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Audemars Piguet Launches A Hot New Black Royal Oak With Iridescent Dial

June 3rd, 2022

Just when everyone was starting to settle happily with the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding model thinking it couldn’t get any better or hotter, the legendary Swiss company hits back with a stunning new design! To celebrate the model’s 50th anniversary, AP joined hands with the famous jewellery designer Carolina Bucci to create a unique timepiece. The watch finely blends Bucci’s effortless elegance with AP’s grandeur to design a genderless Royal Oak.

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Few Steps Into The History

In 1972, Audemars Piguet requested Gerald Genta to design a watch to save the brand’s bankruptcy status. The later quickly came out with a revolutionary watch design overnight, ‘The Royal Oak’. The Genta-designed timepiece changed the watch industry forever and also created a new wristwatch lineage. This innovation inspired other brands to include at least one ‘lavish sports’ watch in their catalogue.

Over the years, AP has released several notable collections. But the Royal Oak continues to be the brand’s most sought-after release. After years, the Swiss legend celebrates the golden anniversary of the significant watch with a hot new release.

AP’s Collaboration With Carolina Bucci

Carolina Bucci, the famous jewellery designer, integrates sophisticated touches to the celebratory Royal Oak. The result is something beyond what AP could ever imagine. It’s a beautiful concoction of colours that appears black from afar but is iridescent when you look closer.

Italian jeweller Bucci is not a new inclusion into the AP family. She has already designed two watches and one jewellery collection for the brand. However, things didn’t just happen overnight. In 2016, AP CEO François-Henry Bennahmias challenged Bucci to redesign the Royal Oak 40th anniversary women’s collection.

Over lunch, Bennahmias saw Bucci wearing a 1980s men’s Royal Oak timepiece. He asked her why she wasn’t wearing any from the women’s collection. The designer said that none of the women’s models worked for her. It was then that Bennahmias urged her to go ahead and create something that she would like to wear.

The partnership of the famous watchmaker and the jeweller resulted in the best designs. But like every good thing that comes with perseverance, this collaboration was not without problems too. For Bucci, her creative process starts with a fully finalised watch image in her head. On the other hand, the AP technicians work to bring the ultimate precision to every design.

A few examples of AP & Bucci’s successful partnership include:

  • The Frosted Gold timepiece with the hammered Florentine finish on the bezel and the bracelet
  • The 2018 Carolina Bucci Limited Edition. The designer wanted a mirrored dial without the tapisserie pattern.

Each new step proved successful, making the collaboration stronger than before.

Latest Audemars Piguet Royal Oak With Iridescent Dial

The latest Limited Edition Royal Oak serves the perfect ‘Bucci’ dose with a 34mm case and black ceramic dial. The dial changes its colour depending on the light, but the movement reveals a multi-coloured rainbow design. Creating the iridescent dial pattern involves micro-structuring the top of the dial’s brass plate. There’s a golden metallic treatment done on the back of the sapphire plate that further creates a mirror-like effect. The result is a gorgeous AP timepiece that deserves all the applause. It also proves that a simple change in the dial’s colour can revolutionise the entire look!

Bucci finds beauty in the simplest yet unexpected places, which she fantastically tries to portray in her creativity. She has played well with colours and prefers to use ‘Iridescent’ instead of ‘Rainbow’ for a more urban context.

The play of all-black and multiple colours creates a mystical illusion. However, the process is laborious, and AP rejected numerous dial prototypes before finally settling with this hot beauty. The watch has a universal and unisex appeal. And Bucci emphasises that the design of the AP timepiece is an extension of the whole womanhood.


The Limited Edition Royal Oak in black ceramic and the iridescent dial perfectly represents the model’s 50th anniversary. Also, no one better than Carolina Bucci could have given it the surprising touch! It uses various masculine and sporty features while staying innovative through techniques and materials, giving it a fine contemporary feel. The colourful, multi-dimensional dial is the best way to bring together the past, present, and future!

The all-black Royal Oak version is already seeing a crashing demand in the secondary market, with the prices doubling! If in case, you get hold of one, selling AP watches will definitely fetch you a mind-boggling price. Available in only 300 pieces, the new Carolina Bucci Edition is a colourful masterpiece available in AP boutiques and houses.

