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Top 5 Cartier Jewellery Investment Pieces 2022

April 13th, 2022

We know that luxury watches are a good idea if you’re looking for investment. But can you say the same for jewellery? One of the most asked questions is ‘Can you buy luxury jewellery with the hope that it will appreciate and become a great investment option?’ It does happen for the King of Jewellers, ‘Cartier’.

cartier jewellery investment

Since its inception in 1847, people have cherished Cartier for its fierce and innovative jewellery designs. Over the years, the brand has offered a plethora of playful and classic options for the buyers to rejoice. Investing is what you do with the hope that one day it will yield you a good profit or even help you during your times of crisis. Cartier is a brand that is often considered one of the best investment forms.

You can easily pawn jewellery with a reliable jeweller to meet your immediate financial needs or sell your Cartier jewellery to get a good return.

However, when looking for an investment, it is essential to note that not all Cartier jewellery pieces attract the same priority in the market. For instance, if you have a Cartier ring and want to take a cash loan against jewellery, you will undoubtedly fetch a different value than a Cartier Love Bracelet.

So, before you jump to any conclusion, find out the top Cartier investment pieces that will secure you financially and please you aesthetically.

5 Best Cartier Jewellery Investment Pieces

1. LOVE Bracelet

When you think of Cartier, one of the first names that strike your mind is the ‘LOVE’ bracelet. Aldo Cipullo created the iconic bracelet in 1969, and since then, the bracelet has been a significant reflection of Cartier’s creativity and a fine eye for details. The signature Love Bracelet drew its inspiration from the chastity belt, and Cartier made the design with the idea that love symbols must put forward an everlasting quality.

The bracelet has a screw head motif and two removable screws. Instead of simply slipping on the wearer’s wrist, the wearer must open the bracelet with a screwdriver which further splits the bracelet into two halves.

The screwdrivers must be kept with the wearer’s partner so that only they can operate them. Rumours have it that Cartier only allowed the couple to purchase the Love bracelets as it associates its meaning with an everlasting love. The demand for Cartier Love bracelets is always high. If you ever need some urgent cash, visit reliable jewellery pawnbrokers in London to get an instant cash loan for your Cartier Love bracelet.

2. Juste un Clou Bracelet

Another significant creation by Cartier is the Juste un Clou bracelet which made its debut in 1971. Today, it sits firmly amongst the top 5 Cartier Jewellery investment pieces for its exceptional design and market value. Aldo Cipullo was a master in creating all things incredible, and the Juste un Clou bracelet is yet another reflection of his excellent craft.

Cipullo reimagined a simple nail to design the masterpiece. The bracelet’s design resembles a bent nail that beautifully wraps around the wearer’s wrist and looks incredibly gorgeous. The Juste un Clou bracelet not just looks sleek and elegant but is highly functional too!

The wearer can easily wear the bracelet 24 hours a day without facing any problem or irritation. Cipullo drew his creativeness from New York’s wild spirit during the 1970s, which led to this magnificent bracelet style.

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3. Trinity de Cartier Ring

Perhaps, this is one of the boldest and most playful creations by Louis Cartier. The Trinity de Cartier ring consists of three interconnected bands, where each band is of a different gold type. Cartier made the ring design in 1924, and each band denotes the various stages of a romantic relationship with yellow gold for fidelity, white for friendship, and rose gold for true love.

Over the years, Cartier has introduced variations on the Trinity ring design by including thin bands, diamond-encrusted bands, and bands precisely fused. They not just look contemporary but also represent the brand’s far-stretched thinking.

This is one of the main reasons why the Trinity de Cartier rings are one of the most beloved in the entire Cartier catalogue.

4. Panthere de Cartier Ring

Well, if there’s anything that Cartier should be proud of creating is the Panthere de Cartier ring which is the brand’s most fierce and fun take on panther. The design originated in 1914 when Louis Cartier commissioned a portrait of a woman with a panther at her feet. Louis loved the painting so much that he used it in his advertisements, and soon enough, the image became a Cartier symbol.

Big cats and beasts were the best expressions of femininity, and hence, the Panther design became so popular. The first panther-based Cartier jewellery made its debut in 1935. The design of the Panthere rings resembled the head of the Panther. The designs included panther spots, and Cartier used emeralds for denoting the Panther’s sharp eyes.

With such a fierce collection, it is only obvious for Carrier to rank as the best investment piece.

