one of the world’s best designers.

Vacheron Constantin Predictions 2020

The fourth famous brand in our watch prediction 2020 list is Vacheron Constantin.

The Vacheron Constantin Quai de l’Île is undoubtedly one of the fascinating watches the brand has put forward.

  • The watch comes with an entirely new case.
  • Moreover, the dial flaunts the date mechanism flawlessly.
  • But the only thing that the watch is short of is its size.

The Quai de l’Île has a case size of 41mm. Of course, it isn’t oversized according to the current trend.

However, the case’s shape, along with its thickness makes the watch appear too prominent.

Thus, the aspiration is merely a thinner, smaller case that is sizeable to wear and suits that style perfectly.

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