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How to Verify The Authenticity of An Audemars Piguet Watch?

November 1st, 2021

In modern times, brand names have become a prerequisite to determining the status of a person. As one of the most sought-after watch brands, Audemars Piguet has an all-time high demand in the market. And, why not! The watch is a combination of both sophistication and luxury.

verify the authenticity of ap watch

Audemars Piguet is a highly reputed Swiss watchmaker that enjoys increased popularity in the watch market for its exceptional craftsmanship and functionality. But you should be aware about the forgery that goes on in the market. For instance, if you visit the marketplace to buy an AP watch, how do you check that your AP is real or fake?

Fortunately, there are a few key elements that can help you during AP watch authentication. Put the below-mentioned tips to good use and make a wise purchase.

8 Powerful Ways To Differentiate Between A Real And A Fake Audemars Piguet Are:

Go back to the History

Well, some background research will help you recognize a genuine Audemars Piguet from a counterfeit one. The brand was launched in 1875 by Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet, where each artisan provided their excellent skill set to make the name an esteemed brand.

Even after the founders died in 1918 and 1919, the standard of the watch brand continued to grow. Unlike other watch brands, an Audemars Piguet watch is manufactured less, that increases its desirability. The company produces some of the most accurate timepieces that have gained more demand over the years. This is one of the key reasons why replica models are available.

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Unbelievable Price

Great excitement often leads to wrong purchase. So, ensure to compare the price beforehand. Do you see the ads on Instagram and Facebook for AP watches that sell luxury watches at as low as £72.33? Be aware of such promotions! Those are not real.

A price that is significantly lower than the current market value should make you pause and think. Do some research about how much the authorised dealers are charging for the same style and type. An unbelievable price for an Audemars Piguet watch is just a no-no!

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Who’s the Seller?

Find our every minute detail about the seller’s website. For instance, if the ‘About’ section says ‘Coming Soon’, consider it a red flag. It can be a scam website. Also, make sure to double verify the URL. The counterfeiters often use a domain name that misspells a credible user to capture the shoppers’ attention.

Browse through the customer reviews across multiple websites for ensuring the watch authenticity. If the reviews sound twisted or similar or are quite identical across the various sites, the seller could be posting fake reviews. If you do not find any information on the seller, you should move on!

It will be wise on your part to track the location of the seller.

The Quality Check

If you are buying an Audemars Piguet timepiece from a physical store, there are numerous ways to check the realness of the watch. Some of the key things to evaluate include:

WEIGHT: If it is light, it isn’t right. Check to see if the watch has the proper weight for its used metal. The AP watches are considerably heavier. This is due to the high-quality gold and steel used. Additionally, mechanical movements are heavier than quartz. Remember that the replica AP watches are three to four inches thicker at the cover on the bottom.

DIAL: It is essentially important to take a close look at the dial design of the watch. Check the listed features minutely:

  • Shape
  • Logo
  • Numbers
  • Size
  • Dates
  • Space

Also, check if the design of the dial features lines that are similar to vinyl plates. This is what makes them hard to copy.

TAPISSERIE PATTERN: The Audemars Piguet watches have a specific design lasered onto the dials, making it difficult for the forgers to copy. Most commonly, the forgers try to replicate the complicated Tapisserie pattern on the dial completely or spoil the design.

ROTOR: This is one of the features that can help you spot a fake AP watch easily. The finish of a luxury AP watch is shiny. Therefore, check whether or not the rotor is smooth or does it have any uneven edges. A genuine Audemars Piguet watch should be luminous and bright. On the other hand, the counterfeit ones use cheap materials that dull their glow.

MOVEMENT: Carefully inspect the direction of the watch. Even if the forged watches appear similar to the real one, they can never match up to the internal mechanisms of an authentic watch.

For example, the AP Royal Oak Offshore timepieces have a trademark dial with a tapisserie pattern. The replicas can never mimic the exact colour style. Their colour will always be paler. And, the mechanism is regulated in a different direction. As a customer, you can always look at the friction behind the buttons. If you push the button and feel that the texture is not smooth or that it will spring out, it means that you are dealing with a copy.

