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Christie’s Rare Watches Online Auction to Feature Rolex & Patek Philippe Watches

November 26th, 2020
Rare Watches Online

Christie’s Rare Watches New York: Online auction opened on November 24 and will continue until December 10. However, the star lot of the auction is known to be a double-signed Patek Philippe 1463R of 1950.

Undoubtedly, the auction market showcased unexpected sales amidst the global pandemic. Rare and one-of-its-kind luxury watches like this Patek featuring at Christie’s auction have changed the auction market.

The Patek Philippe Reference 1463R is estimated to fetch between £2, 99,894 and £4, 49,427. A watch of this reverence would generally have been sold in physical sale stores. But it is being sold at online-only auction as conducted by Christie’s.

Many auction houses conducted the in-person sale in Geneva and Hong-Kong in recent months. But with the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases, New York imposed several restrictions.

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The Patek Philippe Reference 1463

Christie’s New York Rare Watches Online auction is featuring a unique Patek Philippe Reference 1463. The auction house elucidates this Patek watch as a creation from one of the golden periods of the brand.

However, two things made this Reference 1463 more unique and desirable.

  • One, the watch features a rare pink gold case
  • And another is its golden dial that showcases the signature of the iconic Venezuelan retailer- Serpico y Laino.

Patek Philippe launched the Reference 1463 in the early 1940s. And it was continuously in production until the late 1960s. However, the watchmaker is known to produce only 21 examples of this chronograph each year.

Also, the iterations were made mostly in stainless steel or yellow gold. And among all, the rarest one is pink gold. Patek Philippe has made a total of only 145pieces.

More interestingly, only nearly 55 examples of the Reference 1463 are known to have been identified publicly to date, as reported by Christie’s.

Other Star Lots at The Christie’s Rare Watches New York Online Auction

Besides the Patek Philippe Reference 1463, another watch that will undoubtedly capture your attention is a Rolex Paul Newman Daytona Big Eye Panda Dial from 1971. Encased in steel, the timepiece is estimated to fetch between £2, 24,317 and £3, 73,942.

Christie’s Rare Watches New York Online auction is also featuring a Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph of 1976. This Patek Philippe Chronograph Reference 24997 in 18ct gold has an estimate from £2, 61,798 to £3, 36,570.

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5 Things to Consider Before You Sell Scrap Gold

November 23rd, 2020
cash for your gold

Like most others, you may also have some unused gold lying in your drawer. It might be old jewellery of your grandparents that have lost its sheen, and you no longer intend to use it. The jewellery may look corroded or discoloured, but it is still gold and does possess a market value.

So rather than leaving that old gold piece to gather dust in your drawer, why don’t you put it in an envelope and take it to a trusted dealer to sell your scrap gold?

Your tarnished gold can get you excellent return, especially when the price of gold is at the peak. The idea seems to be the best and practical one.

However, when dealing with a precious metal like gold, there are many considerations to look at for getting the highest cash for gold quickly. Please continue reading to know about them.

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Market Prices of Gold

Gold is sold everywhere at spot prices. The spot price is the value of per troy ounce at the currently specified time. However, there is a difference between a troy ounce and a standard ounce.

Thus, before you walk into any high street gold shop to sell scrap gold, you need to know the difference. With a little online research, you will be able to ascertain the current gold spot prices. Thus, you can stay aware of the dealer who may try to deceive you in getting a lesser amount of cash for your gold.

Get a Valuation of your Gold

Another significant thing to figure out is whether your gold piece(s) are worth more as scrap gold or in their present form. For example –

The item that you are considering to sell is a gold coin. Now, its value might be much more than its weight in gold in respect to its numismatic value.

In many instances, a gold jewellery item may have more value than its value as scrap. So it would be best if you consider these things before you head out to get cash for gold.

Choose any trusted gold buyers like at The Luxury Hut to get your gold valued. You can call on 0207 242 5411 today for an instant appraisal or to book an appointment at our Hatton Garden office in London.