5. Diamants Legers Necklace

The Diamants Legers necklace has all things luxurious, like diamonds that are set delicately on an 18ct gold chain. It looks gorgeous and rightfully wraps the list of Cartier’s most loved investment pieces. A bright and brilliant diamond sits at the centre surrounded by a bezel. The bezel has two rows of inner circles that look fantastic and sync with the centre diamond piece.

The Diamond Legers Necklace can sport a solitaire diamond to multiple stones, everything gracefully spaced out on the chain. The necklace celebrates simplicity, and Cartier’s expert jewellers select exquisite diamonds that offer an inevitable charm and shine.

These are the top Cartier jewellery investment pieces that deserve a spot on your bucket list. But when buying expensive jewellery, will you invest just because we are saying or believe the reports?

We know the answer to that and have decided to answer some of your queries.

Does Cartier Jewellery Hold Value?

Yes! Cartier jewellery indeed holds its value, and in some cases, the value even appreciates. If you decide to take your Cartier ornament to a jewellery pawn shop, you’ll be amazed at the loan price!

Why does Cartier Jewellery Hold Its Value?

Rich History

In the 1990s, King Edward VII declared Cartier as the ‘Jeweller of Kings’ and the ‘King of Jewellers’. Since then, the luxury brand has retained its fame and prestige whilst offering some of the best innovative jewellery designs.


You must agree that the kind of craftsmanship Cartier has showcased over the years is simply irreplaceable. From the quality of their jewellery to excellent craftsmanship, Cartier retains its value for a reason.


With a long-standing rich history, Cartier retains a high level of prestige and is popular as a brand that fits the royalty. Whether it is the brand’s luxury watch designs or the wide jewellery collection, Cartier pieces reflect grandeur, richness, and luxuriousness.

Moreover, it is not just the high-end pricing that reflects Cartier’s prestige. It also shows in the kind of treatment it receives in the pre-owned market and amongst the top jewellery pawnbrokers in London.


Cartier pieces grow rarer by the day. This is because the luxury brand manufactures each piece in limited numbers, increasing its demand and popularity. They never really flood the market with their exquisite creations. So, no matter if you own an older or a newer piece, Cartier will always retain its value.

Innovative Designs

If you want to see innovation at its peak, check out Cartier’s Panthere collection. The collection shows the brand’s excellent level of finishing, creativity, and eye for finesse. The brand has always secured its name as a top-tier innovative jewellery designer and offers a wide range of options for buyers to choose from.


If you’re looking for a long-term investment option, you must consider choosing Cartier Jewellery. It will fetch you a good return while you flaunt them with your regular outfit. Invest in the right pieces to reap the rewards later.

The Cartier jewellery pieces listed above will always get you a good resale value, and alternatively, you can get cash loans against jewellery from reliable jewellery pawnbrokers in London.

Instead of searching pawn jewellery online, visit the experts at The Luxury Hut. The professionals offer instant cash loans and the best possible loan amount for your beloved Cartier jewellery.

Cartier Rings- Magnificent Pieces That Last A Lifetime

September 24th, 2021

When it comes to curating a trinket box that will serve you for a lifetime, you will surely pick out the jewellery that never runs out of style. Indeed, a few such rare pieces have managed to go beyond time and cast a permanent impact on the wearer’s life.

One such instantly recognisable brand is Cartier. Around the globe, Cartier is considered one of the most prominent luxury jewellery brands that offer everything from bold lineups to intricate pieces of jewellery and everything else. All these factors make Cartier an extremely fascinating collectable among jewellery lovers.

cartier rings

Most specifically, the Cartier Rings have genuinely achieved iconic status with their instant shine and sophistication quotient. But before we explore more of the exquisite ring collection, let’s take a step back to recollect the brand’s remarkable history.

Brief History- Cartier

In 1847, Louis-Francois Cartier found the Cartier brand in Paris, France. From the very beginning, the word Cartier was synonymous with prestigious and royal jewellery. Furthermore, when King Edward VII referred to the brand as the ‘king of jewellers’ and ended up ordering 27 tiaras in 1904, the luxury brand achieved the status of ‘the best’.

Over the years, the brand continued to grow in strength and created exclusive designs that portrayed their exceptional craftsmanship, incredible design ideas, and premium jewellery making standards.

The luxury brand gained its reputation for making high-quality wristwatches, but soon enough, they branched into creating rings, bracelets and brooches.

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The Luxurious History of the Cartier Rings

The desirable Cartier rings are popular for their innovative design that blends well with the need and wants of modern active women. With time, Cartier has released jewellery collections that have now become household names – Trinity Collection, Love Collection, and many more.