STAMP: The stamp is another component that is hard to reproduce. The stamp should always be in the centre and not tilted to the right or the left. It should be clear to read. If you find that the Audemars Piguet stamp is off the centre or looks blurry, consider it a replica.

The Ticking Sound

Due to years of expert craftsmanship, a premium Swiss watch has an almost impossible-to-hear tick. So, if an Audemars Piguet watch gives away a ticking sound, consider it to be fake!

Don’t forget the Box!

Another way to confirm the authenticity of an Audemars Piguet watch is the box. The box is made of wood and not other materials. The liner feels smooth to touch. Also, the brand name is centered on the lid or the bottom or the middle of the box. The stain chosen for the wood varies based on the design and the year. Look out for the images online to determine their originality.

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Warranty Check

Always remember to conduct an Audemars Piguet warranty check. You can find your warranty number on the warranty certificate. It is a 10-digit or 16-digit number that depends on the date of purchase. If you do not have a warranty number, it is likely to be a fake one.

Verify the Serial Number

Another thing to consider is the Audemars Piguet Serial number check. The AP timepiece should have a letter engraved on the case back along with the case serial number. This letter is a sequential number and changes after 100000 watches. Depending on the years of production, the letters vary. Find the serial number of the AP watch engraved on the outside of the case back.

How can you avoid the forgery?

While the above-stated tips may help you identify a fake AP watch, it does not guarantee originality. It takes a trained watch expert to evaluate the genuineness and ensure that the watch and its components are genuine.

The high demand and popularity of the Audemars Piguet watches- lure people into shopping it, sometimes at the cost of its authenticity. And, if you are the owner of an Audemars Piguet timepiece and looking to sell your AP watch, then get in touch with The Luxury Hut. We will evaluate the watch’s value, verify its authenticity, buying it for the best possible price.

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6 Watch Brands that You can Sell us for the Best Prices

March 5th, 2021

The Luxury Hut buys all luxury watches of leading brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Cartier and Omega, be it is vintage or contemporary. We determine accurate prices of any luxury watches sold to us, considering all significant factors like its brand, model, age, condition and current market price. Thus, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible price for your luxury timepiece from us. Here we have listed six watch brands that hold their value exceptionally well and that we at The Luxury Hut will buy for top prices.


When it comes to naming watch brands that retain their value well, Rolex tops the list. Backed by a rich history, Rolex epitomises the ultimate luxury, precision and status. With their ingenious creations and achievements over the years, the brand has set a standard in the luxury watch world, becoming the world’s most prestigious and coveted watchmakers.


Cartier is associated with prestige and royalty. Cartier watches represent the brand’s technical and innovative mastery that offers them a unique position within the luxury watch industry. The brand has always stayed at the forefront of Haute horology, thereby making them worthy of investment. Watches by Cartier hold their value well with the time that makes them highly desirable in the pre-owned market.


Jaeger-LeCoultre’s legacy in the art of manufacturing automatic movements dates back to 1833. The brand has even commissioned mechanical movements for other watch brands. From sports models to casual dress or classic watches, each example by Jaeger-LeCoultre represents the brand’s dedication to attaining utmost precision and durability.

Patek Philippe

With nearly 177 years of watchmaking legacy, this brand creates mechanical masterpieces using top-notch materials and movements that enable them to retain a fantastic resale value. A Patek Philippe watch symbolises power, class and exclusivity. A Patek model can fetch you a premium in the resale market, especially if it is in excellent working condition and retains all original paperwork.

Audemars Piguet

This highly prestigious watch brand is popular for the superior quality and uniqueness of its watches. The rich materials, techniques, design and complex functionalities make the brand stand out from the rest. Audemars Piguet takes a year to create, design and produce a timepiece. Considering these factors, it’s no surprise that AP watches retain excellent resale value.

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross has been famous among watch lovers for many years and still enjoys global desirability due to their constant innovation and evolution. As guaranteed by the brand, their timepieces are made by professionals for professionals. Each watch model is made using premium quality materials, durable movements and incorporating meticulous process.

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