Choose the Right Time

Gold is a safe-haven asset and always has a market value in every form. In any financially distressed situation when you need access to extra cash, selling your gold is ideally the easiest way to secure fast money.

However, the best time ideally to sell gold is when the price of gold is high. Just like it is today. Fill up our online form and get a free competitive quote immediately.

At The Luxury Hut, we will determine a fair and accurate price of your scrap gold or any items of gold considering the metal’s spot price at the time of valuation.

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Determine the Gold’s Purity

Before selling, it is also essential that you determine the purity (in carats) of your gold. For example –

18ct gold contains 75% purity. On the other hand, 19ct gold has only 42% purity.

Keep in mind that your gold buyer will offer you a price based on your metal’s purity. You will not be paid for the base metal alloys of your scrap gold.

Clean your Gold

Your old, unused gold item may have tarnished over time. Thus, another essential thing for you to consider is cleaning your gold before selling.

You can use a soft toothbrush, dish soap and some warm water to clean it. Then, leave it at room temperature to dry and wipe it prior to selling.

Contact our Gold Experts to Get the Best Deal

Expert evaluators at The Luxury Hut are always available to appraise your gold precisely. Call us on 0207 242 5411 or fill up our simple online form and we will contact you at the earliest with an accurate quote.

We will offer you a price based on the gold’s spot price on the day of valuation. Thus, you can rest assured you will get the best possible deal. Getting cash for gold is more convenient than ever. Get in touch with The Luxury Hut today to sell your scrap gold or any gold items and raise instant money.

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High Gold Prices Will Influence the Prices of Jewellery

November 19th, 2020
cash for gold in london

The steep rise in gold prices in 2020 has not only affected the investors who are looking for more secure places to store their money but also the demi-fine jewellery market.

The demi-fine jewellery is a famous category, designed to complement casual wear. They are even priced for inspiring modest shopping. However, the demi-jewellery designers are struggling with increased prices, just like the retailers carrying their brands.

Gold’s price was slightly less than £1,167 an ounce on January 1, and the price was hovering at £1,430 an ounce on October 1. And prices are continually fluctuating.

Zoe Chicco is the founder and designer of a Los Angeles-based jewellery collection, sold at stores like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue, and also boutiques such as Browns in London.

According to her, “It does make a huge difference, and we have to be incredibly conscious about it.” She is planning to enhance her jewellery prices in January, but it is indeed a hard thing for her to do. This is because customers are accustomed to seeing a specific price of jewellery from this brand.

The Highlights of 2021 Jewellery Collections

In the persistent anxiety about losing jobs and the long-standing economic effects of Covid-19, it is speculated that small gold items can be the highlights of many collections in 2021.

Pascale Monvoisin is a Paris-based jeweller who has two boutiques in the French capital. Also, retailers such as Liberty and Net-a-Porter sell their creations. Ms Monvoisin is known to work on a collection of charms that will cost nearly 30% less than a pendant with a chain.

She bought two kilograms of gold in June when the metal’s price was about £1,284 an ounce. She is already working on the jewellery items using that gold and will start selling next year. Now:

The profit margins of the brand decreased 8-10% this year between March and October. But yet the company is willing to maintain its jewellery prices.

The chief executive of the brand, Aurelie Bressou believes that –

“We think if we increase our retail prices, maybe people are not going to follow us. We don’t want to lose them.”

However, according to Ms Monvoisin, price increment might be unavoidable. It will be challenging for them to continue with the same retail cost if the price of gold increases more and more.

Ways Adopted To Maintain the Jewellery Prices

On the other hand, Anna Sheffield Fine Jewellery brand is twisting some parts subtly like creating clasps on smaller pieces to maintain the prices. What’s the advantage?

“This might not alter the design terribly, but would give you a lower weight and a slightly lower cost on a finished piece”, said the chief executive and founder Ms Sheffield.

A British jewellery brand, Alex Monroe, also encountered less profit due to the cost of gold. Thus, its creative director Emma Burgin-Fox professed that they would increase the price of all its solid gold pieces by nearly 20% in January.

For example, the retail price of a thin-textured gold band featuring a diamond of 0.25ct that is now around £1,730 may rise to £2,100.