It is their exclusive selection of elegant and luxurious Cartier silver and gold rings that hook at once! They have stood the test of time come with unmatched uniqueness. The origin of the Cartier Trinity Ring goes back to 1924, and this is one of Cartier’s oldest popular collections.

From the very first collection, Cartier’s signature ranges included many statement rings. For instance, the Cartier Panther ring to the Love Ring, earrings and bracelets until the late 1960s. But the collection got a complete spin with the inclusion of the Clash Cartier Ring collection and the Cartier Nail Ring. These two collections paid great attention to luxury and precision and wholly modernised the outlook. Right from an engagement ring to wedding rings or for unique gifts, Cartier rings make for the top choice!

Now, let’s come to the segment which enjoys the spotlight: The Cartier Ring Collection.

Cartier Rings- Most Enigmatic Ring Collections

Cartier offers a wide selection range when it comes to ring styles and designs. The brand has a different collection dedicated to wedding rings, engagement rings, and statement rings. You also get to choose from the simple yet straightforward Cartier band rings to the diamond-crusted love ring.

But one thing that wraps them all together is the immediately recognisable design.

Cartier Trinity Ring

The incredibly popular and famous Cartier ‘three-ring made its first appearance in 1924, almost 100 years ago. Jean Cocteau, the French painter, writer, poet, filmmaker, and a great friend of Louis Cartier, designed the ring.

While the extended longevity of the ring design is impressive, it’s the real meaning behind the 100-year-old design that makes it so desirable and unique. The Trinity ring comes with three interlocking rings, where each ring represents something significant.

  • Silver for friendship
  • Rose for love
  • Yellow for fidelity

The Trinity marks the inclusion of the Cartier gold ring, the Cartier Rose gold ring and the Cartier silver ring, all in one. It has a bit of dusting of diamonds which gives an increased luxurious look yet extremely meaningful.

Panthere De Cartier Ring

Animals, and most specifically Panther, have always played an integral part in Cartier’s world. It significantly symbolises the brand. In 1914, Louis Francois Cartier had custom-made a unique art piece featuring a panther and a beautiful woman. Using this as a significant source of inspiration, Cartier produced a magnificent wristwatch matching the panther’s striking spots.

However, this was just the beginning of Cartier’s obsession with all things ‘BIG’!

In 1918, Jeanne Toussaint united with the Cartier brand and quickly fetched ‘La Panthere’ nickname. On becoming a creative director, one of her first acts was to create bold pieces based on her name and came in the Panthere de Cartier Collection.

The year 1935 witnessed the launch of the first ring using bold, bright colours and dark enamel for a high contrast. Even after all these years, the Panther continues to be an iconic part of Cartier that hosts unique past designs.

Cartier Juste Un Clou Ring

As the name says ‘just a nail’, the ring’s design remains true to it. The Cartier Juste Un Clou Ring is a nail-themed ring that didn’t hit the scene until the early 2010s. Going back to the 70s, this model is also known as the Cartier Screw Ring. Aldo Cipullo designed it, and the range includes earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, and the Standout Cartier band itself.

From gem-studded variations to yellow and pink gold designs and pure and simple rings, the Cartier Nail ring is available in various. The luxury pieces have a modern outlook and largely appeal to the collectors for their unique appearance.

Cartier Love Ring

Cartier rings instantly grab the attention at any place for their immense sparkle. You must have heard about the Cartier love bracelets that are highly popular. The Cartier love wedding bands come next and carry the same iconic design but on a smaller scale.

Cartier Love rings are available in a wide range of gold and various design features, making them a classic choice for all.

Did you know that men also use a Cartier love ring as a wedding band? In design, the Cartier love ring has styled screws embellishments. Unlike the love bracelet with a design that allows it to be removed only with a matching screwdriver, the Cartier love band is less complicated.

However, both the jewelleries hold the same meaning, which is love and faithfulness.

Clash De Cartier Ring

The Clash De Cartier is the latest collection from the brand and consists of a luxurious, fun and punk-inspired series of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and much more. The collection came out in2019 and is by no means vintage-inspired. The critical focus of this catalogue lies in its duality, where the use of beads and studs goes back to the jeweller’s work during the 1930s. Isn’t boldness is what makes Cartier stand out?

Since the collection has newly stepped into Cartier’s grand carpet, the range still awaits to be tagged as an iconic series. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable. It’s only a matter of time before the catalogue becomes yet another sought-after from the brand. Like Cartier Love ring and Cartier Juste un Clou, the Clash De collection offers both feminine and masculine elements.