Prices of all gold items, including pieces with a small amount of gold, are likely to appreciate. Increasing gold prices will influence everything. Even the gold plated items are likely to become incredibly expensive.

As per the current report from the World Gold Council, sales of gold jewellery have decreased all over the world. It reduced by nearly 29% from July to September when compared to the same period in 2019.

However, the demi-fine jewellery market has experienced strong sales. For instance, Alex Monroe has reported that their sales were up nearly 12% during the first lockdown in Britain.

Ms Collins at WGSN said in a statement that the pandemic seems to have not affected the demi-fine jewellery at all. Amidst the restrictions and agitation due to the coronavirus, people were buying.

Those who buy demi-fine jewellery have the perception that gold is a responsible material to buy. She added, “It goes back to that thing that fine jewellery is seen as an investment purchase. It’s something that you can keep for yourself, and it’s timeless.”

Price of gold is yet wandering. It is predicted to escalate as much as £2,270 per ounce by the end of 2021.

Well, keeping the current surge in gold’s price in mind, it is perhaps the best to sell gold items, especially the ones that you no longer use or gathering dust in your drawer.

Whether it is scrap gold or a tangled gold ring, they can fetch you an astonishing amount of cash for gold.

Fill up our online form now or call on 0207 242 5411 today for a free competitive valuation.

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A Rare Rolex Submariner Sold for Over £200,000 at Auction

November 17th, 2020
Rolex submariner Gardiner Houlgate

Gardiner Houlgate auctioneers in Wiltshire sold a rare Rolex Submariner Reference 5512 for £210,000 to a collector based in Hong Kong. This Submariner 5512 features an incredibly rare “3-6-9” dial.

The original owner of the watch worked as a medical attendant at the former Shirebrook Colliery, Mansfield. He is known to purchase the Submariner on his 40th birthday.

However, the fascinating fact is that the miner purchased this Rolex Submariner with a rare dial only for £70 in 1964. And today, the watch fetched more than £200,000 at auction.

The Rare Rolex Submariner 5512

The auctioneer and director at the Wiltshire auction house, David Hare, was extremely contented by the result. He asserted that –

The sum of £210,000 is overwhelming for a timepiece that cost only £70 nearly 54years ago.

Moreover, this Rolex Submariner watch had much sentimental attachment with the family of the late owner. Eventually, the family was overjoyed with the price that their sentimental piece fetched at auction.

It was unexpected for them as the family never confronted anything like this ever before.

The Rolex Submariner Reference 5512 featuring the unique “3-6-9” dial layout is indeed rare. However, Gardiner Houlgate has earlier sold nine iterations of this particular model. In May 2016, a Rolex Submariner with the similar Explorer 3-6-9 dial hammered down for £ 192,000.

However, the daughter and son-in-law of the original owner who also resides in Mansfield sold this rare Rolex Submariner.

David Hare said in a statement –

“It never ceases to amaze me that, after 60years, we are still able to discover such rare pieces.”

The Reason Behind the Watch’s Six-Figure Value

The coal miner at the Shirebrook Colliery in Mansfield purchased this unique Submariner 5512 in 1964 as his 40th birthday present. After he died in 1995, the timepiece passed down to his daughter and son-in-law.

And this sentimental piece sold for £210,000 in total that left the miner’s family elated. However, the most significant reason behind the new six-figure price of the timepiece is the scarce 3-6-9 Explorer dial.

Rolex produced the Submariner 5512 versions with this face during the early 1960s for a shorter period. So the Submariners flaunting this unique Crown 62 dial type is very limited in numbers.

The fact is that when Rolex received these watches for servicing, they replaced the original dial with a new one. So Submariners featuring their original “3-6-9” dial are extremely rare to find.

And fortunately, the Mansfield miner’s Submariner Reference 5512 is one of those that retain it, contributing to its new six-figure value. Additionally, the watch had its original box, booklet and also, the original owner’s scanned pictures strapping his pride and joy.

The son-in-law of the miner stated –

“Things like this just don’t happen to us. Having worked all our lives to be able to enjoy retirement, this will give my wife and I the added financial security we’ve dreamt of”.

The original owner actually shifted to Mansfield for working in the mines during the Second World War as a part of the then-government conscription programme “Bevin Boys”.

However, he then worked as a bus driver of East Midlands for a time. Later, he rejoined as a medical attendant in the mines. In 1955, the miner died.

David Hare added, “This sale proves it’s worth checking through your drawers to see what’s there”. And it is indeed a piece of wise advice.

Check through your drawers too to see whether there is an old or vintage Rolex watch that you no longer intend to use. Instead of letting it gather dust lying in the drawer, you can decide to sell your Rolex watch and raise cash that you can further use to invest in a new one or any other things.

Your old Rolex timepiece can fetch you hundred thousands of pounds. So get a free valuation today from trusted Rolex watch buyers in London at The Luxury Hut.

Fill up our online form, providing all details on your watch and get a free quote shortly. Or call on 0207 242 5411 now for an instant appraisal over the phone.

New Rolex 2020 Watches on Trend Right Now

November 11th, 2020
sell Rolex datejust 41

Rolex is synonymous to luxury and fame. It is allegedly the most esteemed watch brand that has set a standard in the horology industry with its avant-garde creations over the years.

However, it is indeed a matter of patience to acquire a Rolex watch. The most sought-after Rolexes can have you on a waiting list of up to nearly 5 to 6 years. And it is obvious as demand surpasses supply.

Why Rolex has so much craze? This Geneva-based Swiss watchmaker produces timepieces with incredible durability and precision. They are Superlative Chronometer certified. However, another significant fact that escalates the demand of Rolex watches is –

Rolex is one of the few watch brands whose watches retain value and also, appreciate over time, making them worthy of investment.

Nevertheless, the brand introduced its new 2020 watches that come with the incredible power of attraction, and you cannot afford to miss it. So let’s take a look at the most popular Rolex watches that are on the trend this year.

The Rolex Watches that Are Moving Forward

Rolex has a wide array of iconic watch collections in its catalogue. However, the models that are evoking the most vehement passion from collectors in 2020 are the Rolex Submariner and the GMT-Master. These are two of the cornerstone and ultimate professional watches available in the brand’s catalogue.

  • Stainless steel models are more popular than the gold editions.
  • The moderate price of steel watches is one of the significant reasons.
  • Moreover, people typically prefer this material more for regular use.

Rolex revived the Submariner lineup and introduced the new 41mm Submariner versions. Eventually, the 41mm size has become one of the most famous case diameters, appealing to both men and women.

The new Rolex Sky-Dweller also comes with equally attractive features to lure its global enthusiasts.

sell rolex submariner date

The New Rolex Submariner Date

Among the Rolex 2020 launches, the watch that is celebrating unanimous craze and praise across the world is the Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date in stainless steel.

What boosts its appeal is the green Cerachrom bezel encircling the upgraded 41mm case.

  • Interestingly, Rolex also offered its cousin Oyster Perpetual Submariner a similar updated silhouette.
  • Moreover, both the models house new movements that have a non-magnetic escapement.
  • Rolex offered the Calibre 3235 movement in the Submariner lineup for the first time, powering the new 41mm Submariner Date version.

On the contrary, the Calibre 3230 made its debut with the updated Oyster Perpetual Submariner version.

sell rolex oyster perpetual watch

The New Oyster Perpetual Gains Blink

Rolex also flashed its popular Oyster Perpetual collection for 2020, introducing it in 41mm size for the first time. And the 41mm is the unmistakably popular diameter for this year.

However, the 36mm Oyster Perpetual version is no lagging behind. The brand unleashed this lineup offering vibrantly colourful dials, including turquoise and coral.

Furthermore, Rolex launched a grey Rolesor edition of the Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 for 2020. What’s more tempting is that the new Datejust also comes in coloured dials – White lacquer, Anthracite, Mint Green, and Aubergine.

The Calibre 2236 powering the new grey Rolesor Datejust, serves as the cherry on the top. This movement features a Rolex’s patented silicon balance-spring.