Cartier has remained consistent in creating supremely desirable designs that arguably makes it hard to compete with the luxury brand. The brand has positively shaped the face of luxury jewellery, and their wedding and engagement rings exude sophistication, timeless elegance, and luxury.


Cartier is a popular choice for both engagements and wedding rings. Both grooms-to-be and brides prefer Cartier rings for their big day as they increase in value over time and make a statement in themselves. The range includes some of Cartier’s top collections, as each unique piece holds an undeniable charm.


Cartier stocks a broad palette of fitting wedding rings, with each of the rings making a beautiful statement on its own. For instance, the Trinity ring is also known as the Cartier Russian wedding ring, and it is the most quintessential wedding ring piece from Cartier. Each ring denotes love and commitment, which makes it even more perfect for celebrating the wedding vows. This is a major reason why Cartier offers so many variations on this design.

Another fine example of Cartier wedding ring is the Cartier love band ring. Thanks to the collection’s overall meaning, the rings only make sense to become the perfect choice for wedding bands. Cartier A’Amour range is Cartier’s latest catalogue which has minimalist and simple wedding bands that would pair perfectly with a gem-studded engagement ring.


Most of Cartier’s engagement rings come with prominent diamonds embellished finely on thin bands. It is similar to the Etincelle de Cartier range, filled with luxurious and precious gems across the band and has a statement pear-shaped or square-cut diamond.

The Love Cartier ring, which has either a small or a big diamond in the centre of the design, is another ideal ring for engagement purposes. A Trinity Solitaire ring with triple gold and one diamond takes a unique approach to the engagement ring.

The luxury brand’s wide array of wedding and engagement rings feature some of the most striking and creative styles that are easily recognisable. They are the jeweller of royalty, and their rich history places them at the top of any list. The refined elegance is hard to match, and aesthetically impressive is what you can call the least.

For more than 150 years, they have dominated the jewellery industry and shall continue to hold the reputation as one of the most luxurious and respected jewellery brands. Want to know which are the world’s most expensive Cartier rings? Let’s find out.


For a brand like Cartier, it is evident that the price will be at par. Check out the complete list of the most expensive and valuable Cartier rings that fall under the limited edition.

  • Cartier Sunrise Ruby Ring

This is a blood-red gem that looks ravishing and is truly one-of-a-kind. The ring has a beautiful frame of diamonds that accompanies the huge red-coloured diamond placed at the centre. It’s an eye-catching piece that fetched £19.6 million at an auction in 2019. The uniqueness and rarity of the gem lead to such a substantial cost of the ring. After all, these kinds of rubies are so sought-after that the ring’s value is sure to increase over time.

  • White Gold and Diamond Panthere De Cartier Ring

Cartier’s precious rings are more than just vintage pieces. The striking and stunning White Gold and Diamond Panthere de Cartier Ring include an impressive count of 545 diamonds with 18ct white gold. The design resembled the original design in 1914. Even though the ring advertises ‘cost on application’, it holds an approximate value of £70000 as a brand new.

  • Grace Kelly’s Engagement Ring

If you know Cartier, you know Grace Kelly. Kelly’s stunning emerald-cut diamond band was hand-crafted explicitly by the skilled jewellers at Cartier in the 1950s. The custom piece comes with a border of two prominent baguette diamonds whose time value is over £4.06 million in today’s market. The price can surely increase with the right collector.

  • Cartier Classic Trinity Ring

You perhaps did already guess it. Apart from being one of the most classic jewellery pieces, the Trinity ring is also one of the most expensive and valuable Cartier pieces. The ring comes in 18ct rose, yellow, and white gold with 432 diamonds. The elegant and luxurious ring has a selling price of £29100.

All the Cartier rings mentioned above hold their value over time, contributing significantly to its luxury quotient. The rings are super exclusive and elegant, which is why they are at significant risk of forgery as well. So, hold on!

You might be all too excited to buy one of these extravagant pieces, but it is equally important to check its authenticity to avoid regretting later. It looks great, but is it genuine?

Therefore, you must be sure of its realness. But here are some ways by which you can ensure the authenticity of a Cartier Ring easily.

How do you spot a fake Cartier Ring?

3 ways to check it are:

1. Packaging

If the Cartier ring is well-packaged, it becomes easy to distinguish the real from the fake. The ring box will always include the Cartier logo and the brand uses only high-quality suede and fabric to package the box. There should be a certificate of authenticity within the packaging. All such elements certify the genuineness of a Cartier ring.

2. Quality

Cartier rings are for sure made in premium quality and with 18ct gold in some higher cases. All the Love ring versions are in 18ct yellow, rose, or white gold. So, make sure that you carefully assess the quality.

3. Hallmark & Logo

Depending on the type and age of the Cartier ring, the hallmarks are present on the ring’s inside. This consists of the serial number and also the Cartier logo. Moreover, in some cases, the Cartier ring size is also included. The fonts used for hallmark is consistent and of the same intensity. You can spot a fake one if it is less consistent.


No matter which Cartier ring you choose to buy, remember that each ring is equally significant and exudes class, luxury, and sophistication. Cartier rings remain an absolute favourite amongst both the jewellery collectors and celebrities or royal families to date. After all, it is indeed hard to resist the appeal and charm of the most iconic jewellery.

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Cartier: The Origin of A Renowned Jewellery Brand

February 19th, 2020

Founded in 1847, Cartier is a globally recognised luxury jewellery brand. This brand makes outstanding and iconic pieces that retain their value.

However, the jewellery and watches not only retain their value but also some Cartier items appreciate.

So, how Cartier earned an association with class and splendour?

origin of cartier jewellery

To understand it, let’s delve into the history and the founders of this classic and innovative jewellery and watch-maker. We will also be exploring some of the Cartier’s signature collections.

Have a look!

The Beginning

The expert jeweller Louis Francois Cartier established the company in 1847. Gradually, it gained a reputation for producing extravagance.

However, the son of Louis Cartier, Alfred acquired the company in 1947. Later, he expanded it into futuristic forms of watch manufacturing.

But the brand that we know today is built by his three sons – Jacques, Pierre, and Louis. The fact is that:

While they wished to make Cartier a global name, the three gentlemen opened locations quickly in New York, St. Petersburg, and also London.

  • Louis Cartier controlled the brand’s Paris house.
  • The company shifted to the Rue de la Paix in Paris under his leadership where one of their archival Maisons yet stands.
  • More significantly, it was Louis who designed the iconic Santos watch, balancing function and form.

On the other hand, Pierre opened the Maisons in London and New York.

  • He attained good customer base from industrialists, Broadway stars, and financiers that later extended to Hollywood.
  • However, while Pierre settled in New York, Jacques took over the control of the London location.

Thus, the three brothers extended together from manufacturing timepieces to fine jewellery. The jewellery items include bracelets, rings, necklaces, and gemstones.

Moreover, Cartier is referred to as “the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers”. The brand secured this royal warrant after it designed 27 tiaras for King Edward’s coronation.

Paving the way for Cartier’s iconic watches

Cartier made many innovative watch designs that included pocket watches and clocks embellished with pearl, onyx and other gems.

facts about cartier watches

Interestingly, a new trend of wearing short sleeves apparel among women appeared in the 20th century.

While women showed off their bare wrists across Paris, Louis Cartier could foresee the future of the wristwatch.

  • Cartier created the legendary Santos watch in 1904 for helping the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont.
  • The Brazilian aviator wanted to track time while flying to help in calculating the speed and breaking records.
  • Ever since the Santos model was made, Cartier released it in several unique styles for both genders.

Another classic collection introduced in 1912 is the Cartier Tortue. The watch is named “Tortue” because of its tortoise-inspired shape.

However, with its unique and unconventional design at the time, the model achieved immense popularity across gender and age.

After World War I, wristwatches became fashionable as well as practical. While the lines of a military tank inspired Louis Cartier, the brand offered the Cartier Tank with strap.

Two Classic Cartier Jewellery Collections

Cartier Love Collection

It was in the 1970s that the Love bracelet made its way to the market. Since then, the Cartier Love bracelet has become the most successful and iconic Cartier collections.

how to sell cartier jewellery

The bracelet is screwed together using a tiny screwdriver that symbolises everlasting love.

However, the Love collection today also include rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Cartier Trinity Collection

In 1924, Louis Cartier built the Trinity collection that flaunted white, pink, and yellow gold interlacing bands.

  • The bands represented the different stages of any relationship.
  • For example, the yellow gold symbolises fidelity; whereas rose gold represents love and white gold symbolises friendship.
  • However, every band is interknitted yet movable.

Indeed, the classic yet contemporary design of the Trinity collection gained sustained popularity and success since its debut.

How to sell Cartier Jewellery and Watches?