So which is your favourite among these Rolex novelties? What model are you looking to own to be on vogue? Well, no matter which one you choose, you will have to wait patiently. The waitlist is as usual long.

However, if you are looking to sell your Rolex watch, fill up our online form now to get a free competitive quote shortly. We buy all genuine and authenticated Rolex watches for a fair and accurate price in the pre-owned market.

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The Discontinued Rolex Submariner Hulk Price Skyrockets in Pre-owned Market

November 3rd, 2020
sell rolex submariner hulk

The news and images of the new Rolex 2020 watches spread like a bonfire on all social media platforms. And one of the most significant launches this year is the new Rolex Submariner.

The watchmaker upgraded its iconic Submariner lineup for the first time in eight years. However, while the new 41mm Submariner made its debut, Rolex discontinued the popular Submariner Reference 116610LV or “HULK” along with all previous Submariner generations.


With the discontinuation of the Submariner Hulk in 2020, the second hand market exploded. And it is turning crazier than ever.

The private sales listing price of Hulk is known to have increased immediately by a skyrocketing £3,867 approx overnight.

Discontinuation of Hulk: The Second hand Market Storm

The rumours about the discontinuation of the iconic Hulk started at the end of 2019. Since then, the prices of this beloved Submariner began to ascend.

At a time when this rumour was becoming more of a reality, the price of the Hulk Submariners hit a record of nearly £11.99K. And on the eve of the launch of the new Rolex 2020 watches, the prices reached about £12.76K – £13.15K level.

Rolex introduced the Submariner “Hulk” Reference 116610LV at Baselworld watch fair in 2010. And it became an instant hit upon its debut.

While it flaunts a vibrant and instantly-recognisable colour, the Hulk was considered to be a unique and very bold release from Rolex.

Indeed, the bright green colour of this Submariner appeared something novel and different from most of the other Rolexes.

Featuring a stainless steel case of 40mm, a striking green bezel and dial, the Submariner Hulk is a true classic that people have adored throughout its more than 50years long history. It is one of those exceptional Rolex watches that watch lovers will miss dearly, and those who missed the opportunity of buying it will regret forever.

After Rolex unveiled its new 2020 novelties, it has removed the incredibly coveted “Hulk” from its website. And today, in spite of the global pandemic and present global economic downturn, this discontinued Rolex is creating frenzy across various watch forums and on all sale listings.

The day when Rolex officially announced the discontinuation of Hulk, the market price of both unsold and sold listings has escalated overnight. However, the sold listings’ price is much lower in comparison to the unsold listings’ price.

The Perfect Outbreak

The Rolex Submariner Hulk has caused an outbreak in the “watches internet” after it has been officially discontinued. The new Submariner Kermit is undoubtedly enticing. But the ‘Hulk’ was the Submariner in a championship of its own.

Speculations regarding the discontinuation of Hulk have been passing over for many years. However, this year, it was heavily speculated. In fact, watch enthusiasts pretty much expected that Rolex is going to refresh its Submariner collection this year.

This is because the previous generation Calibre 3135 movement was powering all contemporary Submariners. However, Rolex unveiled the second generation Calibre 3235 movement in 2015 that offers 70-hour power reserve.

And the watchmaker has already equipped many of its mainstay collections with this second-generation movement, including the Sea-Dweller and the Yacht-Master.

Well, not all discontinued watches follow the same trajectory as the Submariner Hulk. The fact is that the Submariner is among the most popular and coveted Rolex collections. It already enjoys strong sales both in the retail and second hand market.

When it comes to the Hulk Submariner, it had appealed to many collectors when it first introduced, with its unique green colour. And over the years, its popularity has grown steadily, and today after discontinuation, the demand of Hulk has increased more. The watch has reached a jaw-dropping price level in the pre-owned market and it is expected that the price will continue to skyrocket.

With this in mind, for those who already own a Submariner Hulk and want to raise extra cash, it is ideally the best time to sell your Rolex watch to potential watch buyers and secure an excellent price.

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