If you are willing to sell your Cartier watch or a Cartier Love bracelet, follow these simple steps below to get the best possible deal from the trusted buyers at The Luxury Hut.

  • Fill up this online form
  • Receive an initial price quote
  • Call on 0207 242 9160 to book an appointment or send your asset for a final price
  • Accept your final offer & get paid within minutes.


A Comprehensive Guide on How to Sell Cartier Jewellery

December 16th, 2019

Since its introduction in 1847, Cartier has earned prestige and status for its excellent craftsmanship and incredible designs. While this French luxury brand is synonymous with luxury, Cartier is one of the most coveted brands in the market.

From the 1936 London Halo Tiara to today’s popular LOVE collection, Cartier has been the jeweller of choice for celebrities, and royal families throughout the 20th and 21st century.

how to sell cartier jewellery

Indeed, Cartier jewellery has a high resale value because of the brand’s equity. Moreover, there is typically a colossal demand for the brand’s jewellery items in the pre-owned market.

Thus, people looking to sell Cartier jewellery are likely to obtain excellent valuation and offer. Now:

Selling Cartier jewellery can seem to be a daunting and complicated task, especially to the uninitiated. Whether you want to ‘sell my Cartier Love bracelet’ or sell Cartier ring, the appraisals you receive may differ by hundreds of pounds.

Thus, it might be difficult for you to ascertain, ‘how much can I sell my Cartier ring for’ or ‘What is the value of my second hand Cartier jewellery’.

However, selling Cartier Love bracelet or any pre-owned Cartier jewellery does not need to be intimidating. With a little bit of directed research and understanding, you can make the selling process simple. And also, you can ensure that you are receiving the best possible deal for your precious asset.

Nonetheless, if you are already prepared to sell your Cartier jewellery, just click on the button below.

How to sell a Cartier Jewellery in London?

If you want to sell a Cartier jewellery item securely, the most significant step is to research the jewellery buyers thoroughly. With a professional and trusted jewellery buyer, you can sell your designer jewellery for the best possible price.

The Luxury Hut is one of the most trustworthy buyers of second hand branded jewellery. We provide a quick and secure way to sell Cartier rings and all other kinds of Cartier jewellery.

Whether it is a Cartier Love bracelet or a Cartier Trinity ring, we buy all kinds of Cartier jewellery for competitive prices. Our process of selling Cartier jewellery is simple and convenient.

You can sell your Cartier jewellery to us both online and via appointment. To sell a Cartier Love bracelet online, simply fill up our online form, and we will offer you an initial price quote. Then, send your asset to our Hatton Garden premises in London to get a final price.

Alternatively, you can book an appointment at our office in Hatton Garden, London to carry out the transaction in person. One of our experts will evaluate your asset and make you an offer instantly.

sell cartier bangle

How to Maximise the Value of your Cartier Jewellery?

Known worldwide for its classic jewellery and also, exclusive watches, Cartier is timeless. However, your jewellery can, unfortunately, get damaged. And, any significant damages can cause a considerable cutback in its resale value.

Thus, it is recommended to keep your item in jewellery or original box. This may prevent the asset from becoming scuffed or scratched.

Moreover, it is essential to keep your Cartier jewellery box and paperwork. The original box and documents will help to authenticate your jewellery and thus, add to its value.

You are likely to receive a good resale value for your Cartier jewellery with original box and papers in excellent condition. Now, you may wonder:

Can I Sell My Cartier Jewellery without Box and Papers?

Potential collectors may typically ask for the original box and papers when buying your Cartier jewellery. However, you can indeed be able to ‘sell your Cartier jewellery in London’ at The Luxury Hut with or without the box and papers.

sell cartier london

Whether you want to ‘sell your Cartier Love bracelet’,  or ‘sell a second hand Cartier jewellery’, we can provide you with the best price possible for your jewellery without any hassle.

Simply fill up our online form now to get an offer. Or, call us on 0207 242 9160 to arrange an appointment and visit our office in Hatton Garden, London.

How much is your Cartier jewellery worth?

As an admired luxury jewellery name, Cartier jewellery items keep hold of good resale value. However, for those who are wondering:

‘How much can I sell my Cartier ring for?’ or, “what is the value of my Cartier Love bracelet?” here is the answer.

The value of a Cartier jewellery piece is typically determined considering its model, age, materials and condition. If you want to get an accurate valuation of your Cartier jewellery, we at The Luxury Hut can help.

Fill up our simple online form and receive an offer. Or book an appointment at our office in Hatton Garden, London.

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